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Organ donor News

Tinder wants your kidney and heart

Tinder has launched a new organ donation campaign on its app in an attempt to educate users of the dating app about the process.

Tear-jerking organ donation ad, 'The man and the dog,' goes viral

An ad to raise awareness about organ donation, which dramatizes the saying that the dog is man's best friend, will surely make you cry. The video, titled "The man and the dog," uploaded to YouTube on 20 May, has gone viral with more than 2 million views.

Man becomes organ donor, shoots himself in the head

Valencia - A 50-year-old man walked into University Hospital La Fe in Valencia, Spain on Monday morning with a revolver hidden in his belt. After applying to become an organ donor, he committed suicide in the bathroom.

Dead woman revives just before her organ removed for donation

Doctors at a central New York hospital were minutes away from harvesting organs from a woman they believed was dead – then she opened her eyes. After being told she was dead, her family agreed to take her off life support and allow the organ donation.

Brain-dead organ donor flown across Atlantic to save other lives

Tel Aviv - After being declared brain-dead in New Jersey, a 64-year-old woman was rushed back to Israel so she could donate her organs to others. Her unique blood group added greater significance to the task of getting her back to Israel urgently.

Organ Donations Critically Needed Especially For Little Riley Special

Somerdale - A four-year-old boy named Riley O’Brien needs a heart and two lungs transplanted as soon as possible. In fact, he’s needed the transplant for his entire life, starting before he was even born.

Teenager's tragic death helped transform 8 lives with her organs

Horton - This is the tragic story of a teenage girl who succumbed to death after she collapsed at her home in Horton, Somerset. She donated her organs and has already saved lives of eight people.

Facebook introduces a new life-saving detail

Facebook added a new Organ Donor status to Timeline features. The change is geared to link those in need of organs with potential donors across the world.

Sarah Burke dead at 28 after ski accident in Utah

She was a beautiful blonde skiing maverick changing the sport for women worldwide. The slopes were her second home, a home that would claim her life. On Thursday skier Sarah Burke, 28, died in a Utah hospital from injuries on the slopes Jan. 10.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs joins Schwarzenegger in organ donor campaign

Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs joined California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on Friday at the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto to announce new legislation aimed at simplifying the organ donation process for Californians.

Man Selling His Dead Body on Internet

A man in Sydney Australia is selling his dead body on the Internet to encourage organ donation. He also hopes to raise some money for his retirement fund.

Man Receives Heart from Suicide Victim and 12 Years Later Commits Suicide Himself

Terry Cottle committed suicide in 1995,his heart was donated for organ transplant. The recipient was Sonny Graham, who was on the verge of congestive heart failure. 12 years after Graham received Cottle's heart, he committed suicide in the same manner.

Donor Cards Across The EU In The Light Of TV Show

A new revolutionary, European donor card could be introduced very soon connecting all the member states together, medically.

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