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Oxford News

Rhodes scholar wants Rhodes statue removed and French flag banned

A law student at Oxford University in Britain wants to ban the French flag on all campuses. He is also the co-founder of a movement to remove a statue of British colonialist Cecil Rhodes.

Scientists: Cockatoos learn to use tools by watching fellow birds

Vienna - If someone calls you a bird-brain, you may wish to consider that a compliment. Many birds, especially parrots, are very intelligent. One cockatoo in particular — the Goffin's cockatoo — has shown scientists that it can use tools to obtain food.

Oxford English Dictionary publishes 2014 additions

The people have spoken, and that means the Oxford English Dictionary is once again bending to their will. In August 2014, the OED released the latest editions to the online version of the dictionary.

Oxford University changes dress-code for trans-gender students

Oxford - One would imagine Oxford University to have a strict dress code but this is no longer true. For Oxford University has moved with the times and changed its once strict dress code.

158th Boat Race halted by protester in the Thames

Oxford and Cambridge were going neck and neck until suddenly the Cambridge boat stopped. They had spotted the head of a person swimming in the Thames right near Oxford's oars. The video of the incident is going viral on many news sites.

Op-Ed: Heracles to Alexander the Great a worthy name for an exhibition Special

Oxford - The current special exhibition at the Ashmolean museum in Oxford chronicles the lives and times of both Macedonian royalty and peasants through over 500 archaeological discoveries spread across three galleries.

Stadium statue painted pink by vandals

Oxford - A statue of an oxen outside a football stadium in Oxford, United Kingdom has been covered in bright pink paint by vandals.

Study: Dogs are smarter than cats

Oxford - A recent study by Oxford University provides ammunition to those on the side of canines in the discussions over whether dogs or cats are the smartest.

Pamela Anderson addresses Oxford

Oxford - Pamela Anderson spoke to about 200 students about the benefits of vegetarianism when she visited Oxford University on October 25.

Oxford English Dictionary has vault full of rejected words

Millions of rejected words lie in a vault owned by the Oxford University Press. Although they have not been accepted for print, there is still hope for many of them.

Professor finds century-old Oxford Dictionary

Next time you are playing a game of Scrabble think twice before reaching for the Oxford Dictionary because errors do exist, as proven by an Australian professor who recently found an error that was almost a century old.

Oxford Students Suspended for Sexist Emails

Fourteen male undergraduates at Hertford College, Oxford, have been suspended after crude emails were posted by an unknown whistleblower around the college overnight.

Researchers: Tamiflu Side-Effects Outweigh Benefits in Children

Oxford researchers say that children should not be given the antiviral drug Tamiflu for swine flu because its harms outweigh any benefits and governments should review their policies on dealing with the pandemic.

Oxford University's Cherwell Editors Resign

The editors of the Oxford University newspaper Cherwell have resigned in the wake of a spoof edition titled the Lecher. The staff that resigned were not responsible for the spoof as they were not part of the editorial team at the time of publication.

Mumbai Bookstore is Told to Clear Away Books by Pakistani Writers

The Oxford Bookstore in Mumbai’s Churchgate area has decided to remove all the books by Pakistani writers from its shelves following a “friendly advice” from Mumbai police.

Oxford University Compiles Top 10 Most Irritating English Expressions

Oxford University researchers tracked various media sources and have listed the top 10 most annoying phrases found in the English language.

Republicans try to pay Oxford professor to tie Barack Obama and Ayers

In a last minute sign of desperation, a Republican Congressman and his brother-in-law reportedly tried to offer an Oxford Professor $10,000 to tie Barack Obama with William Ayers.

A Christian 'Call to Prayer' During Ramadan Backfires

When is the spirit of ecumenism ill-conceived and insensitive to both Muslims and Christians alike? Has the age of multiculturalism only served to make us all hyper-sensitive and overly critical?

Actor Kevin Spacey will teach at Oxford

Kevin Spacey was offered a teaching job for a year at Oxford University and he has accepted the offer. The Hollywood actor, who has also won acclaim as a theatre actor, will begin teaching next semester.

Tom DeLay loses debate — to himself

Oxford University has seen many remarkable battles of wits but perhaps none so remarkable as the one last Friday when disgraced Former Congressman Tom the “Hammer” DeLay managed to lose an intellectual battle with himself.

Enter the real Shakespeare: new bio bolsters the Oxford case

Anderson's biography of the 17th Earl of Oxford, proposed as the real author of the Shakespeare canon, is a detailed, absorbing study of this fascinating figure, and a great leap forward for the Oxford movement.

Not Everyone Loves An American At Oxford, Chelsea Learns

LONDON (dpa) - Chelsea Clinton has learnt at least one important lesson since she started studying at Oxford University this autumn: Not everyone loves an American, even in a country considered to be Washington's best friend abroad.The lesson has been ...

The ''Dreaming Spires'' Of Oxford Have Something For The Tourist, Too

OXFORD (dpa) - If you go to Oxford, don't ask the way to the university. The chances are you've been wondering around inside it for ages, and simply failed to notice.The town can boast 36 colleges in all, each one a university in its own right. The ins...

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Colin Dexter  who wrote the Inspector Morse books  has died at the age of 86 in 2017.
Colin Dexter, who wrote the Inspector Morse books, has died at the age of 86 in 2017.
stamfordtown (Flickr)
Kassam Stadium in Oxford  UK
Kassam Stadium in Oxford, UK
The golf course at the conference venue - The Oxfordshire hotel.
The golf course at the conference venue - The Oxfordshire hotel.
A view from The Oxfordshire hotel.
A view from The Oxfordshire hotel.
Enormous snowball made in South Park in a snow-covered Oxford in February 2007.
Enormous snowball made in South Park in a snow-covered Oxford in February 2007.
Kamyar Adl
The Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge.
The Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge.
A view of the edge of the golf course and the splendid countryside  as seen from within the hotel.
A view of the edge of the golf course and the splendid countryside, as seen from within the hotel.
Father Michael Lapsley
Father Michael Lapsley
Kaihsu Tai
The Oxfordshire Hotel in England  on a March afternoon.
The Oxfordshire Hotel in England, on a March afternoon.

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