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Nuclear reactor News

Canada’s small nuclear reactors ready for demo

Nuclear reactors are getting smaller, as well as more efficient, and a new type of reactor is shortly to be demonstrated in Canada. This is a type of ‘small modular reactor’, and potential sites have been selected.

Underwater robot probes inside Fukushima nuclear reactor

Fukushima - On Wednesday, the operator of the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant began probing inside the contaminated water-filled reactor containment vessel in one of its units, using an underwater robot.

Fukushima hero dies of cancer

Fukushima - The former Fukushima supervisor of damage assessment of the tsunami-devastated nuclear reactor has died of cancer. His decision not to follow a corporate order prevented Chernobyl-like explosions of overheated Fukushima reactors.

US teenager Taylor Wilson designs compact nuclear reactor

Eighteen-year-old Taylor Wilson has designed a compact nuclear reactor that could convert waste from old atomic weapons into power for homes and factories and maybe even one day space colonies.

Sweden raises alert at nuclear facilities after explosives found

Stockholm - Authorities in Sweden have raised the threat level at its three nuclear facilities on Thursday. This decision was made after explosives were found on a truck located on the premises on Wednesday.

Kodak kept nuclear reactor in its basement, packed with uranium

Rochester - A well-kept secret for three decades, it is now coming to light that Eastman Kodak kept a nuclear reactor, including uranium, in a basement bunker near its Rochester, N.Y. facilities.

Op-Ed: Nuclear safety and expenses become more problematic

Today reactors built in the United States and elsewhere finds problematic safety concerns contributing to nuclear expenses during an era of earthquakes and natural disasters.

Fire at French nuclear reactor

Ten fire engines rushed to the nuclear plant at the Penly site near Dieppe in northern France on Thursday April 5 when smoke was seen escaping from the building. The alarm was raised at 11.20 am GMT.

Cooling of Fukushima nuclear reactor interrupted

Fukushima - A damaged seawater hose had workers at the Fukushima power plant scrambling on Sunday when a shutdown of the cooling system on Reactor No 5 became necessary in order to replace the leaking plastic hose.

Three US nuclear facilities threatened by natural disasters

Just months after a tsunami set off a nuclear crisis in Japan, three nuclear facilities in the United States are under siege, threatened by two separate natural disasters.

Japan insurance claims soar on volunteer cleanup related injuries

Tokyo - Japanese insurance companies, already overwhelmed with thousands of claims of death and property damage, are beginning to see even more claims from workers covered by 'volunteer activities insurance' for injuries sustained in disaster relief operations.

Iran: Siemens in collusion with US and Israel on Stuxnet worm

Iranian authorities, frustrated by the effectiveness of the Stuxnet cyber worm in attacking their nuclear facilities, has accused Siemens, the German engineering conglomerate, of helping the US and Israel in orchestrating the cyber attack.

Japan nuclear plant evacuees demand compensation

Tokyo - Japan citizens are becoming increasingly frustrated by the handling of the nuclear crises at Fukushima that has forced them out of their homes and into evacuation centers were they wait for compensation payments to begin from the government and TEPCO.

Poll: Few Americans confident US ready for nuclear emergency

Washington - Public confidence in the United States government's readiness to respond to a nuclear emergency is low according to a recent poll. Sixty-five percent of those surveyed felt it was at least somewhat likely a disaster situation could occur on U.S. soil.

EPA reports radiation found in American milk

As radiation continued to emanate from Japan's troubled Fukushima nuclear plant, the US Environmental Protection Agency announced the detection of radiation in American milk supplies.

Daiichi nuclear plant may have been breached

Tokyo - The Japanese government announced on Friday there is a suspected breach at the Daiichi nuclear facility near Fukushima, with radioactive contamination now feared to be more serious than previously reported.

Radiation levels in Tokyo tap water 'unfit for babies'

Tokyo - Radioactive iodine levels in Tokyo's tap water have been measured at twice the level deemed to be safe. Radiation from Japan's earthquake damaged nuclear plant has now affected the water supply in Tokyo.

Spike in pressure at crippled nuclear reactor may require venting

Fukushima - Efforts by TEPCO to lower the temperature inside the crippled reactors at Fukushima Daiichi were met with an unexpected spike in pressure in reactor No. 3. Officials are weighing the option of venting the dangerous radioactive gases to combat the problem.

