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Organic food News

Organic food may be worse for the climate

It may come as a surprise, given the avoidance of chemical fertilizers, but a new report suggests that organic food has a greater environmental impact compared with conventionally farmed food.

PediaSure, Ensure, other nutrition drinks recalled in Canada

Ottawa - The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has issued an updated recall for Abbott brand liquid nutrition products in 235 mL metal cans due to possible bacterial contamination.

Businesses using big data to track organic food consumers

Big data analytics are vital for retail. One research area has been with the growth in spending on organic produce. Here data analytics have been used by businesses to track and predict consumer shopping patterns.

Lab-grown milk, eggs and meat could hit store shelves in 5 years

Meat, eggs and milk could be produced in lab without killing or harming animals thanks to microbe cultures. The future of food as we know it may be forever changed, allowing even vegetarians and vegans to eat hamburgers and milkshakes again.

Making sure organic food is legitimate

European regulators are proposing a series of new measures to check that food being marketed as "organic" actually meets the criteria for organic food.

Review: Going organic in Los Boliches, Fuengirola

Fuengirola - Right in the heart of Los Boliches in Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol, is a tiny restaurant selling only the healthiest vegan and vegetarian food. Even better, not only is the cuisine really good for you, but it's pretty darn tasty too.

Study explains why organic food is better for you than conventional food

Eating organic food does have measurable benefits compared to conventional food, a new study revealed. For instance, organic food contains 20 to 40 percent more antioxidants compared to non-organic items.

Op-Ed: Should you feed your kids organic food?

Should concerned parents feed their kids organic food or does it make little difference? Or does it even cause harm? According to a new report the jury is still out. See what you think and comment below.

Study: Organic food not healthier than conventional products

Stanford - For years, common knowledge has been that organic food is a much healthier alternative than non-organic food. What a new study suggests may baffle many: organic food is "not any healthier" than regular food you may consume.

Strong sales of organic food in Europe, U.S. attract investors

Sales of organic foods grew stronger in the United States and Europe through the "great recession" of the late 2000s and the lingering economic uncertainty afterward, interesting investors. Why did the popularity of organic food shoot up in the downturn?

The organic food scene in Halifax, Nova Scotia Special

Halifax - "Good food - Good for you - Good for the earth." That is the motto at Planet Organic, a Canadian store that supplies organic food and household supplies.

Op-Ed: The decline of organic food encourages rise of grow your own

With the cost of fresh, organic food rising, the consumer is trying to find an alternative and many are turning to old fashioned grow-you-own vegetables.

Study: Organic food may not be as good as you thought

Organic foods are all the hype these days, but are they really worth the often substantial premiums you have to pay for them in comparison to our conventional "green revolution" grade food? A new study takes a critical look.

Toronto's Metro Hall hosts weekly food market Special

Toronto - When the warm weather arrives in Toronto, so do weekly farmer's markets throughout the city. During the season every Thursday you can find fresh produce at Metro Hall.

It's green vs. biotech as India promotes organic agriculture

New Delhi - India, at war with itself over the use of biotech agricultural crops, has decided to aim for the global organic food market, worth billions of dollars.

29th Annual Guelph Organic Conference: Views from the Expo Special

If it is the end of January, it means the annual Guelph Organic Conference is in town. This year marked the 29th conference.

Study reveals organic food no better than any other

A major British study has revealed that organic food has nothing to offer over regular food other than a higher price. Perceived benefits conjure images of snake-oil salesmen and magic elixirs of another day.

Op-Ed: Organic Food - Study Warms Up Debate, But Test Methods Are Lousy

In an era when agendas for science papers are studied as closely as the papers themselves, this study is a skeptic’s firing range, on both sides. Organic food is hot, if you’ll excuse the pun. The thinking, however, isn’t so hot.

Op-Ed: Organic food price hike, or heist?

Organic food is produced without pesticides, herbicides, or even peopleocides. It’s grown according to highly advanced nutritional ideas, ecological concepts, and in the case of permaculture, with very high cost efficiency. So why does it cost so much?

Organic chickens are not healthier

Chickens that are fed organic feed are skinnier than ordinary chickens. Their immune systems are also more active. The Dutch Minister for agriculture, nature and food quality Verburg is disappointed.

USDA Organic May Not Be Chemical-Free

The USDA may add 38 non-organic ingredients to the list of items which are non-organic but are acceptable to be included in a food and still be able to label the product organic.

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