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Nuclear power plants News

Op-Ed: U.S. nuclear power plants unprepared for climate change

The nuclear power industry is pushing the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to cut back on inspections at nuclear power plants and throttle back what it tells the public about plant problems. This does not bode well for public safety.

Older power plants could be hit hard by impacts of drought

Older power plants with once-through cooling systems generate about a third of all U.S. electricity, but their future generating capacity will be undercut by droughts and rising water temperatures linked to climate change.

Mangkhut barrels toward Hong Kong after devastating Philippines

Hong Kong - The strongest storm on Earth in 2018 barreled through the northern Philippines before dawn on Saturday, leaving destruction and death in its wake. Now Mangkhut is on a collision course with Hong Kong and on a direct path with two nuclear power plants.

Several nuclear power plants are in Florence's potential path

Potentially catastrophic Category 4 hurricane Florence is barreling its way across the Atlantic and has set its eye on the Carolina coast and Mid-Atlantic region. Two at-risk nuclear power plants are directly in its path.

New source of radioactivity from Fukushima disaster found

Even though it has been six years since the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster, impacts from the March 2011 event are still being discovered. The latest discovery is the finding of radiocesium in groundwater below eight beaches 60 miles away.

Florida's nuclear plants to shut down ahead of Irma

Tampa - Florida Power & Light (FLP) announced on Thursday it will shut its two nuclear power plants before Irma comes ashore as a very powerful hurricane.

IEA says nuclear power plants needed to help meet climate goals

Lisbon - A top energy agency is warning that the planned decommissioning of nuclear power plants in Europe and the United States by 2020 threatens global plans to cut carbon emissions unless more new nuclear plants are built or we expand the use of renewables.

Some question the plan to close some French nuclear power plants

Paris - French environment and energy minister Nicolas Hulot told reporters at the G7 Environmental Summit on Monday that France plans to close some nuclear reactors of state-controlled utility, EDF to reduce nuclear's share in the country's power mix.

Energy watchdog sees U.S. nuclear capacity, generation dropping

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) came out with a damning report on nuclear capacity and generation in the U.S. on Friday, declaring that 25 percent of nuclear capacity now in operation will be retired by 2050.

China's nuclear power plants — Thinking on a grand scale

China President Xi Jinping's agreement with U.S. President Obama last week to bring greenhouse gas emissions to a peak by 2030 is a daunting task. It will require a major economic and environmental program aimed at reducing China's dependence on coal.

France investigating mysterious drone flights over nuclear plants

France has started a judicial investigation into the unidentified drones that were seen overflying the country's nuclear power facilities in October. The latest incident occurred on Friday, when authorities say drones were spotted over two power plants.

Feds seeking trains to haul nuclear waste, but where to take it?

The federal government is looking for a few good trains to haul radioactive waste from nuclear power plants to disposal sites. There is just one problem with this. The trains wouldn't have anyplace to go.

Poll: 80% of Japanese against restart of nuclear plants

Calling the plan to restart Japan's 48 nuclear plants "irresponsible," two former prime ministers and a nuclear power insider have responded to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's announcement, pointing out the Fukushima situation is still far from ideal.

UK approves first new nuclear power station in 18 years

The UK’s Energy and Climate Change Minister yesterday gave the go-ahead for construction of the UK’s first nuclear power station for almost 20 years as planning consent was granted for a new multi-billion pound nuclear plant at Hinkley Point, Somerset

Coolant pump triggers Three Mile Island reactor shutdown

Middletown - A Pennsylvania nuclear power plant unexpectedly was shut down on Thursday after a reactor coolant pump stopped working. Currently, workers have to wait until the area cools before going in to fix the problem.

Food chain, kids could be at severe risk from Japan radioactivity

Tokyo - Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan stated that more radiation was released at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Radiation has now spread from four reactors and experts say this could affect the food chain and children.

South Korea fights for contracts to build Turkey, Jordan plants

South Korea is bidding for a contract to build four nuclear power plants for Turkey that is estimated to be worth $20 billion and the bids are expected to be negotiated throughout the first half of 2010.

Iran is planning to build 2 nuclear power plants

Iran announced on Sunday that it is seeking bids for the building of two more nuclear power plants, despite international pressures to curb its controversial program.

Congressman Blasts US Nuclear Plant Security

WASHINGTON (voa) - A U.S. lawmaker says security is so lax at the nation's nuclear power plants that undetected terrorists may already be working in them. Massachusetts Democrat Edward Markey, a key member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee...

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Cooling tower of the Emsland nuclear power plant.
Cooling tower of the Emsland nuclear power plant.
ChNPP (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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