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Op-Ed: Race and crime — Not as simple as some think

Rochdale - The hysteria of political correctness has been used to brainwash the population into thinking 'racism' is the be-all and end-all of crime when different races are involved, but often it is more complex than that.

Op-Ed: How I murdered Mark Duggan, by Mr Anonymous

London - What do you call a man who shoots another man dead, is not questioned, charged or arrested and is then given carte blanche to slander his victim anonymously? A police officer, of course.

The long walk back for Thusha Kamaleswaran

London - Thusha Kamaleswaran was just five years old when she was shot in a South London shop and ostensibly paralysed for life. How is she coping 18 months on?

Op-Ed: Mark Duggan — You've seen the cover up, now here comes the film

London - Mark Duggan was shot dead by armed police on August 4 last year. To date no one has been charged, suspended or even questioned in connection with his execution. Now, someone is making a film about it.

Op-Ed: The murder of Mark Duggan, and a conspiracy of silence

London - On August 4 last year, unarmed Mark Duggan was shot dead by the Metropolitan Police in North London. To date, no one has been charged with any offence.

Op-Ed: Did the police murder Mark Duggan?

London - The so-called Independent Police Complaints Commission has apparently been dragging its feet into the shooting dead of Mark Duggan. It may be that this delay is more than justified, for entirely sinister reasons.

Op-Ed: Justice delayed is justice denied - even for 'gangstas'

London - Mark Duggan was shot dead by armed police on August 4. The last public update from the so-called Independent Police Complaints Commission was September 8. How long does it take to decide who shot a man, why, and what action is to be taken?

Op-Ed: Crime, punishment and reward in the UK

Three teenage girls are shot in a London street; a 19 stone thug admits killing a 4 foot 11 woman; and a ‘corrupt’ police officer walks out of prison back into his old job and is immediately suspended on full pay. Welcome to madhouse Britain.

Op-Ed: Mindless criminality – the verdict on the London riots

As rioting spread from Tottenham to Enfield, and to Brixton in South London, those on the frontline of social unrest condemned it as mindless criminality.

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Mark Duggan who was shot dead by armed police officers in Tottenham  North London  on August 4  2001...
Mark Duggan who was shot dead by armed police officers in Tottenham, North London, on August 4, 2001. His death was the catalyst for the riots that swept the country.
A photograph released by the family

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