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Egypt arrests two over nude tourists on pyramid

Apo - Egyptian authorities Thursday arrested a camel driver and a woman accused of having helped two Danes scale the Great Pyramid of Giza to take a video and naked photograph, sparking outrage in the country.

Egypt probes images of naked couple atop pyramid

Apo - Egyptian authorities have launched an investigation into images said to show a naked couple who scaled the Great Pyramid that has sparked outrage in the conservative Muslim country, an official said Tuesday.

Dutchman, 69, loses legal bid to be 20 years younger

Den Haag - A Dutch court Monday slapped down an attempt by a self-described "young god" just shy of his 70th birthday to slash his age by 20 years to enhance his prospects in life and love.

Macron has no escape from 'yellow vest' at G20 summit

Buenos Aires - Heading to a G20 summit, French President Emmanuel Macron may have hoped for some respite from swelling protests at home that have adopted yellow vests as their emblem.

Anti-Brexit Black Friday shop offers 'worst deal ever'

London - Campaigners demanding a second Brexit referendum launched a Black Friday pop-up shop offering the "worst deal ever" with mock items highlighting the potential cost of leaving the EU.

Minister's restaurant tastes give the French indigestion

Paris - There are few worse gaffes for a French politician than making a ill-judged remark about food.

Japan wheelchair user sues over ban from wine tasting event

Apo - A wheelchair user who was stopped from drinking alcohol at a wine tasting event over "safety" concerns is seeking compensation in a Japanese court.The man in his 50s is demanding 1.

Keen to see a komodo dragon? $500 please, says Indonesian governor

Kupang - Tourists keen for a close-up look at komodo dragons in their natural habitat could be hit with an alarming bill, if one Indonesian politician gets his way.

Vote or get this: Trump appears on French election posters

Strasbourg - US President Donald Trump has popped up in the French city of Strasbourg, on posters reminding voters of what is at stake in elections for the European Parliament next year.

Grenade-shaped belt buckle sparks scare in Barcelona, Madrid train stations

Madrid - A woman carrying a grenade-shaped belt buckle on a train from Barcelona to Madrid caused havoc on Wednesday, forcing railway stations to be evacuated as well as delays.

Trump tweets himself as star of own Iran sanctions movie

Washington - "Game of Thrones" fans are primed for the final season, but starring Donald Trump? Well not quite, though the president had a laugh at Iran's expense Friday by posing in a GoT-style picture.

Don't let me down: Japan superfans lose fight for Beatles footage

Apo - It's been a hard day's fight, but a group of Japanese Beatles fans have lost their bid to get police to hand over historic footage of the band's 1966 Japan visit.

A Chinese farmer couldn't fly a plane, so he built one

Bejing - When a Chinese garlic farmer's dream of flying an airplane didn't pan out, he decided to build one instead.

The one where David Schwimmer had a solid alibi

London - No no-one told him his day was gonna go that way.

Mexican president-elect renames new NAFTA, puts Mexico first

Mexico - When Donald Trump insisted on renaming the updated North American Free Trade Agreement, the "America first" president pointedly listed the US before the other countries, calling it the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

France's President Macron tells French to stop moaning

Colombey-les-deux- - France's President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday urged his compatriots to moan less, saying the country would be better off if they emulated wartime leader Charles de Gaulle.

French linguists want to bid adieu to 'fake news'

Paris - Defenders of the French language on Thursday pleaded with people to stop using the English term "fake news", recommending they refer to "information fallacieuse" instead.

Teetotal Trump asks world to imagine him drunk

Washington - Lifelong teetotaler Donald Trump is already loud, brash and provocative, so just imagine him after a few drinks, the US president quipped Monday.

Hitler standing for Peruvian mayor after Lenin objection dismissed

- Hitler will stand in Peru's municipal elections on October 7 after authorities rejected a bid from Lenin to have him barred.

Meghan stuns Britain by shutting car door

London - The gesture is so mechanical few people even notice it.Yet when Meghan Markle, the US actress turned newly-wed wife of Britain's Prince Harry, closed her own car door, a wave of shock and awe rolled over Britain.

Pope Francis gets Estonian e-residency

Tallinn - Pope Francis on Tuesday became an e-resident of Estonia while on a visit to the cyber-savvy Baltic country known for being one of the world's most wired nations.

Baltic pagans ask pope for help over religious status battle

Vilnius - Latvian and Lithuanian neo-pagans have called on Pope Francis to end local Catholic opposition to their quest for religious recognition in the Baltic states, ahead of the pontiff's visit to the region Saturday.

Indonesian city orders top staff to 'pray or get a new job'

Jakarta - An Indonesian city has ordered its top civil servants to visit their local mosque for dawn prayers or risk being sacked, underscoring the growing influence of religion across the world's biggest Muslim majority country.

Trump on EU's Juncker: 'tough, nasty'

Washington - US President Donald Trump called powerful EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker "nasty" on Tuesday -- but that was a compliment."He's tough, he's nasty, the kind of guy I want negotiating for me," Trump told reporters at the White House.

Nappy change: Dutch to turn diapers into furniture

Den Haag - Fed-up with a growing mountain of stinking disposable nappies, a Dutch firm Tuesday started building the country's first recycling plant to turn poo into profit.

Solo Aussie outback cop mans beat the size of Britain

Birdsville - Being the only policeman in an area the size of Britain might be daunting for some, but not for Senior Constable Stephan Pursell.

In Canada, 28-year-old immigrant wins lottery — twice

Montr - A young west African immigrant who moved to Canada two years ago has hit the lottery jackpot -- twice.Melhig Melhig, 28, won two scratch-off games in the space of five months. Total winnings? CAN $3.5 million (US $2.7 million).

Putin, Xi flip pancakes at Russian economic forum

Vladivostok - Russian President Vladimir Putin and China's Xi Jinping on Tuesday took a break from the heavy lifting of international diplomacy to toss pancakes on the sidelines of an economic forum.

China kindergarten principal sacked for pole dance show

Bejing - A kindergarten principal in China trying to liven up a formal back-to-school ceremony with a racy pole dancer was fired after angry parents lit up social media with complaints.

Director Gavras slams 'bad taste' joke after hoaxer tweets his 'death'

Atenas - The Greek-French filmmaker Costa Gavras was forced to deny rumours of his own demise on Thursday after some media were fooled by a fake ministerial Twitter account announcing he had died.
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