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Oceans News

Living by the sea is better for your mental health: Study

Exeter - Living in different areas can have different impacts upon mental health. A new study has looked at people living close to the sea and has a drawn a positive correlation between residing in coastal areas and positive wellbeing.

At Fukushima plant, a million-tonne headache: radioactive water

In the grounds of the ravaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant sits a million-tonne headache for the plant's operators and Japan's government: tank after tank of water contaminated with radioactive elements.

Climate change threatens first peoples, body and soul

Paris - When global warming swallows up the postage stamp island of Warraber, forcing its 300 residents to find a new home, "it will not just be the loss of our land, but also a piece of us that is washed away," says Kabay Tamu.

Humanity must rescue oceans to rescue itself, UN warns

Monaco - Two days after a climate summit failed to deliver game-changing pledges to slash carbon emissions, the United Nations warned Wednesday that global warming is devastating oceans and Earth's frozen spaces in ways that directly threaten a large slice of h...

Tropical fish swim into Europe's waters as common species head north

Paris - Cod, sole and plaice might be regulars on European dinner tables but as climate change heats the oceans common species are heading to cooler northern waters -- with profound potential consequences for fish stocks and consumers.

'Blue finance' hopes to put oceans on a sustainable path

Paris - The world's oceans are set to become an increasingly vital resource for helping the planet cope with soaring population growth, but officials are only beginning to craft regulatory frameworks that would ensure "blue financing" goes where it's needed mo...

Mumbai fears for homes and lives amid rising seas

Mumbai - Huge swathes of Mumbai's beaches have already been lost to rising seas. Now shanty dwellers fear for their homes and critics say India's largest metropolis -- like other world mega-cities -- is not doing enough to hold back the waves.

Adam Lambert and Queen urge world leaders to prioritize oceans

World-renowned pop singer-songwriter Adam Lambert and rock group Queen are calling on global leaders to make the oceans a priority.

English Channel dolphins riddled with toxins

Paris - The skin and blubber of bottlenose dolphins in the English Channel contain alarmingly high concentrations of mercury and other toxic pollutants, researchers said Thursday.

New ocean-centric approach for detecting climate change

Scientists have developed a roadmap for detecting changes in ocean as the result of climate change. Already climate change is impacting on sea temperature rises; however other effects are likely to occur this century.

Oceans turning from friend to foe, warns landmark UN climate report

Paris - The same oceans that nourished human evolution are poised to unleash misery on a global scale unless the carbon pollution destabilising Earth's marine environment is brought to heel, warns a draft UN report obtained by AFP.

Russia releases last orcas from 'whale jail'

Moscow - Russian environmentalists celebrated a "huge victory" on Tuesday after the last of a group of killer whales kept in a notorious facility were released into the sea following year-long captivity.

Beaches choked with stinky seaweed could be the new normal

Miami Beach - Slimy, stinky brown seaweed that ruins beachgoers' vacations from Mexico to Florida may be the new normal unless Brazil halts Amazon deforestation, experts say.

Mediterranean sharks risk 'disappearing': conservationists

Paris - Sharks -- the sea's top predators for millions of years -- are at risk of disappearing from the Mediterranean as overfishing and plastic pollution choke populations of the endangered hunters, conservationists warned Friday.

The cost of climate change: US seawalls to cost $416 billion

Rising seas are a product of climate change and to safeguard communities the U.S. will need to invest $416 billion over the course of the next 20 years in building viable constructs. More concerning, other costly measures will needed.

Israeli coral rescue plan needs chisel and deep blue sea

Eilat - A dozen feet deep in the azure waters of the Red Sea, Israeli marine ecologist Assaf Zvuloni firmly grasped a bright red coral fastened to a metal jetty piling.

'Super corals' give glimmer of hope for world's dying reefs

Apo - Hawaiian "super corals" that have recovered despite living in warm and acidic water offer a glimmer of hope that dying reefs across the world could be saved, a new study says.

Seychelles chief calls from the deep for ocean protection

Victoria - Seychelles President Danny Faure dived deep into the Indian Ocean Sunday to call for protection of "the beating blue heart of our planet.""This issue is bigger than all of us, and we cannot wait for the next generation to solve it.

Russian officials agree to free 'whale jail' animals

Moscow - Russian officials said Monday they will work towards freeing all orca and beluga whales from a notorious facility in the east of the country, after a visit by US-based marine mammal advocates.

