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Saudia Arabia rejects a seat on the UN Security Council

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia Friday rejected taking a seat on the United Nations Security Council. The move was unprecedented and stunned the UN and even some Saudi diplomats. It had seemingly been prepared to accept the seat, until recently.

Prince William leaves military to focus on royal duties

Prince William will soon be serving a variety of charities. He will also focus more of his time on royal duties. The new emphasis in his life will come as he leaves the air force.

Shovelling snow can be hard on your heart

Snow shovelling can be extremely hard and can be dangerous for people who aren’t on great shape and people who have a history of heart problems.

Shadow of the Colossus team working on PS3

Shadow of the Colossus developer Team Ico is working on a new game for the PlayStation 3, the latest issue of Famitsu has revealed.

Light is shed on darkest galaxies

Scientists may have solved the the mystery of how the darkest galaxies in the Universe came to exist.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, hands on for the PS3

Is this the game that will turn the PS3's woes around?

Mom Stunned By Sex Assault Pic On Teen Website

A Toronto area mom was scanning through her teens picture sharing webite and found a very disturbing picture of a man abusing a little girl.

Dad used stun gun on toddler

An 23 year old Albany man repeatedly used a stun gun on his 18 month old.

"Grindhouse," Terratino's New Masterpiece?

Is a mash up of two possibley bad movies really going to be making them any better?

Young couple in India killed on the orders of village council

Villagers in northern India beat a young couple to death and burned their dismembered remains after a local council ordered the killing.

Woman Aids Victim set on fire in Attack

A woman is being hailed a hero after she stepped in during a bizarre attack in downtown Seattle.

How to ask a man on a date

[b]How to ask a man on a date[/b]

Two charged after family spots video on Internet

A video tape shows drinking death of a 21 year old and charges were laid.

Wall falls on boy as storms rage in england

Storms have raged through England killing nine people including a 2 year old boy it was believed he was out walking with his child minder at the time and the wall collapsed on them, his head injuries were so serious that he died at the scene. Such a...

Old dog Haven is heaven on earth for old dogs

A nursing retirement home for old dogs.

Update: Runaway boy put on house arrest

A 9-year-old Tacoma boy who talked his way onto airline flights to Texas could be the youngest child they've ever charged with a felony crime.

What Star Wars would be like on the Wii

The following CONCEPT video gives an insight as to how cool Star Wars on the Wii would be.

Najaf battle foiled attack on Shiite clerics

Plot to attack Najaf apparently involved killing Shiite clerics.

La Man Gets 150 Sentence On Attempted Murder Conviction

A man convicted of attempting to kill his ex-girlfriend and police officers will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Pastor Arrested On Sexual Assault Charge

A pastor is arrested and accused of having a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old girl.

Tips for Driving On Icy Roads

Drive safely or get off the road!

Worker Killed After Wall Collapses On Him on Movie set

A man died when a brick wall fell on top of him at the site that the movie "The Jumper" was filmed.

UK Cop caught on PSP, should be guarding potential Wall Collapse

UK Police love their PSP more then their work.

Rare shark captured on film

The frill shark which dates back to prehistoric times and rarely seen was spotted in the shallows by a fisherman in Japan.

Google Puts Australians on the Map

Google Australia Airlines

Canada to Spend C$30Million on Rainforest Plan

Canada announced Sunday it will spend $30 million canadian to protect one of the largest intact temperate rainforests left in the world.

How Jacked up my System. has been around since 1991, via Starz Entertainment (who's telephone number I could not find) and offers PC users the opportunity to have important computer files forever scrambled and malfunctioning, all for the pleasure/convenience of a movie.

Beatles on Apple's iTunes !

To FINALLY be officially announced!
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Venue for Eat, Drink & Give: Roy Thomson Hall
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Photo taken from printed program of Asia on Stage show 2010 at Herbst Theater San Francisco
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