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Opium News

Crushed by virus and war, jobless Afghans turn to opium for cash

Jalalabad - Afghans pushed out of work by the coronavirus pandemic after businesses and schools were shuttered have turned to opium cultivation for cash during this year's poppy harvest.

Getting high in Laos' opium-riddled mountains

- In a hut on the top of a fog-licked mountain in northern Laos, Vo Pali is getting high.His poison is opium, a sap extracted from poppies grown illegally by the poor hill tribes in the Communist state's rugged, inaccessible uplands.

Northern Afghan provinces submit to lure of opium poppies

Mazar-e Sharif - New motorbikes roared through villages in Afghanistan's Balkh province this summer -- markers of growing wealth, observers say, as poppy cultivation leapt by nearly five times in a region that once was an opium-free zone.

Multiple harvests drive Afghan opium boom

Iran - With jingling poppy seeds hidden in his pouch, Helmand farmer Nematullah sidled out of Taliban territory to explain how he struck gold —- two additional opium harvests a year, which could further roil Afghanistan's conflict.

How opium poppies process morphine revealed for the first time

The process by which a poppy encodes enzymes to make morphine has been discovered. This relates to a specific gene. This could lead to alternative ways to produce the drug.

Drug companies lobby for expansion of opium poppy growing

To meet a growing demand for painkillers a number of drug companies are calling on the Australian government to expand opium poppy growing.

Afghanistan is looking at record amount of opium crops

Increasing for three years in a row Afghanistan's opium poppy crop is going to exceed record growth according to a new United Nations report.

Drugs are in the mail? Ontario man charged with importing opium

London - A London, Ontario, man has been charged with several drug-related offences after the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Drug Section intercepted a package mailed from Turkey.

Report: US Dept of Energy lab missing cocaine, amphetamines

Washington - The Department of Energy’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) in California has maintained shoddy records of controlled substances including cocaine, opium, black tar heroin and amphetamines, a new Inspector General report reveals.

Project Khiar nets 66 drug related charges in Toronto

Toronto - For a year the Toronto Police Drug Squad Major Projects Section, in partnership with York Regional Police, Peel Regional Police and the Canada Border Services Agency have been investigating opium importation in the Greater Toronto Area.

Opium profits and production decline in Afghanistan

Land used in Afghanistan for the cultivation of opium has declined 22 percent in two years. Many Afghan fields formerly filled with poppy flowers, needed to make heroin, are now wheat fields.

Opium addictions plague Afghanistan

Afghan families are dealing with a double problem when it comes to poppy fields. With a governmental ban on the production they face prison or poverty. They also have to deal with the huge addictive nature of opium, made from the milk of the plant.

Things we didn't know - 'stoned' animals make crop circles

The puzzler over who was responsible for crop circles in Tasmania was put to rest with the recent discovery that Wallabies, who after eating some of the poppy crops, hop around in circles in the fields.

Pomegranate May Impede Terrorism Replacing Poppies to Drugs

Afghanistan farmers grow poppies that makes opium used to fund terrorism. Now the U.S. is encouraging pomegranate as the cash crop to replace it, because farmers can make more money from pomegranate than opium. This is an effort to control terrorism.

UN Drug Tsar Says Opium Trade Finances Taliban

The opium industry is largely funding the Taliban's war budget and is a major source of revenue for criminal groups and terrorists in Afghanistan.

Each Bowl of 'Wheaties' Equals A Crushing Attack To The Taliban

Recently, the leader of the Taliban in Pakistan vowed that the jihad will continue in Afghanistan. Now, the Taliban may come across a new formidable opponent.

Canada: Green Party Says Legalize Opium Production in Afghanistan

Poppy production is on the rise in Afghanistan and efforts to end the illegal trade have failed. Elizabeth May, Canada's Green party leader says it is time for a new approach, legitimize the trade.

UN Raises Concerns Over Soaring Opium Crops in Afghanistan

Quantities of opium produced in Afghanistan have reached “frightening record levels”, stated the United Nations earlier today. The country is responsible for 93% of the world’s opium, up one percent since 2006.


According to the Tehran Times, an English-language, daily Iranian newspaper, the U.S. has praised Iran for its efforts in combating the Afghanistan drug trade.

Afghan opium output hits record high

According to the US State Department, Opium production in Afghanistan reached record highs in 2006.

Afghan Women and Girls Traded for Opium Debts

Men unable to pay their opium debts, trade in their "extra burden" daughters.

Afghan Poppies to Get Herbicide Spray

I doubt this will have much of an effect on all the crops that have already been harvested but at least it's a start...

Afghanistan's 2006 Opium Production Rises 60%

Authorities are publically upset, however they were all forewarned. They appear to have knowingly created a situation requiring more law enforcement, which is financially lucrative. And it would not be the first time drug money bought a war.

Afghanistan's progress might be thwarted by Opium production

Afghanistan's soaring opium production threatens to wreck efforts to rebuild the country after years of war, the UN and the World Bank have warned.

Myanmar Reclaims Crown As World's Opium King

CHIANG RAI, THAILAND (dpa) - With the destruction of Afghanistan's poppy crop earlier this year, Myanmar (Burma) has reclaimed its crown as the world's leading producer of opium and heroin, albeit by default. The country already holds the dubious di...

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Opium Image

DEA FAST team member standing watch over opium seized during a raid on a residence in Afghanistan.
DEA FAST team member standing watch over opium seized during a raid on a residence in Afghanistan.
Screen capture - ABC News
RCMP photo of the one-kilogram package of opium and the original box in which it was mailed.
RCMP photo of the one-kilogram package of opium and the original box in which it was mailed.
RCMP photo

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