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Op-Ed: Obama accomplishes two missions; Iraq's Mount Sinjar, PM resigns

Edgartown - President Barack Obama held a press briefing today in Edgartown, Massachusetts, that was initially announced as an update on the Ferguson, Missouri situation. Instead, Obama led with a discussion of the successful rescue of thousands of Iraqi civilians.

Op-Ed: Iraqi PM Maliki has made a deal and will go peacefully

Baghdad - After earlier appearing on TV to denounce the nomination of Haider al-Abadi as unconstitutional, today Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki appeared again to announce he was stepping down and would support al-Abadi as his successor.

Op-Ed: As new prime minister nominated, Iraq political strife continues

Baghdad - Dr. Hayder Abadi was named by the Iraqi president as the nominee for prime minister to replace Nouri al-Maliki the present prime minister. Al-Maliki objects to the nomination even though Abadi is a member of the Dawa Party along with al-Maliki.

Iraq still has not elected a new prime minister

Baghdad - Nouri al-Maliki wants to run for a third term as prime minister while the Sunni and Kurdish opposition and many in his own Shia community want him to resign in favor of someone who would work for a more inclusive government.

Iraq elects president and speaker but no prime minister yet

Baghdad - Amid continuing carnage in parts of the country, the Iraqi parliament elected Fuad Massoum, a Kurdish politician, as president, a largely ceremonial post. By tacit agreement the president will be a Kurd, the speaker, Sunni, and prime minister, Shia.

Iraq legislature finally elects a new speaker

Baghdad - After two previous meetings that lasted half an hour each and achieved nothing, the Iraqi legislature was able to electe a new parliamentary speaker, a first step towards forming a new government.

Iraqi legislature fails to select new speaker

Baghdad - A meeting of the Iraqi parliament on Sunday (July 13) lasted only about half an hour. Sunni blocs agreed to nominate Salim Joburi as speaker but this never happened and another meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday.

Islamists surround Iraq refinery and already ship oil from Syria

Baghdad - The Islamic State in Syria(ISIS) has surrounded Iraqi troops in the Baiji oil refinery, Iraq's largest refinery. They are also already shipping oil from oil fields they control in Syria.

Kurdistan may soon declare independence from Iraq

Erbil - Iraqi Kurdistan, the area of Iraq controlled by the Kurdish Regional Government(KRG) may be set to separate from the rest of Iraq and claim full sovereignty rather than just a form of autonomy.

U.S. ups involvement in Iraq with drones and more troops

Baghdad - Armed U.S. Predator are reported to be flying over Baghdad as the number of US advisers and troops on the ground continues to grow.

Op-Ed: Pressure builds on Iraq's Maliki to step down

Baghdad - Radical Sunni militants have engulfed Iraq’s north and pressure is on Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to abdicate power. What lies ahead for Iraq amid Sunnis, Shias and Kurds bent on creating their own states on ethnic lines?

Iraq's Maliki says he won't resign in return for U.S. air support

Iraq has recently asked the U.S. to provide its military with air support in its battle against the terror group ISIS. Now the Iraqi Prime Minister is rejecting the idea some in Washington are suggesting that he agrees to step down for such support.

Baghdad readies for potential ISIS siege

After garnering much momentum following their stunningly fast takeover of Mosul the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq (ISIS or ISIL) are stalled some 60 miles north of the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

Iraq elections do nothing to quell increasing violence

Baghdad - Since Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki began a violent crackdown on protests, in April last year, the security situation has become worse with the radical Islamic State in Iraq and Levant (ISIL) holding sway in parts of the country.

Entire Iraq electoral board resigns as violence continues

Baghdad - The Independent High Electoral Commission(IHEC) that supervises Iraq's elections scheduled for next month has resigned en masse. The IHEC members claim that they are subject to immense pressure from both parliament and the Iraqi courts.

Al Qaeda group occupies parts of Iraqi cities

Fallujah - While facing continuing protests for a crackdown in Sunni dominated Anbar province and other Sunni areas, the government of Nouri al-Maliki now faces Al Qaeda in Iraq which has captured parts of two major cities.

Op-Ed: Sectarian conflict grows as 38 Sunni protesters killed in Iraq

Baghdad - The three provinces of Iraq that contain a majority of Sunni Arabs are virtually shut down today as protesters have declared a day of "civil disobedience" and launched a general strike as well.

Iraqi PM willing to work on fragile relations with Turkey

Baghdad - The Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki announced on Friday that he would gladly work on reconciling Iraq's relations with Turkey.

Dozens killed in Iraq unrest and protests grow against government

Baghdad - Unrest continues in Iraq as conflict between Sunni and Shiites continues and protests against the government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki grow.

Op-Ed: Iraqi parliament votes to deny PM Maliki a third term

Baghdad - The vote reflected rising anger among the opposition on the streets against the more and more authoritarian rule of Prime Minister al-Maliki.

Op-Ed: US-trained Iraqi Special Forces aid al-Maliki's repression

Baghdad - The US helped to train and now equips the Iraqi Special Operations Forces (ISOF). The forces are used by Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki to help him centralise power and repress opposing Sunni politicians.

Op-Ed: Sunni protesters rally in Iraq against Prime Minister Maliki

Ramadi - Protests against Prime Minister Maliki continued in Iraq today as Sunni demonstrators in Anbar province rallied in Ramadi. They were joined by groups representing tribes from Basra province.

Iraqi security forces raid office and home of top Sunni official

Baghdad - The home and office of Rafie al-Issawi, Iraq's Finance Minister and one of Iraq's top Sunni politicians, was raided by security forces. Observers consider this one more sign that Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is cracking down on opponents.

Tension rises between Kurds and Iraq central government

Kirkuk - Kurdish militia forces, the Peshmerga, are deploying into disputed areas on the border between the central government's Kirkuk Governate and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

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President Barack Obama makes a statement on the situations in Iraq and Ferguson  Missouri  from Edga...
President Barack Obama makes a statement on the situations in Iraq and Ferguson, Missouri, from Edgartown, Massachusetts, August 14, 2014.
(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)
Nouri al-Maliki Iraq president
Nouri al-Maliki Iraq president
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