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Nuclear energy News

Taking a closer look at the pros and cons of nuclear energy

For a variety of reasons, nuclear power has been left out of the renewable energy mix, even though it is clean and carbon-free. Today, we look at the pros and cons related to nuclear power.

Feds boast that nuclear energy is the 'real new green deal'

On Friday, while in Georgia, Energy Secretary Rick Perry announced a major $3.7 billion boost to keep afloat the last remaining commercial nuclear reactors under construction in the U.S., claiming, “this is the real new green deal.”

Renewable energy outpaced nuclear for first time since 1984

For the first time in decades, the renewable energy sector generated more electrical power in the United States than nuclear power in March and April this year.

Iran announces plan to spend $3 billion on green energy

Tehran - Iran's Finance Ministry has approved applications totaling $3.0 billion in foreign investments in the country's renewable energy sector, Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian said.

Protester lands drone on Japanese prime minister's office

Tokyo - A Japanese man was arrested after landing a drone on Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's office. Yasuo Yamamoto, 40, turned himself into the Fukai Police late Friday night, and has admitted to committing the act.

India Australia sign civil nuclear deal

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott visited India and met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to sign a civil nuclear deal to supply uranium to India for its nuclear power projects.

Japan approves new energy policy, reinstating nuclear power

In a stunning reversal of previous government plans to mothball nuclear power plants, Japan's cabinet on Friday approved the Basic Energy Plan, making it the first comprehensive energy policy since the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant meltdown.

Netanyahu on the Iranian Geneva decision: 'I will not shut up'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, facing criticism for his public comments on the U.S.-led Geneva agreement with Iran, vowed that he will "not shut up."

Saudi Arabia on Iran deal: Concerns on being 'lied to' by U.S.

In the wake of the controversial deal brokered with Iran in Geneva over Iran's nuclear ambitions, Saudi Arabia, concerned about being "lied to," is opting for its own proactive foreign policy agenda.

1000's protest nuclear energy in Tokyo on Fukushima anniversary

Tokyo - In the run up to the second anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami that caused the disaster at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant, tens of thousands have taken to the streets of Tokyo in protest against nuclear power.

Thousands of environmental activists rally on National Mall Special

Washington - Tens of thousands of climate change activists descended on the National Mall in Washington, DC. People came from numerous U.S. states and Canada to protest various actions relating to energy forms.

UK nuclear decommissioning Sellafield, budget and safety concerns

Seascale - Sellafield, formerly known as Windscale, Britain's largest nuclear facility is being decommissioned. The cost continues to escalate with the latest estimate reaching £67.5 billion.

Japan drops nuclear power, turns to green energy instead

After intense public pressure following last year's Fukushima disaster, the Japanese government announced Friday plans to phase out nuclear power over the next 30 years.

Iran’s first nuclear power plant operating at full capacity

Bushehr - Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant is open and operating at full capacity. This is the first power plant of its type in the Islamic Republic.

Khamenei: Iran will not develop nuclear weapons

Tehran - At a gathering of leaders of developing countries in Tehran, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei stated that Iran will never develop a nuclear bomb, but will continue the pursuit of peaceful nuclear energy.

Op-Ed: Natural gas could replace coal

If natural gas production is not thwarted by environmental interests, it could overtake coal during the next two decades to become the second largest world energy source. This will give Mideast and Russian gas producers some serious competition.

Op-Ed: Nuclear safety and expenses become more problematic

Today reactors built in the United States and elsewhere finds problematic safety concerns contributing to nuclear expenses during an era of earthquakes and natural disasters.

Germany implements ‘historic’ nuclear energy phaseout by 2022

Berlin - In the wake of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear meltdown, the German government has reversed its energy policy and will gradually wean itself from its nuclear energy program, shutting down its reactors by 2022.

Thousands demonstrate in Tokyo streets against nuclear energy

Tokyo - A day after Japan Prime Minister Naoto Kan called for suspension of operations at the Hamaoka nuclear facility southwest of Tokyo, thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in Tokyo demanding the country take a new path away from nuclear energy.

Gates tells WIRED crowd ‘cute’ is not the answer to energy crisis

New York - In a keynote speech at the WIRED Business Conference, Microsoft founder Bill Gates said more money needs to be spent on research and development in the field of energy innovation rather than old technologies, making it affordable for developing nations.

UN chief says we must ask ‘painful questions’ on nuclear energy

Kiev - After visiting the Chernobyl nuclear plant site on Wednesday, the UN Secretary-General said the Daichi nuclear disaster in Japan is part of an “unnerving history” of accidents in which the risks and costs may not be properly calculated.

Poll: Few Americans confident US ready for nuclear emergency

Washington - Public confidence in the United States government's readiness to respond to a nuclear emergency is low according to a recent poll. Sixty-five percent of those surveyed felt it was at least somewhat likely a disaster situation could occur on U.S. soil.

TEPCO officials: Radiation spike report a mistake

Tokyo - Officials from Japan's Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) issued an apology on Sunday for releasing a report stating that the radiation readings taken from puddles found within the facility's No. 2 reactor was 10 million times higher than normal.

Op-Ed: Japan in need of friends in the aftermath

We have observed the graphic images of the Japanese and their nation, succumbing to the overwhelming forces of nature destroying lives, infrastructure, and economy.

Japanese hospital patients exposed to radiation from Fukushima

Tokyo - A Japanese public broadcasting station reports three people randomly chosen from a hospital that's located near the damaged nuclear power plant Fukushima Daiichi have tested positive for exposure to radiation.

Frustrated Vermont Yankee protesters want day in court

Eight protesters calling for the shutdown of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant were arrested yesterday for trespassing. It wasn’t the first time, but each time the charges have been dropped, much to the disappointment of the group.

Iranian experts assisting Venezuela in pursuit of uranium

Venezuela is discovering uranium deposits with the help of Iranian mining experts. The findings are proving to be significant.

Russia to provide Venezuela with nuclear capabilities

After a visit to Moscow by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, Venezuela announced on Monday its intention to build nuclear energy facilities with Russian help.

Op-Ed: Economics and War and Comfort Food and Black Ice - a Wintry Mix

At a city's corners and under the advertisements of a pub there are the colder strokes of economics and of world war. March brings a wintry mix.

Op-Ed: G7 Financial Ministers Look to Fossil Fuel Alternatives, But Nuclear Power is a Pandora’s Box

The G7, an entity comprised of the world's leading industrialized nations, endorses nuclear power as a way to alleviate the addiction to fossil fuels and mitigate global warming. However, can nuclear power be implemented on a world wide scale?
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The Indian Point Power Plant located just 38 miles north of New York City was commissioned in the mi...
The Indian Point Power Plant located just 38 miles north of New York City was commissioned in the mid-seventies.
Tony / Wikimedia
(L to R) Vice Admiral Kurt Tidd  U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russia s Foreign Minister Se...
(L to R) Vice Admiral Kurt Tidd, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Kerry and foreign ministers of five other world powers joined talks on Iran's contested nuclear programme on November 23, 2013, with the two sides edging towards a breakthrough to ease a dangerous decade-old standoff
With permission by Reuters / Carolyn Kaster
Nuclear energy s impact on the environment.
Nuclear energy's impact on the environment.

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