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Nuclear News

'Cure' for Chernobyl children: Sun, sea, clean air in Portugal

Peniche - Anya wasn't even born when Chernobyl exploded nearly 30 years ago, but even today its radioactive fallout stalks her and other Ukrainian youngsters growing up near the disused plant.

Nuclear watchdog seeks to soothe concerns on Iran probe

Vienna - The UN atomic watchdog chief sought Tuesday to ease concerns in the United States about its investigation into Iran's alleged past nuclear activities following July's landmark deal with major powers.

Iran victory within Obama's reach

Washington - US President Barack Obama has won the backing of a fresh clutch of senators for his Iran deal, raising the prospect he could yet dodge a humiliating legislative rebuke.

Republican barbs raise nuclear deal doubts in Iran

Tehran - Fierce criticism of the Iran nuclear agreement by Republicans seeking the US presidency has raised a big question in Tehran -- will future American leaders keep their side of the bargain?

Iran lawmakers pick nuclear deal review panel

Tehran - Iran's parliament announced Wednesday the final composition of a 15-member panel largely composed of conservative lawmakers to review the country's nuclear deal with world powers.

Another Democrat opposes Iran deal, U.S. approval still likely

Washington - A second US Senate Democrat spoke out Tuesday in opposition to President Barack Obama's nuclear deal with Iran, but momentum within the party nevertheless appeared to be favoring the landmark accord.

Iran submits nuclear activity information to UN watchdog

Vienna - Iran has submitted documents linked to its past nuclear activity, the UN's atomic watchdog has confirmed, a key condition of a probe into suspected efforts to create nuclear arms.

Russia and Iran foreign ministers to meet on nuclear deal, Syria

Moscow - Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will host his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif on Monday to discuss the deal on Tehran's nuclear programme and the conflict in Syria.

Iran nuclear deal backers plan worldwide 'peace' marches

Tehran - Thousands of people are expected to march in cities across the globe on Saturday in support of Iran's deal with world powers over its controversial nuclear programme, activists said.

Op-Ed: Nuclear deal with Iran may be signed but uncertainties remain

Washington - Wasn’t there something just a little bit creepy about U.S. President Barack Obama warning Jewish leaders in the United States that Israel would likely be attacked if the recently negotiated nuclear deal with Iran was blocked by Congress?

Fears U.S. 'national interest' hurt by partisan Iran row

Washington - The former White House official who resigned this week as head of a key US group lobbying against the Iran nuclear deal, warned the partisan row was hurting America's national interest.

Japan ends nuclear shutdown sparked by Fukushima crisis

Toukyo - Japan on Tuesday restarted its nuclear power programme after a shutdown triggered by the 2011 Fukushima crisis, as the government pushes to return to a cheaper energy source despite widespread public opposition.

Pope says never again, recalling 'horrific' WWII atomic bombings

Vatican City - Pope Francis said Sunday that the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings still evoked "horror and revulsion" 70 years on and called for a ban on nuclear arms and weapons of mass destruction.

In letter to Obama, U.S. scientists praise Iran nuclear deal: Report

Washington - More than two dozen top US scientists, among them nuclear researchers and Nobel prize winners, praised the Iran nuclear deal as major security achievement in a letter to President Barack Obama, The New York Times reported.

Japan's Abe rapped as Nagasaki marks 70th anniversary of A-bomb

Toukyo - Japan on Sunday marked the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki that claimed more than 74,000 lives, as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe came under fire for his attempts to expand the military's role.

Bikini nuclear refugees seek U.S. aid to leave Marshall Islands

Majuro - Nearly 70 years after they were uprooted to make way for United States' nuclear tests, Bikini Islanders have approved two new resolutions seeking Washington's aid to relocate again -- including one citing the "psychological toll" of leaving their atoll...

Key Democrats turn against Obama's Iran deal

Washington - Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer announced he would vote against the Iran nuclear deal, in a blow to President Barack Obama's efforts to sell the measure.

U.S. must seize chance to 'win trust' of Iranians: Zarif

Tehran - Iran's foreign minister on Thursday called on the United States to "win the valuable trust" of Iranians after the "historic opportunity" created by Tehran's nuclear agreement with world powers.

Japan marks 70th anniversary of Hiroshima atomic bombing

Hiroshima - Tens of thousands gathered in Hiroshima Thursday to mark 70 years since the dropping of the first atomic bomb, with opinion still divided over whether its deadly destruction was justified.

Japan to mark 70th anniversary of Hiroshima atomic bombing

Hiroshima - Japan on Thursday marks the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima with the most senior official from Washington ever scheduled to attend memorial ceremonies.

Obama warns rejecting Iran deal would spell war

Washington - President Barack Obama made an aggressive case for his signature nuclear deal with Iran Wednesday, telling lawmakers that rejecting diplomacy would lead to war and destroy US credibility.

