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Overpopulation News

Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, is sinking and it's going down fast

Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, is sinking into the ocean. Located on the island of Java, the city is sinking at a rate of 10 inches a year due to a number of reasons, just one of them associated with climate change.

Meeting called to discuss NPS culling deer proposal in Manassas

Manassas - A public meeting is being held at the Manassas National Battlefield Park to discuss the overpopulation of deer. One of the solutions being proposed is a controversial culling of the deer. The meeting is scheduled to take place on Thursday.

Op-Ed: President Obama, President Xi, and the overpopulation time bomb

U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping are meeting at a retreat in Southern California this coming weekend, and the pressing matter before them is the one they will not tackle: population management.

Op-Ed: Are human populations increasing or decreasing?

With 7 billion people living on Earth, the global demographics experts are considering the planet’s future in space along with the Earth’s human population. However, the global population count could begin dropping in the next few years.

Op-Ed: With sea levels rising rapidly, tough decisions for humanity

If a recent scientific study is correct on the human-induced impact on arctic ice melt and sea level rise, humanity is facing two grim choices - expensive urban planning options or managing our core overpopulation problem.

Chinese couple with 8 ‘test-tube’ babies faces hefty fine

Zhaoqing - A couple of Zhaoqing, Guangdong province of China, who had octuplets through in vitro fertilization and use of surrogate mothers, faces millions in fines.

India's population soars 18 percent in decade to 1.2 billion

According to census figures released this week, India, the world's second most populous country, experienced a dramatic growth in population over the past decade, raising questions on sustainability.

China digging wells to save wheat crops, drought impact felt

Feeling the impact from a widespread drought, China - the world's most populous country and largest global wheat producer - is now forced to dig wells to protect what is left of its wheat crops.

Nigeria reports water scarcity across numerous states

Nigeria, the world's eighth most populous country, has begun grappling with issues of water scarcity across a number of its states - forcing infrastructure and long-term sustainability questions.

The math on emissions points to population and affluence

In sobering assessments by both Ted Turner and The Nature Conservancy, the math on carbon dioxide emissions points to growth in population and affluence - however, some believe the population question is a myth.

UN's world population estimates raise questions on sustainability Special

With population estimates from the United Nations ranging anywhere from 8 billion to 10.5 billion by 2050, there is a need to understand the numbers and the implications of population growth or decline.

Population Media Center takes creative approach to overpopulation Special

The issues surrounding humanity's overpopulation challenge are vast and discouraging, but one organization is taking a creative approach - and it just may be working.

Mexico's population tops 112 million, ranking 11th in world

Mexico recently announced its census results, reflecting a population of more than 112 million people - ranked 11th most populous country in the world - and highlighting concerns on global overpopulation.

Op-Ed: Not Overheard In Copenhagen . . .

As the deceit of the limo-jet-caviar congestion of Copenhagen grinds that city into the forefront of an international tragedy, there will be no mention of humanity’s biggest challenge.

Water shortage in Mexico City could echo the global water issue

Mexico City faces an alarming water crisis, and the water shortages there may very well reflect the woes of the global freshwater supply question. 40 percent of the planet does not have access to clean water or sanitation.

Shanghai promotes procreation, concerned with aging population

Shanghai urges eligible couples to have a second child, breaking from China's long-standing 'one child' policy. The move reflects the city's concern over an aging population - but bucks global concerns on overpopulation.

UN chief speaks to 6.8 billion people on World Population Day

United Nations chief addresses one solution to the challenge of overpopulation on World Population Day, as the world's human population now reaches 6.8 billion people.

Op-Ed: The Plan to Put Guns in Hands of Children to Kill Deer

Is there something in the water? In the air? Or is it my imagination that’s telling me the powers that be are getting dumber and dumber and coming up with exceedingly stupid, insane, over-the-top ideas to solve problems.

By 2050, Will Earth Be Able To Sustain Its Population?

By the year 2050 India will have passed China as the most populous country in the world. The world that we know though may have long ceased to exist by that time. With a population too large for the orb to provide for our species could become endangered.

Controversial "Population Bomb" Author Warns About Future of Climate Change

Paul Ehrlich might be the most pessimistic, doom-obsessed person studying the future of our planet. "We're facing catastrophic and rapid climate change. But nobody pays any attention."

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East Africa deals with Overpopulation
East Africa deals with Overpopulation

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