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Outsourcing News

Top 6 IT Outsourcing Trends and Market Overview for Business Commissioned

The complete IT outsourcing market overview 2020-2021. Take a look at the key trends, statistics, reasons to outsource, and what functions are mainly delegated to third-party contractors.

Q&A: Why software outsourcing is becoming big business Special

By outsourcing software solutions, companies can reduce costs significantly and cope with the way software projects seem to constantly change. To understand the advantages further, Fima Katz, CEO, Exadel, Inc. provides some insights.

Romney defends Perdue from 2012-style outsourcing attacks

The midterm elections are currently in fever pitch and control of the Unites States Senate is resting in the balance. This means that the gloves are off in all of the races, and especially in the high profile elections involving notable candidates.

Op-Ed: Downvaluing grads — Where the elite meet the street

Sydney - The day of the invulnerable college grad is drawing to a close. Indications are that relative wages are getting lower and job security is non-existent. Against steadily increasing college degree costs, return on investment is not looking good.

Op-Ed: Strapped for resources? Consider outsourcing these tasks

For many small businesses scattered across the country, it’s not the lack of ingenuity or foresight that leads to failure or bankruptcy; it’s almost always a lack of resources.

Op-Ed: Outsourcing may be helpful to some companies and economies

Outsourcing has become a bad word for many people because of the perceived negative economic impact, but is it really as bad as people say? For some companies, it may be a positive thing.

Op-Ed: Outsourcing America: $3 an hour

Pittsburgh - Remember your old office job? The one you got laid off from? The good news is you can get it back. The bad news? No overtime, no benefits- and you'll have to underbid $3.00 an hour contractors from Pakistan.

Op-Ed: Open Access BPO — Proving to be THE neo captive solution Special

Makati - The turn of the millennia saw undeniable growth in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. Companies looked for revolutionary solutions that are affordable without cutting corners on quality.

Op-Ed: The dumb side of outsourcing around the world

Sydney - Nobody expects to read anything new about outsourcing. Job killing, destructive, bad for the economy, you name it. The last thing anyone expects to see is creative achievements. That’s because outsourcing is done all wrong.

Op-Ed: Why is outsourcing of banking services just not right?

Companies from Victoria to Halifax have been outsourcing services to Asia and South Asia for years. Why the sudden furor against RBC?

Former Vice President Al Gore outlines 'The Future' Special

Savannah - At the Savannah Book Festival, Al Gore, former vice president of the United States, spoke of scientific developments that took us to the present and challenged attendees to consider the six most important drivers of global change that impact our future.

Op-Ed: Outsourcing your own job? Good idea and bad idea

Sydney - A new folk hero has emerged in the improbable world of IT. “Bob” was sacked from his job as a network security person for outsourcing his work to a Chinese company. He did the same thing with other jobs, too, simultaneously.

Op-Ed: Private Armies and Private Military Companies (PMCs)

The end of the Cold War spelled the termination of many an illustrious career in the military and the secret services - as well as the destabilization and disintegration of many states.

Walker's pro-corporate plans won't create jobs unions declare

Madison - "If Scott Walker wanted to create jobs, he wouldn't have pulled the plug on high-speed rail in Wisconsin. If Scott Walker wanted to create jobs, he wouldn't have signed a contract that sends Wisconsin Department of Health System jobs to India.”

Op-Ed: Outsourcing and the recession- Redesigning the US job market

The comatose employment market in the US has reached an unholy benchmark. For the first time in history, the average period of unemployment is over 6 months. Where will the jobs that will restart the economy come from?

Outsourcing jobs pushed to rural India

In India, a growing number of outsourcing companies are moving simple typing jobs from high-tech hubs to vast, poor rural areas. The move creates many jobs at a fraction of the cost of running a business near a big city.

Op-Ed/ India now doing its own outsourcing: to Phoenix, and other Third World havens

Outsourcing started as a result of lousy job design, and a management culture which barely deserves to be called moronic. The word “productivity” is longer than four letters, so it probably didn’t rate a mention in most college seminars.

What Goes Around Comes Around: India Outsourcing Call Centers to U.S.

Lost jobs are trickling back home as multinationals discover that, for some of their customers, call centers manned by Americans are worth a premium. And they're not alone in recognizing the advantages.

Chrysler to Bury Unions and Replace with 'Made in China' Sticker

Like everything sold in North America, it's only a matter of time until manufacturing gets outsourced to China. The beleaguered Chrysler has now announced a deal that will see cars built overseas before being shipped back to the USA for sale.

Outsourcers Look Beyond India For New Cheap Labor

Are U.S. workers in trouble as outsources go after new resources for cheap labor?

Supercentres and Outsourcing

Is the future going to consist of "Super" markets, massive stores and rows of cubicles?

IT still a good career

A career in IT is still viable and valuable.

The Selling of America

TORONTO, Digital Journal — Fans of political irony must have had a good time in late 2003 when Lou Dobbs, host of CNN’s business show Moneyline, went on a rampage. Dobbs, a flint-eyed patriot and a high-minded capitalist, took aim at those U.S. comp.

Cover Story: India, the Silicon Jewel of the East

TORONTO, Digital Journal ― Paul William Roberts is an award-winning journalist, professor, novelist and translator who currently resides in Toronto. Born in Wales, he studied Sanskrit at the Hindu University Benares and at Bangalore University, w...

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A call centre. Many western organisations had a culture of outsourcing to India to take advantage of...
A call centre. Many western organisations had a culture of outsourcing to India to take advantage of cheap labor

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