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Oxford university News

Google developing an artificial intelligence kill switch

Oxford - Advances are being made with artificial intelligence, although the creation of true computer intelligence remains some way away. To avoid the scenario where a thinking computer overrides human control, Google is preparing a solution.

Professor solves 300-year-old math equation, wins $700,000

This centuries-old mathematical theorem continued to confound scholars for over 300 years. Then British professor Andrew Wiles began working on it in a study that lasted seven years, delivering his findings in a lecture at Cambridge University in 1993.

Op-Ed: Oxford — Your brain connectivity makes you happy and successful?

Oxford - It seems if you make positive life choices, you have “greater brain connectivity,” and are more intelligent. A new Oxford study using MRIs and detailed personal surveys has created a sort of existential debater’s paradise.

India's tiger census success story may be inaccurate, study says

New Delhi - The accuracy of India's recent tiger census that suggested tiger numbers have increased is now being called into question by a new study. The Indian government had celebrated the rise in tiger numbers from 1706 in 2011 to 2,226 in 2014.

'Two-faced' fish shows that our ancestors weren't shark-like

An investigation of a fossil skull of a fish that swam the waters of what is now Siberia 415 million years ago shows strong clues that the last common ancestor of all vertebrates with jaws — including us — wasn't very shark-like.

Cannabis really does cause paranoia, study finds

A new study conducted in association with The University of Oxford and King’s College London has found a definitive link between cannabis use and feelings of paranoia in vulnerable individuals.

Op-Ed: Correct spelling ‘intolerant’, says Oxford English professor

Sydney - The idea of more efficient spelling appeals to any professional writer. The fact is that words have to be distinguished and clear. That’s the main rationale behind “modern” spelling. An Oxford professor has other ideas.

Brit MP: 'I don't recognize Israel, I don't debate with Israelis'

George Galloway, the Respect MP for Bradford West, shocked an audience at a debate in Christ Church College, Oxford, when he stormed angrily out of the venue after he discovered that his opponent at the debate was an Israeli.

Discovery's Curiosity explores 'Brainwashed to Assassinate'

The Sunday edition of Discovery Network's Curiosity series airing 28/10/12 explores the dark realm of the mind when hypnotist Tom Silver endeavors to brainwash subjects using hypnotism. Can they be programmed to kill?

Oxford University changes dress-code for trans-gender students

Oxford - One would imagine Oxford University to have a strict dress code but this is no longer true. For Oxford University has moved with the times and changed its once strict dress code.

Op-Ed: A drug to 'cure' racism?

Oxford - According to new research, a drug used to treat heart disease has an unusual side-effect, combating 'racism', but as usual, things are not quite what they appear.

Oxford Uni resisted Blair gov. pressure to accept Saif Gaddafi

Oxford - Saif Gaddafi bought his way into the London School of Economics where he obtained a plagiarized doctorate. It has been revealed though, that prior to his sojourn at the LSE, the British foreign office exerted pressure on Oxford University to accept Saif.

Career prospects may be enhanced by reading books Special

An Oxford University cohort study has found that the only extra-curricular activity that positively impacted on a 16-year-old's ability to obtain a professional or managerial career was reading books.

Study: Tetris game can be used to treat post-traumatic stress

Playing the game Tetris can reduce post-traumatic stress disorder, claim British scientists at Oxford University. Experts found that dropping the blocks positively alters the way negative thoughts are created following a trauma.

Oxford University – the big gay truth

More than one in five men at Oxford University have had gay sex, according to a recent survey conducted by the newspaper that’s been produced by students at Oxford since 1920.

Oxford University students warned over heroin dealing

Students at one of the world's most prestigious educational institutions, Oxford University in England, have been warned against dealing in heroin.

Oxford Wants To Know Why People Believe In God

Researchers at the University of Oxford has asked for a $4 million to study why the human race embraces the belief of God. The grant will bring together anthropologists, theologians, philosophers and other academics to ponder that question.

It's Full of Stars

If you've ever yearned to be an astronomer, here's your chance. The recently launched Galaxy Zoo is an online project of Oxford University. Its goal? To analyze and identify one million galaxies, a job for humans brains, not computers.

"Backward, turn backward, O Time in your Flight"

It's probably startling to anyone who knows the academic reputation of Oxford University, but part of the college seems to have turned into Bob Jones University.

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