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Ocean News

Transatlantic mission to study effect of marine plastic pollution

A British led expedition has begun to sail to the Falkland Islands to study the effects of plastic pollution on tiny creatures in the depths of the seas.

Mass horseshoe crab die-off in Japan

Hundreds of Japanese horseshoe crabs have mysteriously washed up dead on several beaches. The strange phenomenon is being investigated.

Remarkable way swordfish swim revealed

Swordfish are very fast and powerful fish. Just how they can navigate speedily through the friction of water has been a mystery — until, that is, the discovery of an oil gland.

Moon jellyfish can age backwards and regenerate body parts

A new study has revealed how the moon jellyfish can age backward, form several clones, and regenerate its lost body parts. This makes it a cross between Benjamin Button and Deadpool, to draw upon pop culture analogies.

Seychelles swaps part of its debt with pledge to protect oceans

Seychelles, an archipelago of 115 islands in the Western Indian Ocean with a population of 90,000, is swapping nearly $30 million of its debt in exchange for the protection of 30 percent of its ocean territory with an area larger than the size of Germany.

Ascension Island will become a marine reserve

The Atlantic waters of Ascension Island are to become a marine reserve. Here fishing will be restricted in order to preserve the diversity of marine creatures.

Sharks drones to patrol Australian waters

To safeguard water lovers in Australia, drones and "smart" drum lines will be put in place to scan for sharks. This is a new initiative by the New South Wales (NSW) government.

Beware the curled electric eel

It's been observed for centuries that electric eels can deliver a bolt of electricity. Yet, biologists have now found out that when electric eels curl up they can deliver a double strength shock.

Catch a glimpse of the world's first-ever glowing sea turtle

In the dark depths of the nighttime ocean, marine biologists filmed something they had never seen before: A sea turtle glowing a brilliant green and red. The turtle is the first reptile that scientists have observed with this trait.

Marine animals swim in similar ways

A diverse group of long-finned marine vertebrates and invertebrates use the same fin motion to swim with maximal speed. This example of a similar mechanical action is regarded as unusual.

How much are the world's oceans worth?

If the oceans of the world were a national economy or large corporation, how much would they be valued at? About $24 trillion, at least that's according to one organization.

Jupiter's moon Ganymede has salt water ocean

It seems that the chances of finding life in our solar system are improving almost daily with this week's discovery of a gigantic salt water ocean inside Jupiter's moon, Ganymede.

Amazing feats of the magnetic turtles

Loggerhead sea turtles use the Earth’s magnetic fields to find their way home, according to a new study. This navigational feat is achieved over great distances and across choppy waters.

Go south for the winter to St. Augustine, Florida Special

Saint Augustine - Wintertime may be the perfect season for those living in colder climates to head south. A scenic and historic destination worth the trip is St. Augustine. One landmark in America's first city is America's first parish and there are many others to see.

Orion splashes down after successful flight test: NASA

Cape Canaveral - NASA's unmanned Orion space capsule splashed down in the Pacific Ocean off Baja California on Friday following its first flight test, the US space agency said.

100-year-old woman sees the ocean for the first time in her life

Just a few weeks before turning 101, Ruby Holt took a trip to the beach and saw the ocean for the first time in her life.

Gallons of Deepwater Horizon oil remains on the sea floor

Several years after the Deepwater Horizon disaster, excessive quantities of oil remains on the sea floor. The oil continues to cause environmental harm to marine life.

Italian lovemakers get stuck together in the surf

Porto San Giorgio - Most people know that dogs tend to get stuck together when doing what comes naturally, but it seems even humans can experience this rather uncomfortable phenomenon. An Italian couple actually had to be hospitalized to get them apart.

Dandruff fungus found in deep-sea vents

A ubiquitous skin fungus linked to dandruff, eczema and other itchy, flaky maladies in humans has now been tracked to Hawaiian coral reefs and the extreme environments of arctic soils and deep sea vents.

Tiny shark with big dreams takes on snorkeler (Video)

A shark smaller than many ocean fish apparently had dreams of becoming the next Jaws when he went after a snorkeler two months ago.

Oldest dolphin gets a new name

A dolphin, first described from a fossil skull discovered in the 1970s, has been given a new name. However, the mammal retains the title of oldest true dolphin species identified to date.

New Facebook challenge urges Norwegians into icy waters (Video)

A new craze has started in the Norwegian social media as a Facebook group urges people to jump into freezing cold water, video the experience and then challenge other dare-devils to do the same, or pay a penalty.

