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Op-Ed: Ethics vs corporate crime — Who's winning? Not you

Sydney - Corporate greed, lack of ethics and crime are destroying societies and economies. The Great Recession totally trashed the American middle class, formerly the most prosperous social group in history. There’s now a call for “ethics”...?

Op-Ed: Assessing the future in a reliable way: Elizabeth Florescu Special

Since time immemorial, man has wished to see the future. Now, some people are fortunate enough to do it as their job. They are called futurists.

Honduras: Journalist given refuge in human rights commission

Tegucigalpa - A journalist in Honduras has been given refuge in the country's human rights commission because he claims the government is plotting his assassination for exposing a corruption scandal.

Op-Ed: UK child sex scandal – Lords, MPs, dead kids and no results

London - After much controversy, endless witness statements, and eternal bleatings in Parliament, nothing much has happened in the Dolphin Square case in which three children are alleged to have been murdered, and dozens raped.

Op-Ed: New study exposes a different kind of journalism war

Sydney - Journalism comes with risks new and old. The new risks are increasing intersections with dangers which didn’t exist in the past. Surveillance, hostage taking, murder, and criminal gangs are all part of the new, nasty, mix.

Italy: Over 160 arrests as police crack down on 'Ndrangheta mafia

Bologna - Law enforcement authorities in Italy have made over 160 arrests after warrants were issued for the apprehension of individuals allegedly associated with the 'Ndrangheta, organized crime syndicate in southern Italy.

Record number of illegal firearms seized in China

Beijing - In a nation where private gun ownership is banned, the seizure of over 10,000 firearms in the hands of a single criminal ring has surprised many. 120,000 banned knives were also seized.

Mexican security forces step between vigilantes and drug cartel

Apatzingan - A combined force of Mexican security forces, army and federal police, Tuesday, launched a major operation in the Mexican state of Michoacan aimed at ending violent clashes between armed vigilantes and members of the Knights Templar drug cartel.

A different take on 'Christmas is going to cost a lot'

Naples - For some, the poinsettia, the plant symbolic of Christmas second only to the Christmas tree, is a way to brighten up the holidays.

Asian crime groups smuggle people into Mexico border towns

Tijuana - Organized crime groups from China, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand are quietly moving drugs, exotic animals and other contraband across the U.S. Mexico border. But their main products are human beings forced into prostitution.

Beware of scammers running rampant on Craigslist

A site created originally for use by the general public has become the hub of scams and Internet fraud. By posting an ad or responding to one, chances are you are likely to become a target for fraud.

Op-Ed: Organized crime succeeding at suppressing media in Mexico

Saltillo - The Mexican newspaper Zócalo will stop publishing news about organized crime because of lack of "security guarantees" to exercise their journalistic work. Recent threats and killings of journalists are affecting the ability of media to report on crime.

Op-Ed: Wal Mart Mexican bribes and the giant gorillas in US business 101

Sydney - The New York Times has published an article which alleges that Wal Mart top management suppressed action on massive bribery in the expansion of Wal Mart de Mexico. Given corporate America’s relentless law breaking, this story tells a tale- and more.

Op-Ed: Putin Has Reasons To Ensure Legitimate Elections, If He Sees Them

Vladamir Putin can help insure that the upcoming presidential elections are free and fair. He also has some compelling reasons for doing so.

Op-Ed: Democracy — What’s in it for consumers?

The recent Drama Queen Shootout at the Less Than OK Corral in Washington could not be described as any form of democracy. The public’s best interests weren’t mentioned. At best, a vague reference to “the economy” was about as close as it got.

Internet, mobile tech now a primary tool for organized crime

According to a Europol report issued Wednesday, the Internet and mobile technologies have become the most prevalent tools for organized crime. The report says they are used for drug and human trafficking, as well as money laundering and cybercrime.

