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'Plan B': Huawei's operating system headache after Android ban

Fpo - Google's decision to partially cut off Huawei devices from its Android operating system has presented the Chinese tech titan with one of its most dramatic challenges yet: how to keep up with the competition if it cannot use the platform that powers nea...

Huawei uncomfortable about Android dependence, building own OS

Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei is said to be developing its own mobile operating system as a contingency plan if Google were to tighten its hold on Android. The company is one of a growing number of brands who want to loosen their reliance on Android.

Microsoft finally rolls out Windows 10 Mobile to older Lumias

Microsoft has officially announced the immediate availability of Windows 10 Mobile on a selection of older Windows Phone devices. The hugely delayed update is still not available for all phones over three months since Microsoft said updates would start.

Microsoft to 'change everything' with Windows 10 Redstone update

Microsoft executives have taken to Twitter to hype up the major Windows 10 update planned for this summer. The high-ranking program managers claim users are going to "freak out" over the new features and improvements after months of only bug fixes.

'Dull and ancient': Teens react to using Windows 95

Microsoft's Windows 10 is filled with flashy graphical effects and smooth animations but it wasn't always that way. Windows 95 was a rather more austere environment, one that today's teens never experienced. Their response was filmed in a new video.

Android Marshmallow has miniscule impact, on just 2% of phones

Google released new official figures revealing how the rollout of the latest version of Android, 6.0 Marshmallow, is going. The vast majority of users have yet to experience the new OS as it is present on only 2 percent of phones, months since launch.

Canonical and Meizu launch the most powerful Ubuntu phone ever

Pre-orders are now open on the Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Edition, the most powerful smartphone ever to run the mobile version of the popular Linux operating system. Ubuntu may hold a tiny share of the smartphone market but has strong fan support.

Android Wear 1.4 adds voice calling support and new gestures

Google has unveiled a new update to Android Wear that will become available on existing devices over the next few weeks. The latest version of the smartwatch operating system expands on the set of available gestures and enables speakers.

BlackBerry abandoning BB10, launching only Android this year

BlackBerry has confirmed it intends to launch only Android smartphones this year, abandoning its own BlackBerry 10 operating system until at least 2017. The company had previously pledged to remain committed to the platform while building Android devices.

Android with multi-window support coming to the PC for free

Jide, makers of the "world's first true Android PC," has announced its customised multi-tasking friendly version of Android will be offered as a free download for any current computer from later this month. The company wants more PCs to run Android.

Windows 10 is now being actively used on over 200 million devices

Microsoft has announced new usage figures for Windows 10, revealing over 200 million devices are now actively running the new operating system. The company is "excited and humbled" by what it sees as an "incredible response" to the platform.

Google could let the public choose the name of 2016's Android 'N'

Google is known for always naming new releases of its Android mobile operating system after a sweet treat or dessert. Traditionally, the public has had no say in what each version is called though, something CEO Sundar Pichai says he may change.

Xbox One update now available with all-new interface and features

Microsoft's Windows 10-powered Xbox One New Experience console update is rolling out to all gamers today. It includes a redesigned interface and support for backwards compatibility, a feature the team has revealed it previously thought impossible.

Windows 10's first major update brings UI changes, improved apps

Microsoft has publicly released Windows 10's first major update, containing more than just bugs and security fixes. Users will find refinements in several areas of the interface, improvements to core apps and increased performance.

Google keen to deny Chrome OS rumours, platform 'is here to stay'

Google has publicly debunked recent theories that it will kill off its Chrome OS cloud operating system by publishing a blog post emphatically saying the platform is going nowhere. It was thought Chrome OS may merge with Android next year.

Windows 10 adoption rapidly slowing but rising among gamers

Microsoft's Windows 10 got off to a flying start in the first couple of months since launch but is now beginning to slow down. The company is struggling to convince more users to upgrade, although the OS is popular with PC gamers.

Ubuntu 15.10 launches with universal apps across platforms

Canonical has officially launched Ubuntu 15.10, the latest version of the open-source Linux operating system distribution now available on desktops, phones and tablets. The new release brings several improvements, including more work on universal apps.

Microsoft expected to roll out major Windows 10 update next month

Windows 10's first major update including new features and apps instead of just bug fixes will be rolled out during the first week of November, reports have said. Dubbed "Threshold 2," the update will roll up the preview builds released since launch.

Microsoft: Automatically upgrading PCs to Windows 10 a 'mistake'

Microsoft has admitted that a bug in Windows Update has led to some Windows 7 and 8.1 computers automatically starting the upgrade to Windows 10 without ever asking the user for permission. It called the error a "mistake" and said it would be fixed.

It's official: Android M will be known as 'Marshmallow'

Google has announced the informal food-based name for Android M, going with the obvious choice of "Marshmallow." The next version of Android will be released later this year and includes a healthy set of new features and improvements for mobile devices.

Op-Ed: 50 million people use Windows 10: Why that doesn't mean anything

Three weeks after its launch, Windows 10 is now in use by 50 million people worldwide. Although the figure sounds impressive, it's still far off the company's target of one billion Windows 10 devices in two years — something I'm not sure is possible.

Windows 10 launch mired by annoying bugs for many

Microsoft's worldwide rollout of Windows 10 is now well under way but it hasn't gone through without its fair share of issues. Users have been reporting a wide range of early bugs including install failures, broken Start menus and crashing, unstable apps.

Microsoft launches Windows 10: Here's where to start

Today, Microsoft has officially launched its new operating system, Windows 10. Computers worldwide will be downloading it now so here's a look at some of Windows 10's fundamental new features so you can hit the ground running once you've upgraded.

Windows 10 final sign-off is now imminent in the next few days

Microsoft has now reportedly compiled a version of Windows 10 that could end up becoming the first version of the operating system to be made publicly available on launch day as an upgrade and on new devices. Final development may be completed this week.

Windows 10's 'launch day' doesn't actually mean very much

Microsoft has said that most people will not be getting the Windows 10 upgrade on its official July 29 launch date even if they have reserved a copy. Windows 10 will be delivered in "waves," seemingly using a queue system, instead of one single rollout.

Microsoft's default Windows 10 background is a radical departure

Earlier this week, Microsoft revealed the image that will be the default desktop background for new Windows 10 computers. Now referred to as "the hero image," the shot features the Windows logo made of light amid an aurora of smoke and haze.

Apple starts free replacement program for iMac 3TB hard drives

Apple has launched a replacement program for defective 3TB hard drives used in its flagship 27-inch iMacs for the 2013 season. The offer is being made across the world as Apple has found that the hard drives can fail under specific circumstances.

Microsoft is using some interesting codenames for its new Lumias

The codenames of four more upcoming Lumia-branded Windows 10 Mobile devices have been revealed, bringing the total number of rumoured phones up to six. The mid-range handsets are currently named after Asian cities and a Finnish mountain and lake.

Report: BlackBerry phones of the future may run Android

BlackBerry may be considering a switch to making Android-powered phones as part of its plan to rescue itself from the declining market share and sales that its own BlackBerry 10 phones are faced with, according to a new report.

Apple unveils 'El Capitan': the next Mac OS X

Apple has announced an iterative update to Mac OS X at its worldwide developers conference in San Francisco today. The emphasis is on refining and improving things, borrowing some features from Windows to add more productivity and a cleaner interface.
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The New Windows 8 Consumer Preview Start Screen
Teens react to Windows 95 in a Fine Brothers video
Teens react to Windows 95 in a Fine Brothers video
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