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Obese News

'Rocky Balboa' he ain't - Trump tweets fake image of himself

At a time when Donald Trump is facing the sharpest scrutiny of his presidency, he would like the world to behold that "gorgeous chest" he described at a Florida rally on Tuesday.

Man required to sit next to two obese men sues American Airlines

An Australian man is suing American Airlines for $100,000, alleging being forced to sit next to two obese men on a flight from Sydney to Los Angeles aggravated his existing health problems. He also claims the flight crew would not let him change seats.

Prague zoo to set up special unit to treat obese people

The zoo in the Czech capital Prague is set to build a special health center with XXL equipment to treat extremely overweight patients.

Obese 100-year-old crocodile dies from overeating sacrifices

An overweight 100-year-old crocodile in south-western Bangladesh has died from overfeeding caused by eating too many chickens and goats that were thrown to it by worshippers believing they would get good luck.

Op-Ed: Social experiment to determine dating 'cruelty' is highly flawed

Making the rounds online is the result of an experiment by Simple Pickup, a male-drive dating site. An attractive man and woman were each given body adhesives and makeup to look fat when arriving for their Tinder dates to see how the opposite sex reacts.

Weight bias discovered in U.S. elections

Overweight political candidates in the U.S. tend to receive fewer votes than their thinner opponents, according to new research. Also, heavier men don't face discrimination unlike slightly overweight women.

ANC MP's fashion dress goes viral for all the wrong reasons

At the State Of The Nation Address, ANC MP Thandile Sunduza wore a rather remarkable dress on the red carpet that made social media go mental. She became an overnight Twitter sensation — for all the wrong reasons.

Study urges heavy diet drink users to watch food intake

Baltimore - The image of an obese person ordering a mega-meal at a restaurant and washing it down with a diet soda may not be too far removed from the notion that people may rely too heavily on diet drinks for weight control, a recent study indicates.

Some Starbucks coffee products contains 11 teaspoons of sugar

London - It is well known that a can of Coca Cola contains a lot of sugar, nine teaspoons in one can to be precise, but many other products on the shelves of our supermarkets also have very high levels of sugar.

One in three people overweight

According to figures just released by the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) almost 1 billion people in the developing world are overweight.

Obese virgin puts girlfriend's head through wall during sex

Virgin Gregg Casarona, 21 years old, and 440 pounds, ended up smashing his skinny girlfriend's head through a wall during the first time he attempted sex with her.

Some say 'plus-size' Barbie promotes obesity

Earlier this week, an image of a "plus-size" Barbie doll went viral, and many people have voiced their opinion about it.

'Smart bra' detects overeating

An international team has developed a prototype smart bra designed to detect changes in mood and prevent emotionally-triggered overeating in women.

Morning-after pill warning for ‘larger women’

The company HRA Pharma has issued a warning that its morning-after pill is ineffective when taken by women who weigh more than 80 kilograms (176 pounds).

Scrooge to hand out 'fat' letter to obese kids on Halloween

Fargo - Halloween has for years been the realm of children, trick-or-treating for candy with their friends. But if a Fargo, N.D. woman has her way, any children she thinks may be overweight are going to get "scrooged" on Halloween.

New study shows how exercise helps diabetes patients

Scientists have undertaken a study which shows the specific ways in which sufferers of type 2 diabetes can benefit from regular exercise to help their condition.

Obese fliers should pay more, according to economist

A Norwegian economist thinks that people who are overweight should pay more money for their flights than fliers who are skinny.

Why obese mothers may be giving their newborns heart disease

A new study revealed obese and overweight mothers may be unknowingly giving their babies heart disease. Researchers found arterial thickening of these babies' hearts.

Men who can't see their penis while standing risk early death

A health website has launched a campaign, "The Big Check," a new test of obesity for men: take off your clothes, stand upright naked and look down at your penis. If you can't see it, then you are obese and at risk of losing up to nine years of lifespan.

Op-Ed: Who's to blame for world's fattest cat?

New York - Sponge Bob is the world's fattest cat, but who is to blame? Why was this cat allowed to get so obese? This article will help to explain the story of Sponge Bob, the world's fattest cat.

Calling someone 'fatty' could become a hate crime

A parliamentary report has recommended adding "appearance-based discrimination" to the Equalities Act, thus resulting in calling someone a "fatty" a hate crime.

Can testosterone help you with weight loss?

A new study suggests that men with low testosterone levels can lose weight by taking testosterone supplements, but not everyone is convinced.

218-pound 8-year-old removed from home

Cleveland - At 218 pounds and only eight years old, an Ohio child has been deemed to be at such risk as to make it necessary to be removed from his home.

Op-Ed: Figures show British women are the fattest in Europe

New figures published by Eurostat - the European Union's statistics agency - reveal that British women are the fattest in Europe.

Canada: Doctors propose denying obese women fertility treatments

Obese women will have a hard time finding fertility clinics that will provide them with in-vitro fertilization treatments if a proposed ban by Canadian doctors takes effect.

Tall And Obese Men At Risk For Blood Clots

A recent Norwegian study concludes the dangers that tall men who are obese face in having a greater risk for developing blood clots. The tall men included in the study were almost 6 feet or taller.

Study: Religious people may be more obese

A research study has found that people who attend religious services regularly are more likely to become obese by the time they reach middle age.

Abnormal arteries found in obese children

Obese children were found to have blood vessels which look more like those found in much older adults with cardiovascular disease.

People in OECD countries becoming fatter by the day

People in OECD countries are becoming fatter by the day. One in two people is now overweight or obese in almost half of OECD countries. Rates are projected to increase further and in some countries two out of three people will be obese within ten years.

Pregnant women who eat too much give birth to big babies

New York - Pregnancy is often a time for a woman to eat as much as she wants, after all she is eating for two. But researchers now say the size of mom will indicate how big her baby is and if she's overweight, the child may be also.
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An obese couple
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An obese 100 year old crocodile died in Bangladesh after being overfed sacrifices of chickens and go...
An obese 100 year old crocodile died in Bangladesh after being overfed sacrifices of chickens and goats
Obese children are far less likely to finish school than peers of normal weight  according to Europe...
Obese children are far less likely to finish school than peers of normal weight, according to European research
Francois Guillot, AFP/File
Mike & Molly is a new comedy coming to CBS and A-Channel this fall season
Mike & Molly is a new comedy coming to CBS and A-Channel this fall season
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