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Japanese confirmed as world's oldest living man aged 112

Apo - Masazo Nonaka from Japan was recognised Tuesday as the world's oldest man at the ripe old age of 112, as his family revealed his secret: sweets and hot baths.

Indian 'oldest man ever' says yoga, celibacy key to age

Kolkata - Looking remarkably unlined for his claimed 120 years, an Indian monk who says he is the oldest man to have ever lived puts his longevity down to no sex or spices, and daily yoga.

Siberian statue carries secret code 7,000yr before writing began

The Shigir Idol is the world's oldest known wooden statue. Built in 9,000 BC, it bears a secret code which nobody has ever been able to decipher. Even more startling is that it was written 7,000 years before writing was thought to have begun.

World's second-oldest animal dies at 270

A local paper in Giza, Egypt, has announced the death of a turtle considered to be the world's second-oldest animal at the age of 270.

World's oldest person dies at 114

Carangola - A Brazilian woman who held the record as the world's oldest person, Maria Gomes Valentim, has died at the age of 114 years, 347 days.

World's oldest person dies at 114 - or 115

Jacksonville - The woman recognized at the world's oldest person died in Texas on Monday, with her age officially listed as 114 but being 115 according to her own calculations.

World's oldest twins turn 98

The world’s oldest twins, French sisters who turned 98 this week, attribute their longevity to enjoying life and being active.

Uno, a real 'alta cocker', may be oldest living dog

“Alta cocker” is a Yiddish expression meaning “old man” and is how his owner describes his cocker spaniel, Uno, who turned 22 on New Year’s Day. He suspects the dog may be the “alta-est” in the world.

Biblical Scholarship ’Breakthrough,’ Oldest Hebrew Text Found

A recently deciphered Hebrew text shows the first Biblical scriptures could be hundreds of years older that accepted by current scholarship. The inscription is written in ink on a clay pottery shard.

Archaeologists Discover Oldest Pottery Remains in the World

The remnants of the oldest known pottery have been found in a cave in southern China’s Hunnan province. The pottery shards, estimated at being from about 18,000 years Before Present, or 16, 000 years B.C.

British Woman, 66, Becomes Oldest Mother

A successful businesswoman in the UK is pregnant for the first time at age 66, after undergoing an IVF treatment in Ukraine. She wants to give birth in Cambridge, England.

Ivy Bean,104, becomes Britain's oldest Twitter user

Ivy Bean, a Facebook user with over 4,800 "friends", has joined another social network platform, Twitter. She becomes the oldest Twitter user in the UK.

Nun, 106, Poised to be Oldest U.S Presidency Voter

The U.S Presidential race to the White House could well see its oldest voter and she has already told reporters she is voting for Barack Obama. The American nun has just turned 106 and lives in Rome

The Oldest Person On Facebook is 102

Facebook, which started off exclusively for college students only, now is the online home for the oldest person in its social network. Ivy Bean is 102 and has more than 3,490 friends in just two days.

Britain's Oldest Surviving World War One Veteran Celebrates His 112th Birthday

The oldest surviving WW1 veteran is celebrating his 112th birthday this week. He is also Britain's oldest man, yet that doesn't seem to be important, what is, is that he, and 3 others are the last of many who served in Britain's most horrific war

World's Oldest Living Dog Found to be 200 Years Old

Bella, a beautiful and still very much alive black Labrador living a humble life in the UK is said to be the oldest living canine in the world. Bought in 1982 by her owners, she was three years old then. In canine years, that makes her 200 years old now

Afghanistan Host to World's Oldest Known Oil Painting

The worlds oldest oil paintings have been found in a cave system in Afghanistan. The oil paintings date back to the 7th century.

Happiest Americans are Oldest Americans

Research has found that the happiest Americans are the oldest Americans. Older Americans are more socially active as I personally witnessed of my late grandmother who recently passed away.

Tough At The Top: How The Oldest Child Of The Family Gets The Hardest Discipline

U.S experts have pinpointed a key issue when it comes to unruly teenagers within the family unit. Their study has showed that it is the youngest of the family offspring who are more likely to rebel than the oldest due to tougher rules on the first born

The Oldest Recording Of A Human Voice Sings Again After 150 Years

On a lighter note, the wonders of technology will never cease to amaze us, especially when a recording has been unearthed of a voice which hasn't been heard in 150 years. It has proved that the Victorian era was perhaps the most inventive of all

World's Oldest Woman Found Alive and Well In Israel

Thought to be the world's oldest person, Israel's Mariam Amash, who is 120 years old, is alive and well and surrounded by her family -- all four generations of them, and the most recent one has just arrived

Egypt discovers what may be oldest human footprint

Egyptian archaeologists have now found what could be the oldest human footprint in history in the country's western desert. It could go back 2 million years. It was imprinted on mud then hardened into rock.

"Oldest Man In India" Celebrates His 138th Birthday

The Indian "Limca Book of Records" lists Habib Miyan as the oldest person of record in India. He celebrated his 138th birthday on Saturday. Now that is old people - really really old.

Tarzan Chimp Is World's Oldest: He Turns 75

Once a star from the famous Tarzan movies, Cheeta the Chimp is still a party animal at 75.

The Oldest Writer In Town

The man called Harry Bernstein sits down at a typewriter, way past his 90th birthday and writes about the last near 100 years of his life - for the first time

World's Oldest Light Bulb, still burning Bright

World's Oldest Bulb is going strong as ever since 1901.

What is the Oldest Living Organism?

Scientists find bacteria and estimate its age to 250 Million Years and King's Holly tree to be 43,000 Years old.

World's Oldest Woman Dies in Canada

The world's oldest woman and second oldest person died in Montreal, Canada yesterday, at the ripe old age of 115.

World's Oldest Person Gone At 116

In June, 2005, she was granted the title of the oldest living American. By August, 2006, the Guinness World Records recognized her as the oldest living person in the world.

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Markings on the Shigir Idol. Credit The Siberian Times
Markings on the Shigir Idol. Credit The Siberian Times
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