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Osteoporosis News

Gut microbes can influence bone strength and osteoporosis

New research finds that the composition of gut microbes transferred from mother to child influences how the skeleton of a child develops. This presents an important step in understanding the influence of the microbiome on health.

Probiotic shows reduction in bone loss in older women

Researchers have used a probiotic to determine whether there is a reduction in the rate of bone related mineral density loss in older women. The results are encouraging, suggesting further study is worthwhile.

Math helps scientists to make bones stronger

Based on a new mathematical mode, biologists have shown injections of peptide raise the density of bones degraded by osteoporosis back to healthy levels. This is promising news given that new treatments for osteoporosis are needed.

High-impact, strength training prevents osteoporosis in men

Men who make it a point to hit the gym several times a week often cite building muscle and shedding fat as their main motivations.

Soybeans may offer protection against osteoporosis

Hull - The results of a preliminary study suggest foods rich in soybeans may offer a level of protection for menopausal women against osteoporosis.

New guidelines on menopause and osteoporosis

Toronto - October 18th is World Menopause Day and October 20th is World Osteoporosis Day. To mark this, and to emphasise this important transition in a woman’s life, a new set of guidelines have been issued in Canada.

Regular glass of wine may help to prevent bones deteriorating

A glass or two of wine could help to protect older women from the risk of thinning bones, a new study reveals. The risk of developing osteoporosis is greater amongst those who abstain from alcohol.

Study: Tart cherries may help reduce chronic inflammation

A new study has been released that suggests tart cherries can help reduce chronic inflammation. Researchers note the bright red fruit contains the antioxidant compounds that can help ease pain.

'Belly fat' puts women at risk for osteoporosis

Chicago - Body fat may promote osteoporosis, according to a new study. Long thought to protect against the disease, high levels of belly fat may hurt bone health and increase women's risk for developing the bone-weakening disease, research has determined.

German politicians run in support of fight against osteoporosis Special

Berlin - A total of 440 representatives and employers of the German parliament participated in the 11th Edititon Berlin Bundestag Bundeslauf in Berlin today.

Long Term Fosamax Use May Cause Brittle Bones in Some Women

Mounting evidence is suggesting that using Fosamax, a popular drug prescribed to women suffering from osteoporosis, for more than five years may be causing brittle bones that are more susceptible to fractures in some women

Cannabis may prevent osteoporosis

A University of Edinburgh study examined the effects of cannabis on bones and found its impact varies dramatically with age.

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