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Nuclear plant News

UK nuclear plant detects elevated radiation, staff told stay away

Seascale - Sellafield, the UK nuclear power plant, has prevented all non-essential workers from turning up as a precaution, after monitors detect higher-than-normal radioactivity.

Fukushima: TEPCO admits link between nuclear disaster and suicide

Fukushima - TEPCO, who managed Fukushima nuclear plant, which was severely damaged by the tsunami which struck Japan’s east coast on March 11 2011, has acknowledged for the first time a link between the Fukushima nuclear disaster and the suicide of a local farmer.

North Korea's nuclear plant restart belies Politburo changes

North Korea announced it is restarting operations at its nuclear facilities including the currently mothballed reactor at Yongbyon nuclear facility. But, behind the latest sabre-rattling there are changes at the very top of Pyongyang's political elite.

Alert as 26 nuclear plants in Hurricane Sandy's path (video)

The projected path of Hurricane Sandy could impact as many as 26 nuclear plants. Arnie Gundersen, the chief engineer of energy consulting company Fairewinds Associates, warns of the dangers.

Fukushima fallout causes mutant butterflies

Scientists say exposure to radioactive material following the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japan, has resulted in severe mutations in butterflies and fear it could just be the beginning.

San Onofre nuclear power plant — Reasons for shutdown reported

Los Angeles - The San Onofre power station was shut down in January this year due to a scare, when the plant released trace amounts of radiation. Now a report explains what actually happened, and it could have been so very much worse.

Greenpeace again exposes vulnerability of French nuclear sites

Lyon - A Greenpeace protestor paraglides over a French nuclear power station in Ain department in eastern France and 'attacks' it with a smoke bomb.

Op-Ed: Brazil, the Next Fukushima?

Rio De Janeiro - Twenty-six years ago, Chernobyl (Ukraine, Soviet Union). Last year, Fukushima (Japan). And now could Brazil be next on the list?

Radioactive cars being sold in Japan

Tokyo - News reports from Japan have revealed that car dealers in the country are selling automobiles that were contaminated by radiation following the Japanese earthquake and tsunami that resulted in a series of meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

Japanese kids speak with officials to share nuclear crises fears

Tokyo - Children from Fukushima Prefecture have met with government officials to voice their concerns about the ongoing nuclear crises that's affecting their region and their worries about the unsafe levels of radiation in places where they live, swim and play.

Three US nuclear facilities threatened by natural disasters

Just months after a tsunami set off a nuclear crisis in Japan, three nuclear facilities in the United States are under siege, threatened by two separate natural disasters.

Poll: Few Americans confident US ready for nuclear emergency

Washington - Public confidence in the United States government's readiness to respond to a nuclear emergency is low according to a recent poll. Sixty-five percent of those surveyed felt it was at least somewhat likely a disaster situation could occur on U.S. soil.

Japan: Radiation leak could contaminate ocean

Contaminated water from one of the reactor buildings at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant could find its way into the sea, as large amount of radioactive water has leaked from one of the buildings housing a reactor.

TopFinds: Japan's nuclear crisis, shopping carts' dirty secret

As Japan recovers from last week's disaster, nuclear dangers threaten the island nation. High level of e. coli found on shopping carts. Which hip-hop legend died this week? These are the top stories on

New blast at No. 2 nuclear reactor at Fukushima Daiichi

Japan's Nuclear Industrial Safety Agency says a third explosion was heard early Tuesday morning at Fukushima Daiichi. The blast came from the building housing the No 2 reactor of the crippled nuclear plant, a breach of the containment vessel is feared.

Russia Testing Iran's Nuclear Power Plant

Iran is currently testing its newly built nuclear power plant amid opposition from concerned nations including the US and Israel because of fears that Iran will use its waste materials in building nuclear warheads.

Pennsylvania Nuke Fined for Sleeping Security Guards

Sleeping on the's nice work if you can get it. But not for a handful of security guards at the Peach Bottom Nuclear Power Plant, outside of Philadelphia, PA. who were literally sleeping through their shifts.

Nuclear Plant Security Guard Caught Napping on the Job

A security guard at a nuclear power plant near White Plains, NY picked the wrong time to fall asleep on the job. Of course, there is not really any time to nap on a job that could involve national security and safety.

IAEA pushes Iran to accept cameras at key atom site

The International Atomic Energy Age ( IAEA ) is forcing Iran to agree to cameras in its underground nuclear plant within days

Czech Nuclear Plant Shut Down

PRAGUE (voa) - The Czech Republic's controversial Temelin nuclear power plant has been shut down because of technical problems just hours after powering up to full capacity. Spokesmen for the plant said the trouble, stemming from a power generator,...

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Nuclear plant Image

England s Selafield nuclear plant.
England's Selafield nuclear plant.
Phipps Bend Nuclear Power Plant is a cancelled nuclear power plant of the Tennessee Valley Authority...
Phipps Bend Nuclear Power Plant is a cancelled nuclear power plant of the Tennessee Valley Authority. Image dated April 18, 2016.
Cliffton Reed
SCE&G placed on Dec. 16 the 2.4-million pound CA01 module that will house steam generators and other...
SCE&G placed on Dec. 16 the 2.4-million pound CA01 module that will house steam generators and other components for V.C. Summer Unit 3, which is one of two reactors being built in Fairfield County, South Carolina.
Aerial shot of Japanese nuclear plant.
Aerial shot of Japanese nuclear plant.
Rancho Seco nuclear power plant  Sacramento  Ca. decommissioned
Rancho Seco nuclear power plant, Sacramento, Ca. decommissioned
Oyster Creek nuclear plant in New Jersey  USA
Oyster Creek nuclear plant in New Jersey, USA
Brazil s first nuclear reactor  Angra 1.
Brazil's first nuclear reactor, Angra 1.
© Rodrigo Soldon
The Hanford site  along the Columbia River.
The Hanford site, along the Columbia River.
United States Department of Energy

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