Reality TV: Camera-toting sharks hunt seals in kelp forests

Paris - Great white sharks fitted with cameras on their dorsal fins have been filmed for the first time stalking prey in dense kelp forests long thought to be no-go zones for the top-level predators.

Essential Science: Time to ban glitter? A microplastic risk

Bad news for lovers of the glam look and craft enthusiasts, especially for those who care about the environment. Glitter is a micro-plastic and therefore one that you should stop using. There have even been calls for glitter to be banned, as we find out.

Mysterious orca found, after many years, in the southern ocean

Marine biologists have discovered a mysterious killer whale, one that was previously alluded to but never formally identified. Based on genetic tests the orca is a new type and it is the largest new animal discovered in many years.

Plastic found in deepest ocean animals

Paris - Animals living in the deepest ocean trenches have been found with plastic fragments in their gut, according to new research published Wednesday showing how manmade pollution reaches into the bowels of the planet.

Blue whales 'hedge their bets' in search for food: study

Washington - Every spring, the largest animals in the world, blue whales, migrate from their winter breeding grounds off of Costa Rica to the coast of the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

Melting ice sheets may cause 'climate chaos': study

Paris - Billions of tonnes of meltwater flowing into the world's oceans from the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets could boost extreme weather and destabilise regional climate within a matter of decades, researchers said Wednesday.

Chilean Patagonia: an open-air lab to study climate change

Punta Arenas - In one of the most inhospitable places on Earth, the southernmost part of Chile's Patagonia region, scientists are studying whales, dolphins and algae in order to help predict how climate change will affect the world's oceans.

World's oceans are heating up at a quickening pace: study

Tampa - The world's oceans are heating up at an accelerating pace as global warming threatens a diverse range of marine life and a major food supply for the planet, researchers said Thursday.

Hikers clash with John Kerry's family on French Emerald Coast

Saint-briac-sur-mer - Hikers demanding right of way along a pristine stretch of coastal France are locked in a legal war with villa owners in a posh Brittany resort town, not least the family of US statesman and former presidential candidate John Kerry.

Oceans of garbage prompt war on plastics

Paris - Faced with images of turtles smothered by plastic bags, beaches carpeted with garbage and islands of trash floating in the oceans, environmentalists say the world is waking up to the need to tackle plastic pollution at the source.

Climate correction: when scientists get it wrong

Paris - On November 1, AFP joined news outlets around the world in covering the release of a major academic paper warning that our oceans were warming dramatically quicker than previously thought.
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Oceans Image

Some ctenophores exhibit bioluminescence.
Some ctenophores exhibit bioluminescence.
margaret nygard
Almost 90 percent of seabirds have plastics in their intestines.
Almost 90 percent of seabirds have plastics in their intestines.
Ocean Revolution
Beautiful photograph showing seabirds departing a beach.
Beautiful photograph showing seabirds departing a beach.
Remy Swaab
Advances in Atmospheric Sciences
Advances in Atmospheric Sciences
An ESA Basic Activities project is investigating the feasibility of measuring plastic litter found i...
An ESA Basic Activities project is investigating the feasibility of measuring plastic litter found in the ocean from orbit.
ESA/J. Veiga
Georgia Tech
Awake G7 watch produced in France and given to the participants of the climate  ocean  biodiversity ...
Awake G7 watch produced in France and given to the participants of the climate, ocean, biodiversity sequence of the Biarritz summit.
World oceans provided paths for discovery
World oceans provided paths for discovery
This graph shows how the average surface temperature of the world s oceans has changed since 1880. S...
This graph shows how the average surface temperature of the world's oceans has changed since 1880. Sea surface temperatures have been higher during the past three decades than at any other time since reliable observations began in 1880,
Coast of Fuerte-ventura near Ajuy  Spain. We are dependent on our oceans and without them  life woul...
Coast of Fuerte-ventura near Ajuy, Spain. We are dependent on our oceans and without them, life would cease to exist.
Hansueli Krapf
Almost 90 percent of the world s seabirds have plastics in their intestines.
Almost 90 percent of the world's seabirds have plastics in their intestines.
Chris Jordan/Greenpeace
Christian Schmidt et al.
Decades of data on oceans across the globe has revealed that the amount of dissolved oxygen containe...
Decades of data on oceans across the globe has revealed that the amount of dissolved oxygen contained in the water – an important measure of ocean health – has been declining for more than 20 years.
Georgia Tech
Emerging threat from climate change: ocean oxygen levels are starting to drop.
Emerging threat from climate change: ocean oxygen levels are starting to drop.

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