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Heart-warming video of 101-year-old B.C. woman throwing snowball

The views of a rather simple video posted online Friday are, like the white stuff does in a heavy snowfall, piling up. It's not much on the surface, just a woman playing in snow. What is making it interesting is her age.

Op-Ed: Valuable insights from the Verizon-AOL deal

The recently-announced acquisition of AOL by Verizon continues to send ripples across the marketing world. Day in and day out, industry observers continue to analyze the deal and share their thoughts through the media.

YouTube partnering with top content creators on feature films

Los Angeles - YouTube is cranking up its production of its own feature films, with five new partnerships announced this month. This move is part of the new stage of evolution of YouTube as the world’s default media streaming service.

Op-Ed: Programmatic buying making a push towards TV's spotlight

As its main purpose, technology serves to make our lives easier, performing tasks in a systematic manner that no person ever could.

Fla. girls to be investigated for torture, death of rare tortoise

Orange Park - Two Orange Park, Florida teenage girls are under investigation by state wildlife officials after posting two videos online that shows them torturing and then stomping to death a rare and threatened gopher tortoise.

VidCon allows Youtubers to discover who they want to be Special

Anaheim - Independent creators, enablers, viewers and supporters of all kinds of online video gathered together at the Anaheim Convention Center in Southern California for a 3 day conference.

Programmatic isn’t just for advertising, but for online content

Programmatic is quickly becoming the new norm in the advertising industry. In fact, programmatic buying has grown by 20 percent in the past six months alone — an unprecedented increase that shines light on the technology's promise and success.

With ad budgets growing, new video advertising association formed

With Social Media Week in full swing, the formation of a new advertising organization was announced — with the intention of bringing more marketing dollars to digital video outlets on YouTube.

Op-Ed: Another active week in content marketing and social media circles

New York - Business activity in social media and content marketing proved active this week, with Twitter hinting at delivering on its promises; forward-looking trends in video emerging; and LinkedIn stepping into a legitimacy question.

Chipotle to launch branded entertainment miniseries on Hulu

Chipotle Mexican Grill launches a branded entertainment miniseries on Hulu on February 17, satirizing modern industrial agricultural processing.

Video captures L.A. police shooting man outside Carl's Jr.

Monterey Park - An eyewitness video captured the harrowing incident of a man being shot 10 times point blank outside a Carl's Jr. in Monterey Park, California. Police allege the man, who later died in a hospital, swung the metal bar at an officer.

Google launches YouTube Slam to find the next Web star

If you ever wanted to be an online star, here is your shot at fame. It just got a lot easier with Google's new service called YouTube slam.

Online ads reaching 50% of U.S. population via video

A report by ComScore has revealed 50 percent of the U.S. population have been reached by advertising through video content.

Is it raining oil in Louisiana?

New Orleans - A YouTube user uploaded a video of what he says is oil-tinged rain affecting a Louisiana town. "It’s literally raining oil here in River Ridge," says the man in the video, blaming the BP oil spill for this alleged black rain.

Google acquires online video company Episodic

San Francisco - In its fifth acquisition in 2010, Google has purchased the San Francisco-based online video startup company Episodic, which will help out Google's YouTube.

CNN Hooks up with Vice, Sub Pop for Online Video

Starting on Wednesday, CNN will add new content from the Seattle-based record label Sub Pop and Vice Magazine's website.

Pixorial brings your VHS videos to the web Special

A company called Pixorial allows you to transfer numerous video formats including VHS and Hi-8 to the web and then edit them before giving you the ability to 're-create the memories' and share it to the world.

Op-Ed: Why it may be worth it to pay for online video

News Corps' chief digital officer, Jonathan Miller, recently hinted online viewers may have to pay for video content. It's not such a crazy idea, and a business model should soon emerge for the booming online video market. Grows Up, Adds TV Show, Film on Horizon Special

Like a freshman finding his footing, began as a viral video website but has grown into a TV powerhouse. CH's Sam Reich speaks about the relationship with its parent company, the success of Jake & Amir, and those swirling movie rumours.

Canadians watched 3.1 billion videos online in February Special

One of the leaders in measuring the digital world, comScore released their findings on the Canadian online video market based on findings from February 2009 comScore Video Metrix data.

Op-Ed: An Open Letter to YouTube on Its Three-Year Anniversary

How do I love thee, YouTube, let me count the video clips. On your third birthday, I've decided to reveal my unhealthy obsession with YouTube and the treasure troves I uncover daily. But how can the online-video leader progress even further in 2009?

Inside the Evolution of Online Video and How It Will Change the Entertainment World

Online video is finding more fans as it becomes a prominent arena to showcase user-generated content and network TV shows. But those snack-sized clips may soon change, as YouTube seeks to monetize content and advertisers rally around online video.

Veoh Muscles Into Online Video Arena With Indie and Mainstream Content

Online video will continue to be the big story this year, and companies like Veoh Networks are finding success with user-generated content and pop TV favourites. To find out how Veoh competes with YouTube and others, we spoke to founder Dmitry Shapiro.

Comscore: YouTube leads U.S. online video market with 28 per cent market share

Google’s YouTube dominates the online videos segment in the US with a 27.6 per cent market share during the month of September. The nearest competitor, Fox Interactive Media, has 4.2 per cent market share.

Critics Bash NBC-Fox Online Video Site Hulu.Com, the NBC-Fox joint venture intended to showcase their shows on one site, is facing a barrage of criticism just days before its expected launch. Why are analysts declaring it a failure already?

Behind the Scenes of Lonelygirl: An Exclusive Look at the Series That Continues to Change the Internet

Ever wanted to find out what a viral video sensation should do to keep its momentum? Digital Journal goes behind the scenes of the YouTube hit, Lonelygirl15, to discover the rationale behind product placement, spin-offs and planting clues on Craigslist.

Jalipo: a new online distribution network for TV and video launched

Jalipo, an online distribution network for high-quality TV and video content, was launched Monday with partners including BBC World and Al Jazeera English.

Can A 15 Years Old Fool YouTube To Remove Videos?

Apparently yes. They found out that a 15 years old kid made YouTube removed hundred of videos from their data base. The question how can this be so easy to do?

You Want the Truthiness? Online Video Boosts Network Ratings

The online video craze is scaring the spit out of TV network heads, but Comedy Central's success is proving its online lineup can boost network ratings. Why are other networks just playing catch-up now? Rattles Marketing World with Do-It-Yourself Clickable Advertising for Online Videos

In the community-driven world of do-it-yoruself, even advertising is getting in the game. Video-sharing site now allows creators to promote products and services through “do-it-yourself-targeted advertising”
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