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US Supreme Court nominee: 'I am independent, impartial'

Washington - US Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh declared himself "independent, impartial" Thursday in a highly unusual plea following criticism of his performance at a Senate committee hearing on sexual assault allegations against him.

Op-Ed: Will Brazil’s World Cup be fixed?

At the time of writing, the 2014 World Cup is under 50 days away from taking its first breath in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is, in truth, a competition like no other.

Op-Ed: North Charleston man facing federal charges over $.89 refill

North Charleston - A North Charleston man is now facing federal charges over an $0.89 drink refill. Christopher Lewis says he was not aware that refills at the VA Medical Center in North Charleston were not free.

Op-Ed: An alternative American letter to Vladimir Putin

In the fallout from Russian President Vladimir Putin's open letter to Americans and U.S. Senator John McCain's response, I would like to offer an alternative letter to President Putin.

Op-Ed: Why we should end standardized testing

Parents are beginning to take their children out of school on days they have standardized tests. This may be seen as a bad thing to most teachers, but this saves students from stress, humiliation, and dealing with teachers who are in over their heads.

Op-Ed: Obamacare: No Cure, but worth fighting for

Obamacare has been hailed as one of the most expansive transformations of the American health care system since the 1960s. However, if legislation sponsored by several U.S. senators passes, it will be defunded before it effectively gets off the ground.

Op-Ed: Starbucks bans smoking within 25 feet of its 7,000 stores

Beginning June 1, Starbucks will implement a smoking ban of 25 feet around their stores in the U.S. and Canada. This ban won't affect major metropolitan areas where smoking is already banned in public spaces.

New York Times writer wants U.S. to 'give up on the Constitution'

New York - The United States Constitution and Bill of Rights gives every American the right to life, liberty and property, but one op-ed writer and professor wants the U.S. to only pick and choose from the Constitution and abandon the rest.

Op-Ed: Insane Glenn Beck quickly becoming the voice of reason

Glenn Beck, first New York and now Dallas. Since leaving Fox news his Internet network has been a runaway hit. To go along with his publishing house, clothing line, documentary company, and Mercury One, Glenn's charity/action organization.

Op-Ed: The world waits with bated breath as election draws near

All the world's eyes are on the American election, candidates battle for their place among the super powers of the world. Who will be the real winners?

Ross Perot backs Mitt Romney, says U.S. on unsustainable course

Des Moines - Former two-time Independent presidential candidate and multi-billionaire Ross Perot announced in an op-ed that he is endorsing Mitt Romney for the presidency. Perot stated that the United States can't afford four more years of President Barack Obama.

Op-Ed: Supreme Court to rule on affirmative action — again

As we deal with the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s ruling on health care, we now have to prepare ourselves for a decision on an equally controversial topic.

Op-Ed: Email string reveals PR challenges and need for branded content

An email exchange between a vice president at public relations concern Burson-Marsteller and an activist blogger revealed the underpinnings of the modern challenges facing corporate communications professionals and the need for branded content solutions.

Op/Ed: “A Letter to the Unwashed Masses from the Overclass on Mount Olympus”

Candid sentiments from the Aristocracy, explaining why Paris Hilton or any other member of the overclass will never suffer the same “justice” as a common serf or non "blue-blood."

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