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Q&A: How marketers can re-energize data processes in firms Special

Many organizations are sitting on a treasure trove of data and they don’t have the processes in place to use it to the fullest potential. Cat Luga from Cognetik explains how such data can be used to improve marketing.

Meet Deborah O'Rourke: Executive Director of Contractors for Kids Special

Holbrook - Deborah O'Rourke, the Executive Director of Contractors for Kids (CFK), chatted with Digital Journal about her nonprofit organization, and its mission. She also discussed the digital transformation of the nonprofit sector.

Ed Asner to be honored by the Jewish inclusion organization Matan

On May 8, iconic actor Ed Asner will be honored by the national Jewish special needs education nonprofit organization, Matan, in New York City.

To work well digital transformation needs to be efficient

Simply building new infrastructure and launching digital products does not lead to the upturn in performance that many businesses expect. A new survey shows how work needs to be put into organizing and efficiency improvement.

Op-Ed: Evernote: turn your mobile device into a tool

Organization is a key to success. It doesn't matter what level of schooling you're in. Every class is giving you numerous paper handouts, and it can be easy to lose them.

Op-Ed: Maximize your dorm room storage space

We’re heading into back-to-school season and for many students, that means getting ready to head back to college dorms. Dorms have never been known for their spaciousness, so finding ways to store things has always been a challenge for college students.

Helping children for over 50 years: The Have-A-Heart Campaign Special

Chiropractic colleges, hundreds of chiropractic clinics, and advocacy groups around the world are helping the non-profit Oklahaven Children's Chiropractic Center by participating in the Have-A-Heart Campaign during Valentine's Day week, February 7-15.

Is cellphone use safe? Experts disagree with FDA study

Washington - The FDA and WHO have recently released studies on the use of cell phones and report no increased danger for users. Other experts in the field including the scientific team at Mast Sanity disagree and saying studies were funded by the cell phone companies.

Americans Feeding Americans During Economic Crisis

A program designed to support families in the wake of growing economic disparity and restlessness has benefited a multitude of Americans in need of immediate assistance.

With Nevada Win, Hillary is the Frontrunner

Hillary Clinton wins Nevada with a large percentage of women and older voters over Barack Obama. She also won among Nevada voters who considered the economy as the most important issue facing the country.

Family to Family Charity Organization Network connects the needy with the donors in a simple and effective way.

Afghanistan Being 'Systematically Looted' Warns Museum Organization

Precious archaeological artifacts in Afghanistan are disappearing from the war torn country and the illegal trade may be financing local insurgents.

Organization that Started...Gives Computers Away to Kids

They give re-furbished computers to children in need. They are given free of charge, and are coupled with an Internet connection at the child’s home. They are in Toronto Canada but will expand, doing this across Canada, United States and the World.

Kids, Organization, Marketing are all like Snowflakes, Different

No two snowflakes are similar, so are children, business and marketing situations.

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Tangled jewelry
Tangled jewelry
A McDonald s restaurant with a cafe upstairs is shown on Yee Wo Street in Hong Kong.
A McDonald's restaurant with a cafe upstairs is shown on Yee Wo Street in Hong Kong.
Docryackie/Wikimedia Commons

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