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Spanish union 'steals' school supplies from supermarket (video)

Seville - After first alerting the media, 200 Spanish left-wing activists, in all-out Robin Hood manner, openly "stole" shopping carts full of school supplies from a Carrefour supermarket in Seville on Friday. The goods were for needy children in the area.

Exclusive: Digital Journal Gets Behind-the-Scenes Look at Dell Global Notebook Launch

Rumours about a major Dell global product announcement have swirled around the Internet for a few weeks, with reports that included both fact and fiction. But before the official unveiling, Digital Journal got an exclusive look at the new notebooks.

Notebook Computers Fuel Growth in Asia

Research released on Friday shows that the PC market in Asia is seeing heavy growth this year, with shipments expected to rise 15 percent off healthy notebook gains.

Apple to Introduce Flash-Based, Ultra-Portable Line of Laptops?

Two "reputable" Mac news sites are reporting that Apple could bring back its "ultra-portable" line of notebook PCs next year. Rumors are the MacBook line could be even smaller than the 12-inch line of the previous iBook and PowerBooks.

Lenovo Notebook Equipped with a Sony Battery Catches Fire

Lenovo notebook computer equipped with a Sony battery caught fire at Los Angeles International Airport.

When Fiery Laptops Attack

Digital Journal — “That’s a hot laptop!” takes on new meaning these days. There are dozens of recent reports of laptops erupting into flames, concerning consumers who like their computers fire-free. Don’t even think of blaming arson here. Inste

Honey, I Shrank the Laptop

Digital Journal — I use my laptop everyday, probably far more than necessary. But I love it. That is until I have to travel. It's huge, heavy and cumbersome to carry. It’s awkward to secure a laptop to a suitcase, inevitably leaning to one side and ma

Intel's Centrino: The Slacker Chip

The world’s largest chipmaker hopes Centrino will bring wireless into the mainstream The buzz surrounding wireless technology is akin to the mid-1980s craze over cordless phones, although initial reaction to wireless hasn’t been as receptive as expe.

Apple's Year of the Notebook

Killer PowerBooks: Jobs called 2003 “the year of the notebook” for Apple, and it may be just that. Apple takes off this year with the launching of two innovative PowerBook G4 notebooks. The sleek aluminum alloy-enclosed 17-inch PowerBook G4 replac.

Note Book Tips

Q: I just got my notebook PC, and I'm confused about the difference between "stand-by and hibernate" modes. A: Notebook manufacturers have come up with several schemes to save precious notebook battery life. Each of the schemes, of course, comes wit...

Computer Scientists Transmit Physical Feeling via Internet

LONDON (voa) - American and British computer scientists have announced a breakthrough that allows physical sensation to be felt through the Internet in what is known as computer-generated "virtual reality." In "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey," Paul McC...

Portable Desktop PC the Size of a Laptop

Cybernet Manufacturing Inc. launched the new DeskBook Computer system, which was designed as a 'Desktop Replacement' without the drawbacks of others currently on the market. At first glance, it looks like a Laptop making it ideal for anyone on-the-move...

Handhelds And Subnotebooks: Which Format Is Right For You?

Hamburg (dpa) - Anja Gebel, a 25-year-old law student from Hamburg, is living on the cutting edge: significant parts of her life exist only in electronic form. Her dissertation sits patiently on the hard drive of her laptop. A hand-sized Palm compu...

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