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Nose News

Drinking ground coffee improves nose and throat surgery

Barcelona - Researchers have produced a so-termed 'granular jamming cap', which is filled with coffee grounds. This contraption can improve the accuracy of the tracking systems used by surgeons for nose and throat surgery.

Researchers discover new antibiotic in human nose

Last week, scientists presented research that showed they discovered a new antibiotic that has emerged from the human nose.

Warning: video shows man accidentally chopping friend's nose off

A gruesome video has surfaced, and it shows two friends messing around. One friend has a samurai sword, while the other has a a sausage in his mouth. The stunt goes horribly wrong.

Study suggests nose is better than eyes at identifying suspects

The standard method of identifying criminals via the eyewitness lineup may be about to change because a recent study suggests the human nose may be more effective at identifying bad guys than the human eye.

You're attracted to the smell of those with same politics

According to a new study published in the American Journal of Political Science, people are attracted to the body odor of others with similar political beliefs.

Elephants are the greatest 'sniffers' on the planet

African elephants have the largest number of olfactory receptor genes known in mammals, nearly twice as many as dogs have, and five times more than humans.

Using eyes and nose to detect Alzheimer’s

Failing a sniff test or screening positive on an eye exam may predict people’s chances of developing the neurodegenerative disorder Alzheimer’s, according to a new study.

Swiss team scent breakthrough in nose implant surgery

Paris - Surgeons in Switzerland on Friday said they had carried out the first-ever operations to repair cancer-ravaged noses using tissue grown from the patient's own cartilage cells.

What our nose knows

New York - The human nose can differentiate more than a trillion odors, a new study has reported. However, there is considerable variation between different people.

Reindeer eyes change color in winter darkness

To survive the wintery conditions in the Arctic, scientists have found that one part of an reindeer’s eyes changes color. This adaptation increases the sensitivity of the animal’s vision, helping it navigate the through the darker months.

Man grows nose on his forehead

Doctors in China helped a man, only known as Xiaolian, grow a new nose on his forehead after his original nose became infected and deformed.

Electronic ‘nose’ invented to scan for pesticides in food

An electronic sensor has been developed to identify pesticides in food. The device uses a nano-sensor array that can detect small quantities of harmful airborne substances that can emanate from food.

Man's runny nose not allergy but brain fluid leaking out

A man who thought he was suffering with allergies was, if fact, leaking brain fluid through his nose, which nearly killed him.

Sinusitis treatment developed from marine life

Researchers are developing a new nasal spray, derived from a marine microorganism. The spray is designed to help clear blocked sinuses, associated with chronic sinusitis.

Telling lies leads to a temperature increase

When a person tells a lie the temperature of the nose increases, which is equivalent to a kind of “Pinocchio Effect”, according to new research.

Bacteria can trigger sinusitis

A bacterium, often found on human skin, and one previously considered harmless, may be the trigger for chronic sinusitis.

Man had such deep coke habit his nose collapsed

A millionaire with a coke habit so bad that his nose ended up collapsing after using the drug on a daily basis for more than six years.

New species of leech found up girl’s nose

A new species of leech sporting large teeth has been identified by scientists after it was plucked from a girl’s nose in Peru.

Northwest Airlines Resembles Bar Fight Victim When Nose Cone Collapses During Flight

We hear of in-flight emergencies when landing gear or engines fail during a routine flight but for one Northwest Airlines flight, the emergency landed different results when the nose cone caved in mid-flight yesterday. No one was injured.

Plane Lands Nose Down on Beach

A small airplane carrying two people made an emergency landing on the beach Saturday and landed nose down in the sand, police said. No one was injured on the beach or in the plane.

Paula Abdul Falls Over Dog & Breaks Her Nose

America's favorite and sometimes "tipsy" singer and American Idol judge claims she broke her nose after tripping over her Chihuahua.

Saudi man injured after joint assault by two wives

A Saudi man lost a sliver of his nose in an attack by his two wives after he jokingly threatened to marry a third woman.

The Nose Trumpeter

Mark Goodwin is a piano salesman who has used his nose instead of his head to attain unique musical fame.

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Smelling Something?
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The nose of a dog
The title character in Act I of Dmitri Shostakovich’s “The Nose.  The first revival of South Afr...
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