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Nudity News

Deepnude app shut down after protests

A less than savory app that promised to remove clothes from digital images and create nude representations of the people in the images has been closed down, following pubic protests.

Indecent exposure: artist arrested for nude pose in Paris museum

Paris - A woman has been arrested for indecent exposure after lying down naked in Paris's Musee d'Orsay in front of Edouard Manet's similarly nude painting of the prostitute Olympia, her lawyer said Sunday.

Teacher, 73, loses job for appearing nude in film 40 years ago

A 73-year-old teacher at an elite private school in Montreal lost her her due to appearing nude in a number of films in Europe 40+ years ago.

Naked News: Nudity is newsworthy as people parade in the buff

There is Dating Naked and the real estate show Buying Naked and of course The Naked News. There's a naked bike ride and topless march. Nudity is showing itself off of late, making the news and in doing so displaying just how prudish we can be.

Management of 'naturalist' town in Spain accidentally bans nudity

Vera - Sometimes "red tape" can go a tad too far. Vera, in Almeria province, southern Spain, is well-known and advertises itself as “the best naturist beach resort in the world." However, the local PP government banned the practice recently.

Munich creates 6 Urban Naked Zones for nudists to sunbath in buff

If you're visiting the German city of Munich you have the choice of experiencing it naked while still in the public eye. That's because Munich city council has created 6 zones in which it's okay to strip and be nude.

German police searching for naked motorcycle rider

Munster - A man is still at large after riding his motorcycle through a northern German town while nude. Police are attempting to identify the man, who could face charges for his actions.

Topless barber arrested in Colorado

Longmont - Police arrested a woman in her home Wednesday night after discovering she was offering haircuts without having a barbering and cosmetology license. The woman gave haircuts to men while topless.

Op-Ed: The latest ban ‘page 3’ nonsense in UK media

The UK daily newspaper the "Sun" has published photographs of topless women on its third page for 43 years. Now there is a renewed campaign to ban it.

Review: ‘Fig Leaf: The Biggest Cover-Up in History’ Special

London - This programme was first broadcast two and a half years ago, but the subject of nudity is usually entertaining, and censorship has never been more topical.

Study: Germany most popular country for nude beach-goers

It's long been held that Europeans are more mature about nudity, at least more so than North Americans, so it may come as no surprise a recent survey finds Germany has the most nude beach visitors. The Expedia travel agency is our source.

San Francisco City Attorney dismantles Nudist's legal challenge Special

San Francisco - City Attorney Dennis Herrera sought to dismiss the law suit filed by nudist advocates last month in an effort to uphold longstanding laws prohibiting public nudity. On Dec. 13, Herrera and his staff filed a motion in U.S. District Court to dismantle

Man found guilty of burning down topless coffee shop

Augusta - A jury in Maine rendered a verdict of guilty for a man who they believe set fire to a coffee shop where topless servers worked. It is believed that the man was angry that his ex-girlfriend worked at the Grand View Topless Coffee Shop.

Naked man killed on freeway after jumping from ambulance

Tustin - A California man jumped out of a moving ambulance Friday afternoon as it traveled on Interstate 5 through Orange County. He was killed after being hit by a truck.

Study finds nudity gives the brain a tune-up

Researchers say viewing a nude body tunes the brain. In a new study, scientists found it takes less than 0.2 seconds for the brain to process pictures of nude or scantily clad human bodies. Visual perception of nudity happens quickly and efficiently.

Hugh Hefner says Playboy to release uncensored iPad app

According to multiple statements made by Hugh Hefner, Playboy will soon be available on the iPad and it will feature full, uncensored nudity. When asked by Digital Journal to confirm or deny Hefner's claims, Apple declined to comment.

Nudity does not harm children, expert says at Coldin trial

Children who are exposed to nudity do not suffer psychological harm, said Dr. Ronal Langevin testifying on the third day of the Coldin trial. Brian Coldin has been charged with several counts of nudity in Bracebridge.

Op-Ed: The media can't handle breasts

Nineteen years ago, a young co-ed named Gwen Jacob strolled topless down the streets of Guelph, Ontario. That hot summer day was destined to become even hotter for Jacob as her simple, impetuous act landed her in hot water for years to come.

Stigma still rampant when it comes to the female breast Special

Guelph - The first ever Top Freedom Day of Pride Event, held in downtown Guelph Saturday illustrated the deeply embedded stereotypes modern society holds when it comes to women's bodies.

Matt Smith wore 'modesty trunks' in Doctor Who nudity scene

Despite claims to the contrary, Matt Smith was not completely naked in a recent episode of the BBC's long-running family drama, Doctor Who.

5,200 people bare all in nudity installation in Sydney, Australia

One of the largest crowds ever roused by artist Spencer Tunick took off all their clothes in front of the Sidney Opera House. Although the event was part of the city's gay pride festival, many straight people also joined.

Sexting Seniors Set New Trend

While some people were surprised to learn their teens might be sharing sexy photos on phones and the Web, how much more surprising is it that some seniors are doing the same? In fact recent polls claim 10 percent engage in "sexting."

Burning Man criticized for rules, says protection needed

Organizers of the popular Burning Man festival are facing criticism for new rules on photography for the clothing-optional event. Organizers claim the rules will protect participants by preventing nude pictures being posted on porn sites.

Nudity ‘No Big Thing’ to Sharon Stone; How About the Rest of Us?

The National Examiner looks at Sharon Stone through the journalism lens for a great close-up at a special gal. Stone's stripping for a photo brought the actress in the news. Still if nudity is “no big thing,” how about for the rest of us?

Anna Paquin talks about nudity in True Blood

Anna Paquin, the Canada-born Kiwi actress talks about the revealing scenes in the HBO's popular drama True Blood, in which she plays Sookie Stackhouse, the tough and pretty telepath waitress who's in love with a vampire.

Groups Seek Bare-Breasted Equal Rights and Nudity Laws Changed

The ACLU and Topfree are two organizations seeking to change public nudity laws. The ACLU doesn’t want people to be declared sex offenders for being publicly nude, and TopFree believes women should have equal rights to bare their breasts.

Vermont: Go Ahead, Drop Those Drawers

Brattleboro, a small town in Vermont, voted on Tuesday to remove its temporary ban on public nudity. When the emergency temporary ordinance expires next month, public nudity will no longer be illegal.

Naked Burglar Freaks Out Woman

After receiving a report that a man entered a home in Texarkana illegally, police later found the suspect running through the pasture totally naked.

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