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10 years on, Bulgarian nurses leave Libya ordeal behind

- Bulgarian nurse Valentina Siropoulo was once condemned to death in Moamer Kadhafi's Libya. Ten years after she and four colleagues were released and allowed home, appreciation of their freedom overwhelms memories of their harrowing ordeal.

Best and worst U.S. states for nurses revealed

If you're living in or planning to visit the U.S., where are the best places to receive nursing care? Wisconsin is one of them. How about the worst? Best to avoid the District of Columbia.

Which are the safest hospitals in the U.S.?

Washington - We live in a world where decision making is dominated by league tables, from consumers goods to education. Rightly or wrongly, healthcare is no exception. A new study examines the U.S. hospital sector.

Ghana gets its first emergency medicine training program

In a new initiative seeking to improve healthcare in the country, Ghana has begun its first emergency medicine training program. Nurses are being trained and despatched to regions across the country and new recruits are busily signing up.

Kaiser hospitals say they'll stay open if nurses strike

Oakland - Kaiser Permanente pledged Friday to keep all of its Northern California hospitals open next week when nurses walk off their jobs to demand greater safety precautions against the Ebola virus.

No hospital 'protocols' for Ebola treatment: US nurses' group

Washington - Nurses at the Texas hospital where a Liberian Ebola patient died last week complain they were given few rules and little guidance on how to treat the severely ill man, contrary to assertions by US health authorities.

India nurses return from Iraq to emotional welcome

Kochi - A group of 46 Indian nurses held "against their will" in a part of Iraq seized by Islamic militants returned home on Saturday to an emotional reunion with their families.

Indian nurses trapped in Iraq heading home

Baghdad - Forty-six Indian nurses trapped in Iraq's conflict were freed on Friday after getting caught up in a swift militant offensive that has overrun swathes of territory and threatens "Syria-like chaos".

Overworked nurses linked to higher death rates

Paris - Investigations in nine European countries have given statistical backing to claims that patients' lives may be at risk when nurses are overworked, specialists said on Wednesday.Published in The Lancet, the study touches on a sensitive topic in countrie...

New 'armor' in the battle against antibiotic resistant bacteria Special

Orlando - Out on the front lines of the battle against drug resistant microorganisms aka “super-bugs” are physicians and other health-care workers. Their uniform, the clothing that they wear, is their armor — their defense against deadly pathogens.

Op-Ed: Dad recreates premature son's recovery in a tear-jerking video

Columbus - If you look at Baby Ward today, he is like any other happy gleeful baby. But little Ward has a story to tell us - a story meticulously captured by his dad Benjamin Scot, that tells us about his premature birth and 107 days of hospital stay that followed.

Review: HBO's 'Getting On' is skewed yet intriguing viewing Special

One thing's for sure: "Getting On" would not have made it onto the airwaves back when medical shows were all the rage. And Marcus Welby or Joe Gannon would have never set foot in the show's extended care facility. There are excellent reasons for this.

Primary health care must form basis of reform, Director says Special

Dar Es Salaam - " When we try to visualize the application of primary health care here at home, sometimes we really have to search tor examples that will convey the concept."

Nurses warned about nail extensions

London - Nurses have been warned about wearing nail polish and nail extensions after a poll suggested infection control was being put at risk by nurses who wear either item on their nails.

Video: Kennedy struggles with nurses over fresh air for baby

New York - A son of Robert F. Kennedy, who was trying to take his newborn baby out "for fresh air," has had misdemeanor charges brought against him after he got into a scrap with hospital staff who tried to stop him.

Nurses fired for taping patient's mouth shut

A hospital located in Utah, fired a couple of nurses after they taped a patient's mouth shut, according to hospital officials.

Op-Ed: Nurses take pay cuts as bosses waste billions

Reading - Yesterday, one tabloid reported the Government is set to axe a £12 billion health service computer system; today, British nurses are told they must take a pay cut or face redundancy.

Nurses banned from exposing excessive cleavage in UK

Hertford - New guidelines have been issued by the East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust, informing British nurses of local hospitals to cover up.

Nurses sacked after crude games with nursing home residents

Wyong - The Australian Federal Department of Health and Ageing is investigating reports that staff at a nursing home abused the nursing home residents through callous games, including photographing residents' genitals.

Hospital frontline staffs win in Ontario, wage freeze ended

Toronto - The Ontario government has ruled that hospital CEOs must invest in nurses and frontline staff after an independent arbitrator found the call for a compensation freeze unreasonable. The ruling renders the policy null and void in the health sector.

Nurses, doctors bring 10,000 signed scrubs to Washington D.C.

Nurses, doctors, and health care providers went to Washington with 10,000 scrubs to offer stories to be delivered to members of Congress.

Report: 1 million patients in UK got 'cruel and neglectful' care

A report released Patients Association accuses NHS nurses and hospitals of 'neglectful, demeaning, painful and sometimes downright cruel' treatment.

15 Fired For Snooping into Octo-Mom’s Medical Records

It was a bitter pill for 15 employees at Kaiser Permanente Hospital, who got the ax for snooping into Octo-Mom Nadia Suleman’s medical records.

Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman Fires Volunteer Nurses

It's confirmed. Nadya Suleman, better known as Octo-Mom, has fired her nurses. The nurses were volunteering to help care for her octuplets.

Water pollution: South Africa's ticking time bomb...

The South African health-care system is showing a steady collapse which is worrying health officials countrywide. Yet nobody seems able to turn the problem around - there are far too many patients and not enough medical staff to treat them.

Patient left dying in chair for 22 hours while staff played cards and watched TV

At a North Carolina private hospital, a man was left in a chair for 22 hours without food. He later choked on medication, and the nurses didn’t attend to him, as they were playing cards and watching television.

Zambia: Nurses Essential to HIV Care for Children

Providing HIV combination antiretroviral drug therapy is key to saving the lives of African children infected with the disease. Letting nurses and other trained health care workers deliver that therapy and monitor patients, especially when doctors are in

Orphaned kitten nursed by Golden Retriever

It had been 18 months since a Golden Retriever by the name of Honey had given birth. Seeing the tiny little kitten and hearing her cries brought out her motherly instincts. It wasn't very many days until she started producing milk.

Dog Nurses Kitten Found Under SUV Hood

A kitten was found under the hood of Eunice Collins' Chevrolet Tahoe a few weeks ago. Since then he is feeding from Eunice Collins' another pet dog, a dachshund, who nurses the cat as if it is her boy.

Nurses Could Strike In The UK For The First Time In History

In the UK, the Royal College of Nursing are at serious loggerheads right now - discussing a strike over pay and for the first time in Health history - they will decide by ballot
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File photo: A nurse in nurses' station.
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