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Odor News

Crowdsourcing project seeks to see how well a molecule will smell

In some areas of science predictions can easily be made, such as the likely color formed from mixing two substances together, or perhaps the sound from an object. Odor is altogether more complex. New research seeks to deconstruct smells.

Op-Ed: Baseball playoffs reveal pitfalls of over-reliance on technology

Toronto - If baseball was smart in the way Apple Computer and Barack Obama were smart, it would endeavor to ensure that the extraordinary opportunity presented by the events of October 2015 was not frittered away.

Air Canada flight diverted because of unusual odor

On Saturday, an Air Canada flight was flying from Amsterdam to Toronto, but it was diverted to Belfast because of an unusual odor.

Why do we like smelling each other?

Tel Aviv - Researchers have questioned why people tend to sniff their fingers after shaking hands with someone of the same sex. The scientists suggest that the traditional greeting may transmit chemosensory signals.

Smokers smoke less if they sniff bad odors at night

Tel Aviv - Smokers smoke fewer cigarettes during the day after smelling cigarette smoke together with foul odors during sleep, a new study shows.

Rats learn fear through odors

A new study has found that rodent pups can learn to fear a stimulus through the odor signals given by their mother. The findings suggest a mechanism for how animals might inherit the experiences of their parents.

Human skin can 'smell odors'

Ruhrort - Scientists have detected olfactory receptors in the skin. It is thought that these sensors may help repair damaged tissue.

Mosquitoes attracted by odor

Mice infected with a malaria-causing parasite emit odors that are more attractive to malaria-transmitting mosquitoes, according to new research.

Study: Detecting bird flu by smell

Some diseases can modify animal odors in subtle ways. In one study, it has been shown that infection with avian influenza (AIV) alters fecal odors in mallards. This could lead to a new detection method to root out infected birds.

Girl, 8, suspended from school more than 24 times for ‘foul odor’

A Tennessee eight-year-old girl has been sent home from school dozens of times this school year because of "her foul odor."

The 'smell' of white can hide strong smells

Researchers have developed a chemical 'smell' which they have called “olfactory white”. Olfactory white is a mixture of many different smelly compounds. The compound has the remarkable potential to combat other strong odors.

Study: Old people smell better than youngsters

Philadelphia - Do old people smell worse than young people? Not according to some recent scientific research into body odor which suggests that those over 75 have a 'more pleasant' aroma.

Flight diverted for odor in cabin, company unaware

An Vision Airlines airplane was diverted to Baltimore after taking off from JFK Airport due to a very unusual problem you don't hear about every day.

London Stinks... Literally!

London seriously stinks. Quite literally. The smell is being described as "putrid" and although some tried to blame the French, that was ruled out. Even the Queen at Windsor Castle, was not spared from this foul smell.

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