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World's smallest pixel pitch OLED

A new OLED microdisplay features the world's smallest pixel pitch. The new image device comes from Sony. The new display is set to go int production later this year.

Wearable electronic aims to help those with depression

A new OLED bracelet has been launched, which aims to help those with depression through light therapy. OLED light sources can emit light at specific wavelengths to help cure depression.

LG Display announces $7 billion OLED investment to fight Samsung

LG Display has announced it is to invest an additional $7 billion to develop its OLED display production facilities. The company is trying to accelerate its development of organic light-emitting panels as it races to catch up market leader Samsung.

Apple investigating ways of toppling Samsung's OLED business

Apple has reportedly bought specialist production equipment that could be used to make OLED screens for smartphones. The company may be planning to bring OLED production in-house, reducing its dependency on rival Samsung.

Apple is making Samsung rich

Samsung Electronics forecasted record profit and sharply increased revenue in an earnings guidance release on Friday. Samsung expects its operating profit to increase 72 percent to $12.1 billion and revenue to rise 18 percent to around $52 billion.

Google's Pixel 2 to feature a curved display sourced from LG

Google is said to be planning to equip its upcoming Pixel 2 smartphone with a curved display. The move will follow Samsung's Galaxy S8 and the LG G6. Google will source its screens from LG in a significant deal worth nearly one billion dollars.

Curved TVs just went the same way as 3D

Curved TVs may have reached the end, only a few years after they first appeared. After battling low consumer uptake and critical reviews, LG and Sony have announced they will not launch any new models this year. It follows the end of 3D TV production.

Apple orders 160 million Samsung screens for the iPhone 8

Apple and Samsung have reportedly inked a deal that will see the South Korean manufacturer build 160 million OLED displays for the upcoming iPhone 8. The contract is worth over $4 billion and will cover the vast majority of iPhone 8 displays.

The next iPhone could fold in two

Apple could be planning to unveil a folding iPhone with an OLED screen, patent filings have revealed over the past few months. It could form the basis of a radical new design designed to rival upcoming folding handsets from Samsung and LG.

Fads and phases: TV's bid to make you buy the 'Next Big Thing'

Over the past few years, televisions have changed to include new display types, online streaming and party-trick features such as 3D. Much of this has yet to see widespread adoption though, raising the question of what we're looking for in a TV.

Samsung Galaxy Round world's first curved smartphone goes on sale

Samsung is officially the first to produce and market a curved smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Round just went on sale today in South Korea selling for 1 million Korean Won.

Samsung reveals world's first curved OLED TV

If a flat screen TV isn't enough to satisfy, perhaps a curved TV will. Just making its way on display, the Samsung curved OLED TV is the first of its kind.

World's largest OLED TV launched by LG

LG, the South Korean corporation, have announced that they have launched the word's largest television which utilises the relatively new OLED technology.

Op-Ed: Could the future of newspapers include AMOLED technology?

Paper and ink? That's yesterday's newspapers. But tomorrow's news publications could rely on flexible ink technology, such as AMOLED developed by Samsung.

GE's OLED: The light bulb of the future isn't a light bulb at all?

New organic LED (OLED) technology will make home lamps, office lamps, bedside lamps, and wall lamps things of the past. The light bulb of the future isn't even a light bulb at all. It's a sheet.

Digital Journal TV First Look: Organic LED and the Future of Television

Sony has brought its first Organic LED (OLED) TV to market, and the product is stunning. The picture quality is also unmatched by today's standards. In this episode, we'll show you the 3-mm thin screen poised to one day replace plasmas and LCD TVs.

Sony Ushering in New Era for Television, as Organic LED TVs Make Market Debut

If you haven’t heard of Organic LED (OLED) technology, you don’t know what you’re missing. The new technology could replace LCDs and plasmas, and for good reason – monitors are incredibly thin, the picture is amazing and colour is remarkably vivid

The World's Largest TV and Other TV Trends

Television companies are constantly competing to make the best television, but what makes the best television? If size is your pick, Panasonic just came out with an 150-inch television.

Inside CES: High-Tech TVs, Green-Friendly Gadgets and Motion-Sensitive Cellphones

The 2008 Consumer Electronics Show is the seminal event for giving pro nerds their new technology. This week in Las Vegas, CES will focus on themes such as green tech, touch screens, next-gen DVDs, futuristic TVs and souped-up cellphones.

Sony Unveils World's First OLED TV

LCD and plasma, watch out. Sony unveiled the first organic LED display today, announcing the revolutionary technology will be on sale in Japan on Dec. 1 for $1,740 (CAN), or 200,000 yen.

Digital Journal TV: Organic LED TVs, Smile-Detecting Cameras and Dancing MP3 Players

It was an electronics playground: digital cameras flashing in one end, 70-inch LCDs wowing eyeballs at the other. Welcome to the Sony Fall Dealer Show, and Digital Journal was there to offer a peek into the latest gadgets.

Toshiba, Matsushita Bringing OLED to TVs

Toshiba and Matsushita have announced that within three years they plan to introduce organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels for use in televisions

OLED is the future of Television

If you though that your HD LCD TV was bringing you top of the line video quality, think again. OLED brings 1,000,000/1 Contrast.

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Samsung Introduced world’s first curved OLED TV at CES 2013
Samsung Introduced world’s first curved OLED TV at CES 2013
The LG OLED TV display at CES 2012
The LG OLED TV display at CES 2012
A Samsung comparison of LED and OLED televisions
A Samsung comparison of LED and OLED televisions
Filr photo: LG OLED televisions
Filr photo: LG OLED televisions
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