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Q&A: Collaboration turns nuclear bombs into medicine Special

Phoenix, a leading nuclear technology company, and SHINE Medical, a medical isotope production company, are turning nuclear bombs into medicine, used for medical imaging for Cancer and Heart Screenings.

Creator of popular XKCD comics to work on high school textbook

Randall Munroe is the creator of the popular webcomic XKCD, and he recently published a book that got the attention of editors at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, which also happens to be Munroe's publisher.

Global fears grow with building of nuclear reactor in Karachi

Karachi - China has reportedly signed an agreement with Pakistan to supply two nuclear reactors to the energy-starved country, despite an international ban on supplying nuclear technology to the country.

North Korea says it's in a state of war with South Korea

North Korea continued to increase it's rhetoric today, when it officially announced that it had now entered a state of war with South Korea.

Op-Ed: Israel's intentional fog of war over Syria

The world will likely never know the exact truth about what Israel bombed in or outside of Syria this week. But as alleged details of the daring mission leak out, the murky story reveals hard truths about Israel's lethal modus operandi.

North Korean Actions may be Posturing for Kim Jong Il's Successor

A number of sources are reporting that North Korea's recent provocative actions are intended to create conditions for a transfer of power from Kim Jong Il to his son.

US spends $52 billion annually on nuclear weapons arsenal

A Carnegie Institute for Peace study reveals that the United States spends $52 billion a year to maintain, upgrade and operate its nuclear weapons arsenal.

Dick Cheney: 'We will not allow Iran' to have nukes

Vice President Dick Cheney in his speech today said that United States and other nations will not allow Iran to have nuclear bombs. If Iran continues to proceed with nuclear efforts, USA and the other nations will take action.

In The White Sands Of New Mexico, The Original Ground Zero

ALAMOGORDO, New Mexico (dpa) - The noonday sun is burning down hotly on the deserts of White Sands. Off in the distance of the barren flatlands there is a chain of mountains, shimmering light- blue.Gusts of wind from the south are whipping up white dus...

Experts Say 'Dirty Bombs' Are Real Threat

WASHINGTON (voa) - U.S. nuclear experts are warning Congress that highly radioactive materials needed to build so-called "dirty bombs" could be acquired easily by terrorists. The experts told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Wednesday that a ...

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