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Op-Ed: Windows 7 users ignoring Win 10 upgrade, Linux strikes back

Seattle - The end of support for Windows 7 has had almost no effect at all on users. Win 10’s many issues and the constant, baffling, problems with updates have effectively killed all interest. Meanwhile, Linux has come up with a cure-all, maybe, possibly.

Op-Ed: Huawei said to release its own OS for smartphones in the fall

Huawei is planning to release smartphones and tablets with its own operating system later this year. Huawei has only 90 days before its devices will no longer have access to new software updates, for Google's (Alphabet) Android operating system.

Google introduces radical design changes with Android P preview

Google has launched the first preview of Android P, the upcoming release of the company's mobile operating system due this summer. The current version is a very early build and should not be installed by end users. It includes several major UI changes.

Microsoft officially announces Windows 10 'S Mode' for 2019

Microsoft has confirmed it plans to cancel Windows 10 S and replace it with a new "S Mode" for other versions of the platform. The change was rumoured earlier this year but won't be implemented until 2019. Technical details haven't been disclosed.

Apple overhauls software development approach to fix iOS bugs

Apple is reportedly undergoing a "cultural shift" in how it develops and releases iOS so it can address quality concerns. The company is said to be abandoning its classic one-year development cycle, encouraging engineers to plan for longer schedules.

Patch for critical Intel CPU flaw could slow PCs by up to 35%

A "fundamental" flaw in the design of Intel processors could allow attackers to access kernel memory. Developers of the Linux and Windows kernels are scrambling to release patches but they might include significant performance penalties.

Ubuntu 17.10 delivers new desktop and cloud enhancements

Canonical has launched Ubuntu 17.10, a significant milestone for the Linux OS. On the desktop, Ubuntu now comes with GNOME preinstalled by default, replacing Canonical's own Unity experience. There's also changes aimed at developers working in the cloud.

Ubuntu's new desktop will have an always-visible dock

Canonical, the makers of the Ubuntu Linux distribution, has started to release details of the upcoming desktop environment shift in Ubuntu 17.10. Months after the decision to drop its own Unity desktop was announced, the new GNOME look is taking shape.

Android O is almost ready for you to start using

The release of the next version of Android is now close to being launched as Google has launched the final developer preview of Android O. This means the operating system is now near-final and almost ready for consumer use.

Jide abandons its desktop-based Android OS to focus on enterprise

Jide Tech, the company behind the popular Remix OS desktop-based Android variant, has announced it is shifting its focus to the enterprise. The company has decided not to pursue its efforts to create an Android alternative to Windows.

Google's 'Fuschia' smartphone OS shown off in videos

Google's mystery operating system known only as "Fuschia" has broken its cover and made it onto the Internet. The UI has been compiled to run on existing phones, revealing an all-new design that's very different to Android's current look and feel.

Windows 10 is four times more popular than Mac, says Apple

Microsoft is continuing to dominate the PC operating system market, seeing four times as many sales as Mac-based devices. The figures come from an unusual source: Apple. The company revealed the data while discussing its plans for future Mac products.

Android surpasses Windows to become the world's most used OS

Android has become the most used operating system in the world, overtaking the decades-old Windows. It reflects the growth and mass acceptance of mobile devices as smartphones are now the computer of choice for many consumers worldwide.

Microsoft announces the Windows 10 'Creators Update'

Microsoft has officially unveiled the Windows 10 Creators Update, the first major release of the OS scheduled to launch in 2017. It adds a range of new features aimed at "bringing ideas to life," including tools for 3D modelling and mixed reality.

'Most serious' Linux privilege-escalation bug ever discovered

Security researchers have warned that a privilege-escalation bug found in the Linux operating system could be the "most serious" of its kind ever discovered. It has been present in the kernel for nine years and is being actively exploited by attackers.

Windows 10 usage is now in decline

Microsoft's Windows 10 is experiencing a decline in usage for the first time since its launch. The dip, indicated by two metrics, is entirely unexpected and has not been fully explained. It suggests Windows 10 is falling out of favour with customers.

Report: Linux security must be upgraded to protect future tech

Researchers have detailed a series of security risks in the Linux kernel that threaten to put the future of the Internet of Things at risk. Developers told the 2016 Linux Security Summit that Linux needs a "total rethink" to remain safe to use.

Google's building a new operating system called 'Andromeda'

Google is building a new operating system called "Andromeda" that will see Android and Chrome OS merged together. According to a new report, the company is planning a laptop and tablet to run the new OS, potentially designed as a next-generation platform.

You can now run multi-window Android in a window on your PC

It's now possible to run Remix OS, the popular desktop-oriented Android distribution, on top of a Windows machine. It allows you to interact with Android apps and games from your computer. Remix OS includes its own Start menu and multi-window support.

Linux, the world's most widespread OS, turns 25 years old

While Linux may not be the first operating system you think of, it is one of the most significant computing platforms ever developed. Linux powers everything from the world's largest supercomputers to Android phones. Today, it turns 25 years old.

Fuchsia is an operating system being built entirely by Google

Google is building an all-new operating system that’s built from the ground up to run on phones and desktop computers. Known as Fuchsia, it seems to be a completely different project to Android and Chrome OS, but its purpose remains unknown.

Microsoft says Windows 10's next big update won't be until spring

After launching the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft has announced there will be no further feature updates for the operating system this year. Instead, it's planning two major releases for 2017 that will add new capabilities to the OS.

Windows 10 upgrade offer has ended but you can still get it free

Microsoft ended the Windows 10 free upgrade offer on July 29, preventing Windows 7 and 8.1 users who haven't moved to the new OS from doing so for free. A workaround has been discovered, letting you claim a free upgrade should you change your mind today.

Microsoft begins rolling out the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft has begun the worldwide rollout of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, bringing new features and an extensive roster of improvements to the 350 million Windows 10 devices in use. It is launching gradually in staged waves.

Microsoft's free Windows 10 upgrade offer expires today

Microsoft's free Windows 10 upgrade offer expires in just a few more hours, giving you until the end of the day to install the new operating system without paying $100. The company has shared some new statistics on usage of Windows 10.

No, Microsoft isn't introducing a Windows 10 subscription fee

A file buried deep inside the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview build has raised some concern among Windows users. It appears to hint at a future in which the software may no longer be free, opening the door to an Office 365-style Windows subscription.

Android N to be named 'Nougat,' launching this summer

After months of speculation, Google has officially announced the sweet-themed nickname for Android N, the next major Android release. The update will be known as "Nougat" and follows names including Lollipop and Marshmallow.

Windows 10's 'innovative' Anniversary Update is coming August 2

Microsoft has announced it will release the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to consumers on August 2, marking one year since Windows 10's launch with a substantial delivery of new features. It includes productivity, entertainment and security improvements.

Microsoft finally lets you opt-out of Windows 10 after being sued

Microsoft has announced it will update its Get Windows 10 app for Windows 7 and 8.1 PCs to make it much easier for customers to opt-out of the upgrade entirely. The announcement comes after months of criticism and a $10,000 lawsuit settlement with a user.

Huawei uncomfortable about Android dependence, building own OS

Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei is said to be developing its own mobile operating system as a contingency plan if Google were to tighten its hold on Android. The company is one of a growing number of brands who want to loosen their reliance on Android.
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StatCounter worldwide OS usage March 2017
StatCounter worldwide OS usage March 2017
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