Mystery of the ocean 'quack' solved

A mysterious oceanic quacking sound, which has remained unidentified for 50 years, has been shown to originate from minke whales.

Sailfish are the 'slashers of the sea' (video)

Following an in-depth study, scientists have found that sailfish use their bills to corral and slash other fish, like schooling sardines.

Wood munching clams create marine ecosystem

A new study shows that wood-boring clams serve as ecosystem engineers by making the organic matter in the wood that falls in the deep waters of Monterey Canyon suitable for other creatures.

Saturn's moon hides an icy ocean

A body of liquid water has been discovered beneath the surface of Enceladus, one of Saturn's moons. The tiny moon is a potentially hospitable home for extraterrestrial life.

Dolphin watch: How social behavior affects genetic makeup

Scientists studying bottlenose dolphins that use sponges as tools to protect their sensitive beaks has shown that social behavior can shape the genetic makeup of an animal population in the wild.

Photo Essay: Spring has sprung in Savannah and on Tybee Island Special

Savannah - The arrival of Spring has brought forth Mother Nature's color palette and visitors to Georgia's coastal empire. Flowers are blooming, swimmers and sunbathers are at the beach, and all are enjoying the sunshine.

Sea anemone is officially ‘half animal and half plant’

Biologists have discovered that sea anemones display an interesting and surprising genetic mix, with a complexity similar to that of fruit flies, and genes similar to those found in both plants and animals.

The buzz about Savannah: charming and romantic Special

Savannah - February has been a good month for Savannah, Ga. The travel pages are buzzing about it being among the world’s best travel spots for those seeking a charming or romantic vacation destination. Visitors to Savannah couldn't agree more.
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Ocean Image

Two New York brothers post Craigslist ad looking for wedding dates
Two New York brothers post Craigslist ad looking for wedding dates
Dave and Mike
A motorboat resembling a zipper in Japanese waters  from an aerial view
A motorboat resembling a zipper in Japanese waters, from an aerial view
Dolphin washed ashore after being maimed
Dolphin washed ashore after being maimed
Ribbon worm filmed in Roatan  Honduras at Calvin s Crack on a rainy overcast day with low ambient li...
Ribbon worm filmed in Roatan, Honduras at Calvin's Crack on a rainy overcast day with low ambient lighting.
Pacific Ocean at Long Beach
Pacific Ocean at Long Beach
Boniface prepares for first underwater dive in custom built dry-suit.
Boniface prepares for first underwater dive in custom built dry-suit.
Screen shot- Video
Red lionfish (Pterois volitans) near Gilli Banta Island (near Komodo  Indonesia)
Red lionfish (Pterois volitans) near Gilli Banta Island (near Komodo, Indonesia)
Alexander Vasenin
Jetty at Coquille River near the lighthouse
Jetty at Coquille River near the lighthouse
A humpback whale
A humpback whale
Wikimedia Commons
Brocken Inaglory
Landing Platform Helicopter (LHS) of the Royal Navy  HMS Ocean.
Landing Platform Helicopter (LHS) of the Royal Navy, HMS Ocean.
Mother Sea Otter with pup at Morro Rock
Mother Sea Otter with pup at Morro Rock
Mike Baird
Etmopterus spinax  as a specimen.
Etmopterus spinax, as a specimen.
Irvin Kilde
Coquille River Lighthouse
Coquille River Lighthouse
From Belamr s annual Sand Castle Competition in Belmar  NJ.
From Belamr's annual Sand Castle Competition in Belmar, NJ.
Robert Ainsley-Raffel diving
Robert Ainsley-Raffel diving
In this artist’s concept  the moon Ganymede orbits the giant planet Jupiter. NASA’s Hubble Space...
In this artist’s concept, the moon Ganymede orbits the giant planet Jupiter. NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope observed aurorae on the moon controlled by Ganymede’s magnetic fields. This field is embedded in Jupiter’s own immense magnetosphere (yellow field lines). A saline ocean under the moon’s icy crust reduces shifting in the auroral belts as measured by Hubble
Sperm Whale
Sperm Whale
Peter Nijenhuis
Stingray City  Grand Cayman
Stingray City, Grand Cayman
Istiophorus platypterus (sailfish) exhibiting sail-rasing behaviour in the mouth of Golfo Dulce  Cos...
Istiophorus platypterus (sailfish) exhibiting sail-rasing behaviour in the mouth of Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica

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