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Offender News

South Korea to castrate rapist

A repeat sex offender who has raped children will be chemically castrated in South Korea. This is the first time that the country will use the law that was recently implemented.

Op-Ed: How to Punish Convicted Sex Offenders

Allegations against Jerry Sandusky bring up the ugly topics of child molestation and sexual offenses. The U.S. Supreme Court eliminated the death penalty for certain sex crimes, but American society can increase punishment in other ways.

Registered Sex Offender Arrested, Charged After Trying to Hire Undercover Cop Hitman

A registered sex offender from California was arrested in Peoria, Arizona after unknowingly trying to hire an undercover detective posing as a hit man, in an alleged plot to kill his wife.

Sex Offender Ordered To Erect Warning Signs Around His Home

A judge in Kansas has made a radical and somewhat refreshing move against a recent convicted sex offender by ordering signposts to be erected outside his home and on his car denoting that he is a sex offender.

Silly, Silly Clown

Silly the Clown, in a lifelike take on Stephen King's 'It,' has been arrested on numerous counts of sexual abuse and assault

Should violent sex offender be released unsupervised?

A Superior Court judge today ordered that a jury will decide whether sexually violent predator Cary Verse can be released back into the community without special supervision.

Questions asked about disappearance of NI sex offender

Seventy-eight-year-old Robert Simpson Wallace hasn't been seen on either side of the border since last week.

Report: State prisons should do more to prevent inmate suicides

"The inmate suicide rate in Massachusetts was 27 percent per 100,000 inmates during the past ten years, nearly twice the national rate of 14 per 100,000 during the same time period, according to the report."

After two years, sex offender to stand trial for girl's death

Ruth Lunsford often visits the grave of her granddaughter, Jessica, most recently to tell her that the man accused of kidnapping, raping and murdering her nearly two years ago is finally about to stand trial.

Mother 'Had No Idea' Boyfriend Was A Wanted Sex Offender

A mother of 3 let her boyfriend move in with her and live with her for a year, only to find out he is a wanted sex offender.

Child Abducted By Sex Offender Found - Hunt is on For Abductor

A 6-year-old girl was abducted three hours ago from her home in Arizona. . .

Roundup catches sex offender with guns and drugs

Police rounded up unregistered sex offenders in Olympia and found a convicted child molester with guns and drugs.

Barack Obama a Sex Offender?

Local Fox station (KMSP - Minneapolis/St. Paul) shows video of a Barack Obama rally during a story about a sex offender's sentencing.

Online Sex Offenders Map

A Site that maps Sex offenders in a particular area or region.

Missing UK Sex Offender Surrenders To Police Voluntarily

Crimestoppers announced that Gordon Stewart, who appeared on-line on a site for missing pedophiles launched just last week on the Most Wanted List, has given himself up to police.

Man ordered to wear "sex offender" T-shirt

Man is ordered to wear a "sex offender T-Shirt"

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