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Oral News

Pancreatic cancer connected to mouth bacteria

New York City - The oral microbiome (that bacteria found in the mouth) can, if imbalanced, enhance the risk of a person developing pancreatic cancer. The finding adds to growing reports about the association between human microbes and disease.

Mouth bacteria linked to migraines

Migraines are triggered by many different factors, from lack of sleep, stress and by certain foods. A new study indicates that the microorganisms resident in the mouth may also play a part.

Oral bacteria play a role in promoting cancer

Tel Aviv - Bacteria found in the mouth are more prevalent in patients with colon cancer. It seems that these bacteria protect a variety of tumor cells from being killed by immune cells. This finding could lead to new treatments in cancer.

Research shows link between oral health and diabetes

Diabetes is already a threatening disease in itself, but knowing that there are so many risk factors that can cause it makes it all the more frightening.

Good fungi help with good oral health

Our mouths contain a mix of microbes which, when disrupted, can lead to oral diseases. A new study compared the fungi present in the mouths of healthy individuals with those who are ill, showed why thrush is a common complication of HIV infection.

Mouth bacteria trigger oral cancer

Chemicals released from two bacteria that cause gum disease can incite the growth of deadly lesions and tumors in the mouth, trigger oral cancer. This is according to a new study carried out by Case Western Reserve University.

Porn star Christy Mack offers oral sex for best Lego creation

Christy Mack, a porn star, took to Twitter last week and announced to her followers that she was putting on a contest, and the winner of the contest would receive oral sex.

Infectious mechanism of Herpes revealed

Scientists have been able, for the first time, to measure the internal pressure that enables the herpes virus to infect cells in the human body.

Smile! Oral stem cells can fight inflamatory disease

Stem cells found in mouth tissue can possibly relieve certain types of inflammatory disease (such as colitis) according to new research.

Watch Canadian news anchor Lisa Dutton perform 'oral sex' on air

Saskatchewan TV anchor Lisa Dutton was demonstrating to viewers how her little child uses a vibrating toothbrush. But when she launched in an overenthusiastic demonstration of the child's motions, her co-anchor shifted uncomfortably on his seat.

Geithner says Strauss-Kahn in 'no position' to run IMF

New York - US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said Tuesday International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn is in “no position” to run the agency, and recent reports on the alleged rapist now state he is on suicide watch at the Rikers Island jail complex

IMF managing director arrested over sexual assault allegations

New York - Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the International Monetary Fund’s managing director, was arrested on Saturday at Kennedy International Airport just minutes before his flight’s departure, over allegations of a sexual assault in his New York City hotel room.

Link between oral sex and cancer subject of documentary

The link between oral sex and throat and mouth cancer will be addressed in a BBC documentary to be presented by Jaime Winstone.

Alcohol to blame for oral cancer increase

The increased consumption of alcohol is being blamed for a worrying increase in the number of oral cancers being diagnosed in the UK. The worst affected are men and women who have reached their forties.

New Research Uncovers First Oral Therapy For Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis

An extension study out of Italy showed that nearly 70 percent of patients who took FTY720 (fingolimod) remained attack free for the 3-year study. Other approved therapies for Multiple Sclerosis are by IV infusion only.

Christina Aguilera records a song about oral sex

Christina Aguilera has recorded a song about oral sex. Called "F*** You, Suck You." She wont release it as it may be a bad blow for her career. Arf.

And now for another difference between the sexes...

Sorry ladies, but looks like once again the men have one up on us ...

Fighting Oral Cancer With Earlier Diagnosis

LEIPZIG, GERMANY (dpa) - Doctors face a battle against time when dealing with oral cancers, as many of those afflicted find their way to a specialist only after the symptoms are so advanced that they can scarcely swallow or even speak. "By this stag...

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