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Old age News

New study says some abilities may improve as we grow older

Researchers from MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital have found that though some brain functions deteriorate with age, there are others that seem to peak as we grow older.

Are melatonin supplements useful?

McGill researchers have shown that melatonin supplements may make bones stronger in old rats. This has led to discussion in relation to people, and whether such supplements are effective.

Study: Worldwide dementia cases will triple by 2050

London - The numbers of worldwide dementia sufferers increased by 22 percent over the last three years according to a new study published Thursday. By 2050, there could be almost 150 million sufferers globally.

Middle age now begins at 55, new survey suggests

The age at which ‘middle age’ kicks in has grown steadily older. A new survey suggests that the age which people consider themselves to be ‘middle aged’ has crept up to 55.

Does our personality determine how long we live for?

New York - Reasons for living to one hundred years old have been attributed to diet, low cholesterol and lifestyle factors. Now new research indicates that having a happy personality may also contribute to a long-life.

U.S. prisons becoming ‘old age homes behind bars’

Washington - A dramatic increase of aging prisoners in the United States is leaving prison officials stretched in providing proper housing and medical care, and now find themselves operating “old age homes behind bars,” a new report reveals.

New Research Yields Latest Age-Defying Drug

Recently, evolutionary biologists were left scratching their heads when a single chemical was deemed responsible for increasing the lifespan of several species of laboratory specimens.

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Love Over Fifty
A retired couple.
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Not many Canadians are planning to save up for retirement  according to a recent BMO survey.
Not many Canadians are planning to save up for retirement, according to a recent BMO survey.
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