Nissan scanning vehicles made in Japan for radioactive material

Tokyo - Nissan has confirmed the safety of all foreign employees working in Japan and announced that they have implemented a policy of monitoring and testing all vehicles manufactured at plants in the disaster-stricken country for traces of radioactive material.

Chernobyl extreme tourism thrives in wake of Japan disaster

Chernobyl - While the world watches the nuclear disaster unfolding in Japan that followed the one-two punch delivered by nature in the form of an earthquake and tsunami, thousands of tourists line up in the Ukraine to take the government sponsored tour of Chernobyl.

World governments offering different assessments of Japan threat

While the Japanese government sought to calm its citizens and the business community domestically and worldwide, foreign governments offered more stark assessments of the nuclear radiation threat facing populations in Japan.

TV speech: Emperor Akihito 'deeply worried' over nuclear crisis

Tokyo - Emperor Akihito, in his first televised address to the nation during his 22-year reign, admitted his concern about the nuclear crisis in his country and called for strength and solidarity among the Japanese.

Fukushima No. 4 reactor’s coolant may be boiling, evaporating

Tokyo - Fukushima’s imperiled nuclear plant is now facing another crisis, with authorities there stating a fourth reactor’s nuclear waste is overheating, which could lead to more spent fuel becoming unstable, compounding an already dire situation.

Fire out at Fukushima plant but radiation levels are rising

The fire that broke out today at the Fukushima No.1 plant has been extinguished but officials are warning that radiation levels have now reached levels dangerous to humans.

New blast at No. 2 nuclear reactor at Fukushima Daiichi

Japan's Nuclear Industrial Safety Agency says a third explosion was heard early Tuesday morning at Fukushima Daiichi. The blast came from the building housing the No 2 reactor of the crippled nuclear plant, a breach of the containment vessel is feared.

US Navy helicopter crews contaminated after exposure to radiation

Tokyo - A report from the US Navy says that 17 helicopter crewmembers have been exposed to low-level radiation contamination while assisting with humanitarian efforts in the aftermath of the deadly earthquake and tsunami that ravaged Japan.

Bodies washing up on Japanese shores as death figures rise

As the Japanese government issued tepid reports on radiation exposure and overall death figures from the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan, a tide of bodies on Japanese shores underscored concerns of higher casualties.

Japan's No. 3 nuclear reactor building explodes

Tokyo - The Japanese government confirmed an explosion occurred at the facility housing Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s (TEPCO) No. 3 nuclear reactor in the Fukushima prefecture late Monday morning.

Japanese rush to avert meltdown at nuclear reactor

Tokyo - Officials announced a third nuclear reactor at the crippled Fukushima power plant had lost its cooling system and they are unable to bring the core temperature down to a safe level. Government authorities fear a catastrophic meltdown has occurred.

Japanese hospital patients exposed to radiation from Fukushima

Tokyo - A Japanese public broadcasting station reports three people randomly chosen from a hospital that's located near the damaged nuclear power plant Fukushima Daiichi have tested positive for exposure to radiation.
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Nuclear reactor

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Entrance gate to the Chernobyl reactor zone. In the background: The sarcophagus built around Reactor...
Entrance gate to the Chernobyl reactor zone. In the background: The sarcophagus built around Reactor #4.
Timm Suess
Looking back toward nozzle 3.
Looking back toward nozzle 3.
Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
Tokyo  Japan
Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Tokyo, Japan
KEI Wikipedia
Convair NB-36H Peacemaker experimental aircraft (s/n 51-5712) and a Boeing B-50 Superfortress chase ...
Convair NB-36H Peacemaker experimental aircraft (s/n 51-5712) and a Boeing B-50 Superfortress chase plane. This was the only known airborne reactor experiment by the USA with an operational nuclear reactor on board.
USAF - U.S. photo no. DF-SC-83-09332
A view of the Penly nuclear reactor near Dieppe in northern France
A view of the Penly nuclear reactor near Dieppe in northern France
The Hanford N nuclear reactor is shown here located in the middle of a rural community.
The Hanford N nuclear reactor is shown here located in the middle of a rural community.
Syrian nuclear reactor under construction  fuel tubes and reactor room floor prior to concrete pour.
Syrian nuclear reactor under construction, fuel tubes and reactor room floor prior to concrete pour.
United States Government / unspecified intelligence agency
Nuclear reactor
Nuclear reactor

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