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Op-Ed: New Brave browser pays you to watch new safe ads

Sydney - Brendan Eich, the co-founder of Mozilla, has invented a new browser which is a lot nicer to online users, safer, and may even solve the Adblock problem for advertisers. He may also have saved Internet advertising from itself.

Jivox IQ update introduces new dynamic canvas technology Special

Jivox, a company focused in data-driven advertising solutions across screens, has announced some major product upgrades to its Jivox IQ platform.

YP releases PPC search product, continues trend of PPC releases

YP, a local search provider, recently unveiled a new pay-per-click (PPC) solution intended for small- to medium-sized businesses.

Facebook to improve advertising with relevance scores

Paid advertising on Facebook has grown a great deal over the past several years, to the point where it’s becoming a major rival to pay-per-click Google ads.

Op-Ed: Twitter will struggle to master ecommerce, but Facebook may adapt

Social media has been fun...but how much money is in it? Popular sites like Facebook and Twitter are working to capitalize on our screen time, now moving beyond online advertising and into online shopping itself. Will these sites master e-commerce?

Rubicon Project issues IPO amid questions on programmatic fraud

Advertising automation firm, Rubicon Project, successfully launched an IPO last week, but the company's impact on the advertising business is riddled with questions.

Op-Ed: President Obama's appearance on 'Between Two Ferns' was a success

Whether or not you agree with the policies of the Obama administration, it appears that the president's appearance on Funny Or Die's "Between Two Ferns" earlier this week has met with his marketing objective.

With ad budgets growing, new video advertising association formed

With Social Media Week in full swing, the formation of a new advertising organization was announced — with the intention of bringing more marketing dollars to digital video outlets on YouTube.

The New York Times delivers 13th consecutive quarterly loss

The New York Times Company delivered another quarterly loss - its 13th consecutive quarterly decline - citing an extra week in 2012 and investments the company made in 2013.

Two industry reports help shape a bullish Twitter valuation

As equities analysts struggle to find a consensus and an overall value for Twitter, just months after the company went public, important details are emerging on how wrong the commercial social media community is viewing Twitter.

Twitter downgrade prompts at least one person to jump ship

Social media websites are crucial, it can be argued, to business success if you work online. Now though social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are leaping onto the advertising bandwagon and selling shares but one investor jumped ship Friday.

Op-Ed: Content marketing is not about manipulation, but about integrity

With digital content marketing executions among news organizations increasing, there has been a parallel increase in concern in some editorial corners that content strategies amount to consumer manipulation. Those corners are in the wrong.

Facebook roll-out new auto-play video feature on mobile

Menlo Park - Social networking behemoth Facebook has rolled out its latest on-site feature – auto-playing videos in users’ News Feeds.

Op-Ed: Others should follow digital lead of world's largest advertiser Special

Few would characterize Procter & Gamble Co. as an online innovator or cutting edge techie. But the consumer goods giant is poised to take advantage of a digital society as it bets more of its massive advertising spend on online marketing pursuits.

Google AdWords Keyword tool to be replaced

The Google AdWords keyword tool, which is used by marketers to see which keywords they should focus their campaigns on, will soon be replaced by the Keyword Planner.

Op-Ed: The Instagram short-form video records the Facebook-Twitter war

In the backdrop of the ongoing social media marketing war between Facebook and Twitter, Facebook's Instagram announced its intention to carry short-form videos in answer to Twitter's red-hot Vine video application.

Can Facebook keep its 'coolness' or is it already gone?

Facebook has come a long way since 2004. From a small startup to the most populated website in the world, its face is continuously changing. With new ways to advertise coming forth, how does this impact Facebook's "coolness" factor?

Op-Ed: The 'cost problem' of content marketing lives in misunderstanding

Claims made in some corners that content marketing programs are "expensive" have not been fully thought through when compared to the costs of existing creative services and lack of ROI from banner advertising.

RebelMouse brings curated social media for publishers, marketers

As advertisers become more aware of the issues facing social media marketing, one social media service firm is working to aggregate social media material into content modules for publishers and marketers alike.

Op-Ed: Content marketing executions require orientation beyond media

When executing a content marketing campaign, marketers have to commit to supporting the content and to abandoning their media planning orientation.

Slate magazine hosts Schooner America sailing event on the Hudson Special

New York - Setting out on a beautiful late spring evening, Slate magazine's commercial team hosted its 2nd annual Hudson River sailing event.

Paywalls or not, newspapers to see revenue declines through 2017

With the Washington Post implementing a paywall on their flagship digital property next week, a report from PricewaterhouseCoopers suggests paywalls will not stop revenue declines at newspapers.

Skyscrpr launches – Blogging revenue generation becomes easier

Skyscrpr peeled back the curtain August 9, giving a waiting throng of bloggers access to the much-anticipated Skyscrpr advertising platform.

Op-Ed: Long-form content marketing has become a matter of public trust

With short-form social media environments truncating consumer attention spans and editorial staffs at news outlets in decline, long-form content marketing is filling a vacuum and preserving the public trust.

Op-Ed: CBC Music gives away digital tunes for free

Toronto - Canada's public broadcaster wastes taxpayers' money venturing into online music streaming by delivering popular, commercial content without user fees.

Op-Ed: Mashable promotes The Atlantic with erroneous audience figures

Mashable's Lauren Indvik released a story on The Atlantic last week that featured imaginative figures on The Atlantic's digital audience size, calling into question the journalistic integrity of the popular Mashable property.

Facebook due to show advertisements on mobile devices by March

One of the key factors to come out of Facebook's risk analysis pre-IPO is the social network's inability to advertise on mobile devices. This may change in March before its initial public offering.

TripAdvisor Announces Readers' Top Hotels

Love them or hate them, everybody reads them., arguably the most influential source of hotel reviews, has released its much anticipated Travelers Choice Awards for 2012. But not all hotels agree.

Hulu launches new 'Ad Swap' that lets you choose the ad you watch

Los Angeles - Hulu, the video on demand website, is now putting you in control of online advertising. The NBC-Fox-Disney-ABC-owned company introduced "ad swap" a feature that lets you choose the commercial you want to watch.

Digital agency banks on content marketing at Advertising Week Special

New York - Advertising Week kicked off in New York City on Monday, and through the lectures and the case study gatherings, iTrack Group's Valerie Voigt was happy to share her perspectives on the boom in content marketing.
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