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Rock and roll nuns to perform for pope in Panama

- With millions of YouTube views and hits on Spotify and iTunes, a group of young nun rockers play one of their biggest gigs next week, and thousands of Catholics, including the pope himself, will lap it up.

California nuns stole school funds for Vegas gambling, travel

Los Angeles - Two Catholic school nuns in California have admitted to embezzling about $500,000, and using the funds over the years for travel and gambling in Las Vegas, their order said on Monday.

Overworked nuns rebel against clergymen in Vatican mag

Vatican City - Three nuns lashed out on Friday against the menial work they have to do for clergymen, often for no money, in a rare public criticism of the Catholic Church's male hierarchy.

France church attackers 'smiled' and spoke of Koran

Rennes - One of the jihadists who murdered an elderly French priest smiled as he carried out the attack, and nuns who witnessed the grisly murder said the killers spoke about the Koran.

Pope warns gossiping priests, nuns to 'bite your tongue'

Vatican City - Pope Francis told gossip-loving priests and nuns to bite their tongues on Monday, and warned those breaking their vow of obedience to fall into line sharpish.

Nuns rebel against Katy Perry convent bid

Los Angeles - The terms "Katy Perry" and "convent" are not the first to spring to mind when playing a word association game. The pop star wants to buy an ex-convent, and the former nuns who lived there are not having any of it.

Nuns sue strip club for being too close to convent

Stone Park - In a Chicago suburb, a group of disgruntled nuns have united against an unwanted neighbor. This strip club, they say, plays loud music as they pray and keeps them up late at night.

Syria rebels free nuns kidnapped from Christian hamlet

- A group of nuns kidnapped by rebels in the Syrian town of Maalula in December were released early Monday thanks to Lebanese-Qatari mediation and handed to the Syrian authorities.A monitoring group said the release was secured in exchange for some 150 w...

Syria's Maalula nuns freed

- A group of nuns kidnapped by rebels in the Syrian town of Maalula in December were released early Monday thanks to Lebanese-Qatari mediation and handed to the Syrian authorities, an AFP journalist said.A monitoring group said the release was secured in...

Holy missed call as Pope Francis tries to phone Spanish nuns

Lucena - A group of nuns were celebrating the 400th year of their order on December 31. During their celebrations, to their embarrassment, they missed a phone call from Pope Francis.

Syrian rebel group claims kidnapping of nuns

A Syrian rebel group calling itself the Free Qalamoun Brigades has taken responsibility for the kidnapping of several nuns after Syrian rebels captured the historical Christian town of Maaloula.

Pope Francis to future priests and nuns: Buy 'humble' cars

Rome - Pope Francis on Saturday evening told future priests and nuns to resist the temptation to buy expensive cars; instead they should buy something more "humble."

Review: Dialogues Of The Carmelites offers fear, faith, and grace Special

Toronto - Francis Poulenc's "Dialogues des Carmélites" examines the role of faith in the face of a mob. It doesn't offer a happy ending, but it does provide a powerful opera experience. The current Canadian Opera Company production runs now through May 25th.

Review: Sister Act offers divine fun Special

Toronto - Sister Act, the musical based on the 1992 movie, opened in Toronto as part of a national tour following its Broadway run. It's a fun-filled spectacle that cleverly riffs on classic dance tunes while keeping the mood light-hearted.

She kissed Elvis and became a nun; documentary airs on HBO

It is true that Mother Prioress of the Abbey of Regina Laudis once kissed Elvis Presley. It is also true that when she did her name was Delores Hart, an actress on the rise.

Doctors recommend that nuns should take contraceptive pills

In a study published in the medical journal The Lancet, two Australian doctors have recommended regular doses of contraceptive pills for nuns. The doctors Kara Britt and Professor Roger Short, said that contraceptive pills will protect nuns from cancer.

Nuns and monks frisked as security surrounds Pope

Security surrounding Pope Benedict XVI as he begins the second day of his four-day UK visit has meant that nuns and monks are being frisked by police.

Reclusive nuns sign record deal with same label as Lady Gaga

London-based Decca Records, part of Universal Music Group, has just added a new music group to their label which already includes Lady Gaga, Eminem, and Black Eyed Peas, to name a few.

Police uncover marijuana garden at Catholic convent

Masaka - Police discovered marijuana plants growing at a convent in Uganda. Two nuns are being questioned about the plants and two porters have been arrested. Police are demanding to know who was growing the plants and if the nuns have a secret bad habit.

Nuns see upsurge in free health clinic visits

An order of Catholic nuns in Minnesota that operate free health clinics in the state's two largest cities have a bird's eye view of the growing health care crisis in America.

Peace Loving Sisters Are Branded Terrorists In Maryland

Sister Carol Gilbert and Sister Ardeth Platte are nuns who protest war and stand for peace. They are also labeled as terrorists in Maryland.

Italian priest organizes 'Miss Sister 2008' beauty contest for nuns

An Italian priest wants to change the stereotype that nuns are all old and gloomy. He is organizing an online beauty contest for nuns worldwide to highlight their image and work.

Indiana's Photo ID Law Prevents A Group Of Nuns From Voting In Primary

In the case of Indiana’s photo ID law, it is considered to be the strictest in the United States. For the Indiana primary, the photo ID law has posed to be a pain for prospective voters.

55 Nuns Named Maria on the Lam

For ten years 55 nuns of the St Kyrikos and Ioulite monastery in Greece secretly ran a knitting company on the side.

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Take a look at this group and tell me  are they Catholic nuns or are they devote Muslim women?
Take a look at this group and tell me, are they Catholic nuns or are they devote Muslim women?
The cast of Sister Act offer a high-energy  joy-filled performance  and are assisted by great design...
The cast of Sister Act offer a high-energy, joy-filled performance, and are assisted by great design, along with disco-inspired choreography by Anthony Van Laast.
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