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Ovarian cancer News

Pharma company pays out in ovarian cancer talcum powder case

The major pharma company Johnson & Johnson has been instructed by a U.S. court to pay $110 million to a woman who said she developed ovarian cancer after using talcum powder.

Major study reveals 12 new variants for ovarian cancer

Cambridge - A review of 100,00 samples of DNA taken from 17,000 patients has revealed 12 new genetic variants of ovarian cancer. This suggests the disease is more complex, and potentially harder to treat, than previously known.

Plaintiff turns down $1.3 million to settle Talcum powder lawsuit

Diane Berg, the first plaintiff that filed a federal lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson accusing it of being responsible for her ovarian cancer, refused $1.3 million to settle down her case before the trial began.

Widower returns to school to beat the cancer that killed his wife

Edmonton - When 60-year-old American, Powel Crosley, lost his wife to cancer in 2009, he didn't dwell on the pain of future years lost.

Human genes cannot be patented, rules Supreme Court

New York - The Supreme Court of the United States ruled unanimously (9 - 0), today that drug and research companies may not patent human genes simply because they have discovered the precise location and sequence of genes.

Study shows tall obese women are at risk for ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer is the fifth leading cause of cancer deaths in women, with less than one-third of diagnosed cases detected before the cancerous tumor begins to grow outside the ovaries. Studies are showing that specific body size increases a woman's risks.

Are tall women at a greater risk from cancer?

Cambridge - A new research paper, which has looked at a collection of previous studies over the past few years, has concluded that women who are taller than average of who have high body mass indexes, are at a greater risk from ovarian cancer.

Breakthrough in Ovarian Cancer Treatment

Dr. Anil Sood and his team of researchers have achieved a medical breakthrough in ovarian cancer treatment. Dr Anil Sood is the professor of M. D. Anderson Gynecologic Oncology and Cancer Biology Department, University of Texas.

The Pill Has Saved Thousands Of Lives

Research from the UK is showing that the birth control pill has saved 100,000 lives that could have been lost to ovarian cancer in the 50 years since its inception.Taking the Pill decreases a woman's choice of getting ovarian cancer.

Women Need to Know: Don’t Ignore Warning Signs of Ovarian Cancer

There are some specific signs to watch for that you should not ignore and should not allow your doctor to write off as nothing. Discovering ovarian cancer sooner than later can mean a longer life.

HRT can raise cancer odds

It's not a good day for hormone replacement therapy. New research has shown that the treatment may increase the likelyhood of deadly ovarian cancer.

Natallie Evans loses her appeal to save her embryos

Natallie won the fight with cancer but lost an almost six year fight to save her embryos today.

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A pathological specimen of ovarian carcinoma.
A pathological specimen of ovarian carcinoma.

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