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Nuclear bomb News

U.S. Physicist: Alien nuclear bomb wiped out Mars civilization

Monmouth - A U.S. physicist claims evidence that an ancient Mars civilization was wiped out by nuclear bomb-armed aliens. He warns that evidence of a past nuclear attack on Mars raises concerns about a similar attack on Earth.

Air Force accidentally dropped nuclear bomb on S. Carolina, 1958

A U.S. Air Force crew almost blew up a large area of South Carolina in 1958 when they accidentally dropped a nuclear bomb on a play house in Mars Bluff, South Carolina.The incident happened at the height of the Cold War on March 11, 1958.

Nationwide anti-war protest in UK — 'Don't Attack Iran!'

Activists from the 'Stop the War Coalition' in the U.K. held a countrywide protest action on Saturday to speak out against war with Iran. Fifteen major cities were involved.

Ahmadinejad: We don't need a nuclear bomb, US must be in borders

President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in an interview with a Danish media outlet that Iran does have a lot of enemies but the country doesn't need a nuclear bomb.

Senate testimony: Iran could have nuclear bomb within 6 months

Legendary Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Iran's shopping list and what was discovered in New York. Iran has more technology knowledge than previously thought.

Plot to Get Nukes to Iran Through New York Banks Averted

Manhattan's district attorney unveils a plot by a Chinese national to smuggle nuclear weapons materials to Iran through New York banks. Iranian intentions for nuclear bomb seen as clear.

Op-Ed: Iran lacks nuclear bomb fuel to power nuclear warhead

U.S. official says Iran lacks highly enriched uranium to power nuclear warhead. Israel plans air strikes to destroy Iran's nuclear plants.

Campaign to stop Iran acquiring fresh uranium

Western sources believe that Iran’s stockpile of yellow cake uranium is running out and could be exhausted in months. Yellow Cake uranium produced from uranium ore is required in the manufacture of nuclear weapons.

The world observes 63rd anniversary of nuclear bomb drop on Hiroshima

Hiroshima city marked the 63rd anniversary of the world's first nuclear bombing today. The Mayor plead with the U.S. to abolish nuclear weapons in the world.

Iran Going Nuclear by 2009

Israel has changed its timeframe for a nuclear armed Iran by almost a full year. Israel is now suggesting Iran may have a nuclear capability by mid 2009.

Iran Nuke Possible by 2009

Iran has taken dramatic steps to increase its ability to make a nuclear weapon. It has tripled its ability to produce enriched uranium and added 1,000 centrifuges used for creating radioactive material

Putin Attempts To Mediate India-Pakistan Tensions

MOSCOW (voa) - Russian President Vladimir Putin is trying to mediate between the leaders of India and Pakistan and get them to meet face to face at an Asian security forum that opens Monday in the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan. Mr. Putin is ...

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Image from Operation Doorstep (1953)  showing the wreckage of a dining room with a number of mannequ...
Image from Operation Doorstep (1953), showing the wreckage of a dining room with a number of mannequins after the nuclear blast. (After shot). Located at the Nevada nuclear test site, USA.
United States Department of Energy

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