Mexican resort town Acapulco scene of deadly attacks

Acapulco - An evening of deadly attacks in Acapulco, Mexico resulted in at least 15 people being killed on Saturday. With the increase of violence Americans are being asked to bypass the resort as a vacation spot.

FBI makes largest Mafia roundup in history

New York - Authorities of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) arrested more than 120 suspected members of the Mafia in what is considered the largest single-day operation against organized crime in history.

Four arrested in distraction theft in Toronto

Toronto - Four suspects are accused of targeting people who removed large quantities of cash from the bank and rob them while distracting them.

Op-Ed: Cyber wars- Everybody’s under attack constantly, says SCIS

The Centre for Strategic and International Studies conducted a survey for McAfee of computer security experts in 14 countries. The world is at war on the net, with China and the US seen as the most aggressive countries.

Police seize arsenal of guns, explosives in northern B.C.

Police are targeting organized crime in the northern B.C. city of Prince George. They say they have seized an arsenal of weapons including assault rifles, explosive and altered hand guns and marijuana.

Mr. Media Radio: Bob Delaney, author, 'Covert'; NBA referee Special

Bob Delaney has lived not one but two enviable and intimidating lives. In his first career, Delaney was a New Jersey State Trooper who went undercover for three years to infiltrate the Mob in the Garden State. Then he became a respected NBA referee.

Op-Ed: Legalizing Drugs in the U.S. May Help Mexican National Security

U.S. legislative intervention in overturning drug prohibition may have necessary long-term benefits to Mexico's stability.

Chief of Organized Crime Unit Considered 'Endangered/Missing'

The chief of an Alabama organized crime unit, Sgt. Faron White, is being listed as "missing/endangered" following evidence of a struggle in his office. He was last seen working late on Friday, January 2. His family reported him missing early Saturday.

UNODC Proposes Measures to Stop Piracy in the Horn of Africa

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has put forward a number of proposals aimed at stopping piracy in the Horn of Africa.

Op-Ed: Warning: Online Employment Scams And Organized Crime

Those wonderful people in organized crime have come up with another misery. There’s a money laundering scam involving online job search sites. If you have a resume posted, you can find yourself doing a crime worth ten years in any reputable jail.

Italian author living under police protection after book about Naples crime syndicate

Some people make a living glamorizing crime, but not Roberto Saviano. His book about the Camorra, Naples’ answer to the Cosa Nostra, exposes a reality that will never be on mass media.

Op-Ed: Fatal apathy - Asian child slaves in British marijuana farms, global nightmare

Organized crime, otherwise known as organized human misery, is trafficking kids to work in “cannabis factories” in Britain. The famous hippie drug is now just another mucking middle class trade, to borrow a quote.

Exclusive: How Organized Crime is Infecting Your Computer

The days of viruses and spam are over. Welcome to the terrifying world of identity theft and phishing scams, run by organized criminals who prey on uneducated PC users. In an exclusive interview, a government insider says antivirus software is useless.

Bonano crime family members busted

The acting underboss and the elderly acting consigliore of the Bonanno crime family were among 19 reputed mobsters busted by federal authorities.
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Mexican federal forces enter the western town of Apatzingan to quell unrest between vigilante groups...
Mexican federal forces enter the western town of Apatzingan to quell unrest between vigilante groups and the Knights Templar drug cartel.
Valor por paracuaro michoacan Facebook
An ice-cream vendor and a man talk while looking at the vehicles of forensic technicians who are wor...
An ice-cream vendor and a man talk while looking at the vehicles of forensic technicians who are working to unearth bodies in La Barca, Mexico, November 27, 2013.
With permission by Reuters / Alejandro Acosta
Forensic technicians carry a body bag as colleagues search for human remains in a mass grave on the ...
Forensic technicians carry a body bag as colleagues search for human remains in a mass grave on the banks of the Lerma river in La Barca, Mexico, November 21, 2013
With permission by Reuters / Alejandro Acosta

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