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Blu-ray/DVD Essentials: Revisiting WWII and Stone's 'Alexander' Special

Now you have the chance to see director Oliver Stone's epic biopic 'Alexander' like never before. Also, aficionados of such classic war films as ‘Battle Of The Bulge’ and ‘Memphis Belle’ can view them in glorious HD in ‘True Stories Of WWII.'

Oliver Stone purchases rights to second source for Snowden film

Anatoly Kucherena, Edward Snowden’s Russian lawyer, has sold the film rights to his novel, “Time of the Octopus,” to American filmmaker Oliver Stone.

Oliver Stone to direct new movie on Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden has dominated the front page of nearly every news source for a year now. It was just a matter of time before a heavy-hitting filmmaker seized the opportunity to immortalize the controversial whistle blower on screen.

Op-Ed: Who killed JFK? They still don't want you to know

When the U.S. Government won't open up all the files and tell its citizens the truth about the assassination of one of America's most popular Presidents 50 years after his death, you have to ask what is so horrible about the truth that it cannot be told.

How 'Gossip Girl' star Blake Lively was thrown in with 'Savages' Special

Taking on the role of Ophelia in Oliver Stone’s brutal crime thriller 'Savages,' Lively portrays a character that is a polar opposite of Serena on 'Gossip Girl.' She talks about working on 'Savages' and spitting in Benicio Del Toro's face.

Review: 'Savages' fails to return director to native success Special

'Savages' is an ultra-violent and beautifully stylized film about killing for the ones you love that falls flat in its ability to tell a decent story.

Op-Ed: The Kennedy Assassination - 48 years ago today

Forty-eight years ago today an American President died, and an industry was born. Even though the lone assassin was apprehended almost at once, phony controversies continue to be pushed by the bigoted, the gullible, the venal, and the just plain evil.

Michael Douglas on the 'Wall Street' DVD, plus other new releases Special

"Greed is good" -- it's been 25 years since Michael Douglas first uttered that classic line in Wall Street (back on DVD). With its sequel about to open in theaters, Douglas, who is battling cancer, talks about the making of both Oliver Stone masterworks.

Oliver Stone denounces Israeli Jewish lobby, issues apology

London - Academy-Award winning filmmaker Oliver Stone recently stated in an interview that the Israel lobby has destroyed the United States' foreign policy for many years. He also said that Adolf Hitler did more damage to Russia than he did to Jews.

George W. Bush: Best way to revitalize the economy is war

Does war boost a country’s economic growth? Former United States President George W. Bush thought so, at least according to former Argentina President Nestor Kirchner.

It’s in the Cannes: 16 movies line up for coveted prizes

Full details of the 2010 Cannes Film Festival – to be held from May 12 to 23 – have been announced, with 16 movies competing for top prizes.

Oliver Stone: Hitler Was Scapegoat, Stalin Misrepresented

U.S. director Oliver Stone has spoken about his new TV series that he says will portray Hitler as a scapegoat, show how U.S. corporations helped the Nazis rise to power, and illustrate how Stalin led the fight against Germany during World War Two.

Oliver Stone: US media, government demonize Hugo Chavez

United States filmmaker Oliver Stone states in a new film that the US government and media demonize Hugo Chavez and other South American leaders.

Oliver Stone: Military-Intelligence Complex Killed Kennedy

The filmmaker that brought you JFK and Platoon discusses JFK and a new book that brings light to the important issue of who shot JFK.

Over the Box Office Weekend, 'W' Gets Trumped By 'Max Payne'

During the box office weekend, Oliver Stone’s “W,” the bio-drama of current US President George W. Bush was trumped by the action flick “Max Payne.”

Op-Ed: Oliver Stone's 'W', or 'George Bush's Animal House'

It seems hard to believe now, but Oliver Stone's new film 'W' starring Josh Brolin as George W. Bush and Richard Dreyfuss (!) as Dick Cheney may actually generate sympathy for the two men where nothing else could. Watch the trailer and judge for yourself.

Who will play George W. Bush in the Oliver Stone Film?

Oliver Stone is working on a film that will portray the life of George W. Bush. The president currently has very low approval ratings and Stone has been openly critical of the president, but he claims the movie isn’t intended as a venue to attack Bush.

Oliver Stone Shocks Audience With Ripper Joke

Hollywood film-maker Oliver Stone shocked the audience at the British Comedy Awards with a bad-taste gag about the Suffolk serial killer.

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Actor Colin Farrell and director Oliver Stone on the set of  Alexander
Actor Colin Farrell and director Oliver Stone on the set of 'Alexander'
Warner Brothers
Colin Farrell in a scene from  Alexander
Colin Farrell in a scene from 'Alexander'
Warner Brothers
 Savages  director Oliver Stone
'Savages' director Oliver Stone
Screenshot from the film Savages
Screenshot from the film Savages
Universal Pictures
Colin Farrell stars in the Oliver Stone epic  Alexander
Colin Farrell stars in the Oliver Stone epic 'Alexander'
Warner Brothers
Oliver Stone: American celebrities against NSA spying. They want you to fight back!
Oliver Stone: American celebrities against NSA spying. They want you to fight back!

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