Obama admits some unfrozen Iran cash will fund terror

Washington - President Barack Obama acknowledged Wednesday that Iran might use cash coming its way under sanctions relief to fund "terrorist organizations" but argued this is preferable to allowing it to develop nuclear arms.

Obama to evoke ghosts of Kennedy, Iraq War in new Iran plea

Washington - President Barack Obama will present the Iran nuclear debate as the most momentous US foreign policy decision since the Iraq war Wednesday, in a fresh bid to win support of the deal.

Netanyahu implores U.S. Jews to oppose Iran deal

Washington - Benjamin Netanyahu personally called on US Jewish groups to thwart a White House-backed Iran nuclear deal Tuesday, while hitting out at "disinformation" over Israel's trenchant stance against it.

Wise-cracking U.S. celebrities endorse Iran deal

Washington - Morgan Freeman, Jack Black and a host of other celebrities star in a video backing Americas' nuclear deal with Iran, wise-cracking their way through an often surreal mixture of Hollywood, politics and diplomacy.

Spanish government, region lock horns over radioactive waste site

Madrid - Spain's conservative government and the central region of Castilla-La Mancha locked horns Thursday over plans to build the nation's first-ever temporary storage facility for highly radioactive waste.

Pentagon assures it will check Iran's 'malign' influence

Washington - Top US military officers sought to reassure worried lawmakers that US forces would check Iran's "malign" influence in the Middle East should Congress greenlight the nuclear deal with Tehran.

France seeks to warm up Iran ties with Rouhani invite

Tehran - France sought to revive its relations with Iran on Wednesday, inviting President Hassan Rouhani to visit Paris in November, in a gesture that swiftly follows this month's historic nuclear deal.

Iran's Zarif has 'no concern' about nuclear deal

Tehran - Iran's foreign minister moved to dismiss speculation that his country's nuclear deal with major powers could hit difficulties, saying he had "no concern or worry" about its implementation.

Top EU diplomat due in Iran for nuclear deal talks

Tehran - EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini was due in Tehran Tuesday for talks on implementing this month's historic nuclear deal between Iran and the major powers.
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Nuclear Image

The Ofek-9 was successfully launched into space on June 22. The first transmission received today co...
The Ofek-9 was successfully launched into space on June 22. The first transmission received today confirmed that the high-tech spy satellite had established and maintained orbit.
Israel Ministry of Defense
Nuclear symbol over Iran.
Nuclear symbol over Iran.
Photo courtesy of Marcelino Alvarez, Safecast
Arak IR-40 Heavy Water Reactor  Iran
Arak IR-40 Heavy Water Reactor, Iran
The G8 Youth Defence Committee in action.
The G8 Youth Defence Committee in action.
John Macdougall, AFP/File
President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu deliver a press conference foll...
President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu deliver a press conference following their meeting in the Oval Office.
U.S. government
A power plant with the nuclear sign superimposed over top of it
A power plant with the nuclear sign superimposed over top of it
Protesters in Tokyo on Friday.
Protesters in Tokyo on Friday.
Video screen capture
200 000 people protested against Japan s nuclear restart in Tokyo.
200,000 people protested against Japan's nuclear restart in Tokyo.
Video screen capture
Tu-95MS at Engels Air Force Base; Strategic bomber  missile carrier  airborne surveillance.
Tu-95MS at Engels Air Force Base; Strategic bomber, missile carrier, airborne surveillance.
Wikipedia Image of Russian Tu-95 BEAR H Heavy bomber
Royal Navy photo of HMS Sceptre.
Royal Navy photo of HMS Sceptre.
Royal Navy Photo
Shahram Amiri says that he was abducted and tortured by American intelligence.
Shahram Amiri says that he was abducted and tortured by American intelligence.
Pan African News Wire
Fukushima explosions taken from the air
Fukushima explosions taken from the air
Workers must wear plastic suits and respirators for protection inside Reactor #4  where radiation le...
Workers must wear plastic suits and respirators for protection inside Reactor #4, where radiation levels remain so high shifts are limited to only 15 minutes per day.
© Gerd Ludwig/INSTITUTE
DIPLOMACY: Germany s foreign minister  Frank-Walter Steinmeier  European Union diplomat Federica Mog...
DIPLOMACY: Germany's foreign minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, European Union diplomat Federica Mogherini and Iran Foreign Minister Javad Zarif pose on stage at the Austria Center in Vienna on July 14 after reaching a multi-nation agreement to restrict Iran's ability to obtain nuclear weapons in exchange for relief from international economic sanctions.
U.S. Department of State/Wikimedia Commons
Another view of HMS Sceptre
Another view of HMS Sceptre
Royal Navy Photo
PEACEMAKERS: From left  Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif  U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and...
PEACEMAKERS: From left, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and European Union High Representative Catherine Ashton, participates in a trilateral meeting with EU High Representative Catherine Ashton meet in New York in September.
U.S. State Department/Wikimedia Commons
YouTube screen capture

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