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Palestinian ministers sworn in again after oath foul-up

Ramallah - Palestinian government ministers were sworn in for a second time on Sunday after a lawyer noticed that the oath they took the day before had been missing a phrase.

Brazil flooding unleashes caimans in Rio neighborhood

Rio De Janeiro - Residents of a hillside Rio de Janeiro favela risk finding hungry caimans at their front door after the city was hit hard by heavy flooding caused by torrential rain.

Hong Kong admits world's largest air purifier choked on debut

Fpo - Red-faced Hong Kong officials admitted on Tuesday that a record-breaking air filter for a new bypass under the city broke down shortly after it began operating.Hong Kong opened a long-awaited $4.6 billion tunnel under a 3.7 kilometre (2.

Thai pro-marijuana party in high demand after disputed vote

Bangkok - A super-wealthy construction scion who ran a pro-marijuana platform ahead of Thailand’s election has emerged as a highly courted candidate as two main parties need his allegiance -- and party seats -- after the disputed vote.

Pope resisted ring-kissing for fear of germs

Vatican City - Pope Francis tries to stop people kissing his ring because he fears it could spread germs, the Vatican said Thursday in response to a viral video showing the Argentinian repeatedly withdrawing his hand from worshippers.

Eternal shell: Sacred turtle embalmed in Hanoi

Hanoi - A sacred giant turtle that died in Hanoi's storied Hoan Kiem lake has been given a new lease on life by city authorities who have embalmed the beloved creature for posterity -- and tourist visits.

Ex-Peru president Toledo briefly jailed for public intoxication

Los Angeles - Former Peruvian president Alejandro Toledo, who is facing extradition from the United States over corruption charges, was briefly jailed for public intoxication after getting drunk in a California restaurant, local police said Monday.

Five things we learned from the Hanoi summit

Hanoi - Cigarette breaks and poolside strolls: the world again saw a more human side to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump as their unlikely diplomatic rapprochement endured for a second date.

Thrill seekers: Hanoi tours offer visitors taste of summit action

Hanoi - When Lee Parry heard that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump would meet in Hanoi, he knew he wanted to be part of the action and soon booked a trip.

Bulgarian boiled frog lands Bear Grylls in hot water

Sofia - Environment officials in Bulgaria said Thursday they were considering fining British adventurer Bear Grylls over an episode of his Running Wild series in which he killed a frog and boiled it on a camping stove.

'World's loneliest duck' Trevor dies on tiny Niue

Sydney - A lone duck named Trevor that lived on the tiny Pacific island nation of Niue has died, officials say, sparking an outpouring of grief from as far away as New Zealand.

Japan satellite blasts into space to deliver artificial meteors

Apo - A rocket carrying a satellite on a mission to deliver the world's first artificial meteor shower blasted into space on Friday, Japanese scientists said.

Trump grounds House speaker, scraps Davos trip amid shutdown

Washington - US President Donald Trump forced the cancellation Thursday of a trip to Afghanistan by his Democratic opponent Nancy Pelosi, and scrapped administration officials' travel to the Davos forum as a government shutdown plunged Washington deeper into deadlo...

Trump praises Brazil's 'Donald Trump' leader

Washington - US President Donald Trump likes Brazil's controversial new leader Jair Bolsonaro -- especially his nickname."They say he's the Donald Trump of South America, do you believe that?

Afghan talent show singer finds fame as Justin Trudeau's double

Kabul - An Afghan talent show contestant's striking resemblance to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has turned him into an unlikely celebrity in the war-torn country -- and potentially given him the winning edge.

Rio robber's bloody mistake mugging a female MMA fighter

Rio De Janeiro - A robber who tried to steal a cellphone from a young woman in Rio de Janeiro learned the hard way that mugging a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter who goes by the nickname "the Iron Lady" is not an excellent idea.

Trump's wall not happening, Mexican psychic foretells

Mexico - Brace yourselves, America: the US government shut-down that has dragged on for two weeks could last a lot longer -- possibly forever -- if a Mexican psychic's predictions come true.

A first class gaffe: Cathay to honour cheap ticket error

Fpo - Scores of savvy travellers will be sipping heavily discounted champagne in first class recliners on Cathay Pacific flights this year after the airline agreed to honour tickets that were mistakenly sold at a fraction of their value.

Blue sky at night lights up social media in New York

New York - An alien invasion? The Rapture? The sky flashed an eerie blue over New York City on Thursday night and social media users feared the worst.Extraterrestrial activity was a leading theory: "IM SORRY WHAT???? THE SKY JUST TURNED BLUE????

Frenchman sets sail across Atlantic — in a barrel

Bordeaux - A 71-year-old Frenchman set sail across the Atlantic on Wednesday in a barrel-shaped orange capsule, hoping to reach the Caribbean within three months thanks to ocean currents alone.

Military Santa tracker live despite US government shutdown

Washington - The US government shutdown may have temporarily dimmed Washington's National Christmas Tree but never fear, Santa Claus still came to town -- with the military tracking his path across the globe.

Egypt arrests two over nude tourists on pyramid

Apo - Egyptian authorities Thursday arrested a camel driver and a woman accused of having helped two Danes scale the Great Pyramid of Giza to take a video and naked photograph, sparking outrage in the country.

Egypt probes images of naked couple atop pyramid

Apo - Egyptian authorities have launched an investigation into images said to show a naked couple who scaled the Great Pyramid that has sparked outrage in the conservative Muslim country, an official said Tuesday.

Dutchman, 69, loses legal bid to be 20 years younger

Den Haag - A Dutch court Monday slapped down an attempt by a self-described "young god" just shy of his 70th birthday to slash his age by 20 years to enhance his prospects in life and love.

Macron has no escape from 'yellow vest' at G20 summit

Buenos Aires - Heading to a G20 summit, French President Emmanuel Macron may have hoped for some respite from swelling protests at home that have adopted yellow vests as their emblem.

Anti-Brexit Black Friday shop offers 'worst deal ever'

London - Campaigners demanding a second Brexit referendum launched a Black Friday pop-up shop offering the "worst deal ever" with mock items highlighting the potential cost of leaving the EU.

Minister's restaurant tastes give the French indigestion

Paris - There are few worse gaffes for a French politician than making a ill-judged remark about food.

Japan wheelchair user sues over ban from wine tasting event

Apo - A wheelchair user who was stopped from drinking alcohol at a wine tasting event over "safety" concerns is seeking compensation in a Japanese court.The man in his 50s is demanding 1.

Keen to see a komodo dragon? $500 please, says Indonesian governor

Kupang - Tourists keen for a close-up look at komodo dragons in their natural habitat could be hit with an alarming bill, if one Indonesian politician gets his way.

Vote or get this: Trump appears on French election posters

Strasbourg - US President Donald Trump has popped up in the French city of Strasbourg, on posters reminding voters of what is at stake in elections for the European Parliament next year.
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