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Humanity's homeland found in ancient Botswana

Paris - Modern humans emerged 200,000 years ago in a region of northern Botswana, scientists claimed Monday, in what appeared to be the most precise location of mankind's "ancestral homeland" yet discovered.

Rock with 30,000 diamonds found but their origin is still unknown

A mysterious Russian rock has been discovered containing 30,000 tiny diamonds. The rock itself may actually be worth a minimal amount, but its strange form adds to the mystery of how diamonds are actually created.

Op-Ed: The origin of the 'Christmas Pickle'

Decorating the Christmas tree is an activity enjoyed by the whole family, and in Virginia and other parts of the South, tradition holds that on Christmas Eve, Mom or Dad will add one last ornament, the Christmas pickle, to the tree before going to bed.

New theory proposed over origin of Stonehenge

Researchers in Britain have proposed a new theory for Stonehenge's origins: it may have been started as a giant burial ground for elite families.

French fries: Where did they originate — France or Belgium?

A popular snack or meal accompaniment worldwide, French fries have always been considered to be, well, French. However, it seems Belgium might have come up with the idea first.

Scientists say Shroud of Turin authentic, of supernatural origin

Turin - Italy's National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Development published a final report last month on the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin, after five years of experiments and studies.

Study: Pre-wired morality may explain the origin of religion

Harvard scientists have conducted research to further the understanding between morality and religion. Their findings suggest that religion is a way of expressing one's moral intuitions.

Oil paintings originated in Afghanistan?

French scientists have found oil-based paintings in caves used by nomadic Buddhist monks in the 7th century in Afghanistan. These paintings are the oldest ever found anywhere.

Nursey Rhymes, Not Just For Children

Mother Goose was the pen name of Charles Perrault's collection of fairy tales Histoires ou contes du temps passés, avec des moralités. John Newbery published an English translation of the nursery rhymes in 1700.

A Brief History of Religion, How it all Started, Cartoon Picture

History of religion, how it started and where it is going

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