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Nurse News

Nurse in Saudi hospital infected with Wuhan coronavirus

An Indian nurse working at a hospital in southwestern Saudi Arabia has been infected by the coronavirus amid an outbreak that has killed 17 people in China, India’s minister of state for external affairs said on Thursday.

German prosecutors seek life in jail for serial killer nurse

Oldenburg - German prosecutors on Thursday sought life in prison for a male nurse accused of murdering almost 100 hospital patients, which would make him the country's worst peacetime serial killer.

Prosecutors demand life in jail for German serial killer nurse

Oldenburg - German prosecutors Thursday demanded life in jail for a male nurse accused of being the country's worst peacetime serial killer for murdering around 100 hospital patients.

Squeeze on UK health gives advanced nurses leading role

London - Sara Dalby never imagined she would one day operate on patients when she started studying nursing.

Nurse not guilty of manslaughter after shutting off life support

Barrie - An Ontario nurse was acquitted of manslaughter and criminal negligence causing death after she took a woman off life support without the consent of a doctor. The woman’s husband testified he was pressured into consenting to have the life support removed

Bereaved relatives fear Italy nurse 'may have killed others'

Rome - Italian investigators have widened a probe into a nurse suspected of being a serial killer following pressure from relatives of people died at a Tuscan hospital, media reports said Saturday.

Italian nurse arrested as hospital serial killer

Rome - An Italian nurse has been arrested on suspicion of being a serial killer who administered fatal doses of a blood-thinning drug to 13 intensive care patients in less than two years.

Suicidal nurse cleared of fleecing French L'Oreal billionaire

Bordeaux - The former nurse of aged French L'Oreal heiress Liliane Bettencourt was found not guilty of exploiting the frail billionaire on Monday, nine months after trying to hang himself on the eve of the trial.

Fake Nurse pleads guilty to identity theft in Dallas

A Dallas woman who stole the documentation of a registered nurse and used it to treat patients pleaded guilty to identity theft on December 9, 2015.

U.S. judge says nurse can leave home in Ebola row

New York - A U.S. judge ruled that a nurse quarantined by her home state after treating Ebola patients in Africa could leave home and frequent public places, saying she was not infectious.

U.S. nurse bikes away, despite Ebola quarantine

Washington - A U.S. nurse who recently returned from treating Ebola patients in Africa took a bike ride early Thursday despite a state order to stay at home in quarantine.

Op-Ed: Why nurse in Maine should respect quarantine orders

A nurse who was quarantined in New Jersey after returning home from west Africa is refusing to remain self-quarantined in her home in Maine. Here is why we should all respect quarantine orders:

Quarantined U.S. nurse says 'made to feel like a criminal'

New York - An American nurse published a scathing account of her treatment after being put in isolation in the United States following a stint caring for Ebola patients in West Africa, saying she was made to feel like "a criminal.

Two US nurses are declared cured of Ebola

Washington - Two American nurses were declared cured of Ebola on Friday, and one was healthy enough to leave the hospital and meet President Barack Obama for a hug.

Italian nurse who took selfies with dead patients accused of murder

Rome - An Italian nurse who took photographs of herself with dead patients has been accused of murdering one of them and may be behind the deaths of dozens of others, according to Italian media reports.

Belgian doctor says she 'drank vodka' before fatal Caesarean

Pau - A Belgian anaesthetist has admitted she drank vodka before assisting at a Caesarean in which a woman of British origin died in France last month, a French court heard Tuesday.

Spain Ebola patient at 'serious risk' of dying

Madrid - The Spanish nurse infected with Ebola is at "serious risk" of dying from the disease after her condition worsened on Thursday, officials said.

Pro-life nurse claims religious bias in Sweden

A Swedish midwife has reported her former employers for religious discrimination, after she would not assist with abortions at a hospital in southern Sweden. She claims they discriminated when they would not extend her contract.

Mom sues hospital for forcibly ejecting her dying son

A North Carolina mother is accusing hospital security guards of forcibly ejecting her son, despite the fact that he was dying.

Medical staff to help police with mental health cases

London - The U.K. government has embarked upon a new scheme where trained nurses will assist police officers attending to mental health emergencies.

Campaign launched for African healthcare workers

A campaign has been launched to provide training for healthcare providers in sub-Saharan Africa. This is part of UN sustainable development initiative.

Nurse refuses to perform CPR despite 911 dispatcher's plea

An elderly woman who was being cared for at a retirement facility in California died after a nurse at the facility refused to perform CPR after the woman collapsed.

'Canterbury Cannibal' arrested, ties to 'Cannibal Cop' revealed

Canterbury - Law enforcement officials in Canterbury, England have searched the garden of a British nurse who allegedly inspired and encouraged NYPD's "Cannibal Cop".

Photo Essay: Media not welcome at 2Day FM after hoax call suicide Special

Sydney - Camera shy 2Day FM were in damage limitation mode as over zealous security guards tried to ensure that the company logo at their offices at 50 Goulburn Street, Sydney, was not photographed.

Nurse involved in Duchess of Cambridge prank call found dead

London - This week a prank call to the hospital where Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton was being treated made the news again. Today it is being reported that the nurse who handled that call has been found dead from an apparent suicide.

Egyptian hospital staff arrested for baby selling operation

Cairo - Egyptian police officials have announced the arrest of five individuals who were involved in a baby selling operation at a Cairo hospital.

Woman plagued by condition that causes 100 orgasms daily

Some may think it's a problem they wouldn't mind having, but for a New Jersey woman, having up to 100 orgasms a day is a medical problem she would love to cure.

Nurses banned from exposing excessive cleavage in UK

Hertford - New guidelines have been issued by the East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust, informing British nurses of local hospitals to cover up.

Nurse charged with sexually assaulting senior

Toronto - An employee at the Castleview Nursing Home in Toronto was arrested today after a female resident was sexually assaulted during the early morning hours.

Nurse reunites with her father in the hospital after 41 years

A nurse has been reunited with her father when he was admitted into the hospital she works at after 41 years of being apart.
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Philippe Huguen, AFP/File
My Mother and I both working in the hospital in Telemetry.
My Mother and I both working in the hospital in Telemetry.
A nurse working with newborns at Santa Clara County medical Center in California has possibly expose...
A nurse working with newborns at Santa Clara County medical Center in California has possibly exposed 350 infants to tuberculosis.
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File photo: A nurse wearing blue gloves administers a vaccine into a male patient s arm.
File photo: A nurse wearing blue gloves administers a vaccine into a male patient's arm.
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NHS trains health workers to fight Ebola in Sierra Leone
NHS trains health workers to fight Ebola in Sierra Leone
UK Department for International Development
The comedy nurse s costume before the change
The comedy nurse's costume before the change
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London: Façade of King-Edward VII Hospital
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