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Nuts News

Essential Science: How nut diet can improve blood sugar levels

A new study indicates that consuming two ounces of tree nuts per day, in place of carbohydrates, can improve blood sugar level control and blood lipids in those with type 2 diabetes.

Review: Not all Hot Docs’ films are traditional documentaries Special

“Nightvision” is the Hot Docs programme designed for festivalgoers seeking films that deal with outside of the box subjects.

Peanuts linked to better health

Amsterdam - Peanuts have been found to have the equivalent effects on health as tree nuts, although, unsurprisingly, peanut butter is not associated with the good health effect. This is based on a new study.

Nuts help to prevent 'early death'

Maastricht - A new study, carried out in The Netherlands, suggests that munching on a handful of nuts each day can help to prevent an early death.

Pete Evans' paleo diet for children suspended from publication

Australian celebrity chef Pete Evans' paleo diet cookbook for children has been suspended from publication over health concerns associated with a baby formula concoction made from bone broth and worries that a paleo diet may not be suitable for children.

Teenagers should eat more nuts for future health

A medical report suggests a low consumption of nuts each day correlates with an improved cardiovascular risk profile among teenagers. The study drew on medical records to reach its findings.

A 'Mrs.' pageant where wedding rings are optional

Pageants have always been a part of American culture from the "Miss America" beauty pageant to the Dade City, Florida's "Miss Kumquat" festival pageant. Rural America features a pageant for just about every fruit, nut, and vegetable festival in the USA.

Eating nuts has an association with longer life

A new study ties nut consumption to longevity. The theory is that the oils in nuts can reduce bad cholesterol and possibly inflammation.

Clients went nuts over French bank's social media gaffe

French bank Caisse d'Epargne in Auvergne-Limousin wanted to make a "bit of a buzz" in the social media in France on Friday. However, the bank ended up embarrassed after clients and followers complained.

Study: Eating peanut butter could prevent future breast disease

Researchers in two major universities and a cancer institute in the United States have found a link between eating peanut butter and a lower risk of breast disease. The researchers found the link between peanut butter and benign breast disease.

Walnuts may help to protect against prostate cancer

Research indicates that walnuts may confer protective benefits in terms of lessening the risk of men contracting prostate cancer.

Op-Ed: Gays will sexualize, destroy and ruin Boy Scouts-NOM-Brian Brown

Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage came out a couple of days ago and said "It was the beginning of the end for what was once one of America's most noble organizations." I knew as a Libertarian Republican I was going to again, cringe.

Tips for an allergy-free Christmas

People affected by allergies to dust, nuts and other substances can often suffer worse at Christmas time compared to other times of the year. To help reduce the allergy impact the Gottlieb Memorial Hospital has issued some tips.

Pelican Bay Ltd. issues nationwide allergy alert

Pelican Bay Ltd. of Dunedin, Florida is recalling all their Caramel Chocolate Truffle Hot Chocolate Mix because it may contain undeclared tree nuts.

Maya Women Go Nuts For Ancient Super Food

The Mayan people of Central America once cultivated a super nut crucial to their diet. The Spanish came, using the nut died out, and so did a lot of Mayans. The trees didn't go away so once again some Maya are looking to the ancient nut for a way forward.

Allergy Alert on Undeclared Nuts in Brownberry Whole Grains Bread 100% Whole Wheat

Arnold Foods Company, Inc. is recalling BROWNBERRY brand Whole Grains BREAD 100% WHOLE WHEAT (1 LB 8 OZ) because it may contain undeclared almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts.

Undeclared Tree Nuts in Oroweat 100% Whole Wheat Bread Packaging

Bimbo Bakeries USA today announced a voluntary recall of Oroweat 100% Whole Wheat bread because it may contain tree nuts that are not listed on the label.

Kraft Foods Issues Allergy Alert

Kraft Foods is recalling 12,553 cases of Post LiveActive Mixed Berry Crunch Cereal because a small number of boxes may contain tree nuts (almonds, pecans and/or walnuts), and no nut ingredients are declared on the label.

Nuts Sealed the Victory For TV's Jericho

In a rare decision for television execs a cancelled show will be returning next year. Jericho is back on the CBS lineup mid-season. There are seven new shows ordered. It seems the nuts sent to the producers helped with the turn around.

Fans Protest Jericho Cancellation with Nuts

Fans have always been outspoken when a favorite show is cancelled. The fans of this season's Jericho are no expectation. There's a drive on the Internet to send nuts to the producers.

WOW! PS3 on Ebay selling for $26,000. Thats the current bid.

You are bidding on a Sony Playstation 3 Pre-Sale! I was first in line at Game Stop!

Coffee: Drug or Not?

"Coffee: Drug or Not?" was adapted from a commentary originally produced for Medicine Chest, a radio program produced by the Higuchi Biosciences Center and the Drug Information Center at the University of Kansas.

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A scene from 'Nuts!'
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