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North pole News

Canada, Russia at odds over claims to North Pole

Within 24 hours of yesterday’s statement by Canada's Foreign Minister that his government will lay claim to the North Pole, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his military to boost its presence in the region to bolster its own claim to the region.

Olympic flame carried underwater in world's deepest lake

Russia has taken Olympic flame into the world's deepest body of fresh water, scenic Lake Baikal. The action was the latest dramatic action in the torch relay before the Sochi Winter Games.

Photo: North Pole ice melts, shallow lake on top of the world

A photo shows a melt pond estimated at about a foot deep that has formed this summer at the North Pole. The image comes from a webcam set up by the North Pole Environmental Observatory that has been monitoring Arctic sea ice since the spring of 2000.

Photo Essay: Season's Greetings from African Santa Claus Special

Ibadan - The picture of Santa Claus as a jolly, pot bellied old white man from the North Pole dominates the tradition in Europe and N. America. However, among Africans who observe the tradition, the idea of Santa as an old white man from the North Pole is unknown.

Second-graders shocking holiday lesson: There's no Santa Claus

Nanuet - Second-graders in a suburban New York school received shocking and unwelcome news from their geography teacher, "There's no Santa Claus." School officials say they are investigating, but parents call the teacher "The Grinch who stole Christmas".

Arctic on the verge of new ozone hole

New research shows that extremely cold temperatures have stripped the Arctic atmosphere of most of its protective ozone. An Arctic ozone hole could be formed for the first time and the effects could be felt as far south as New York.

79-year-old is first African American woman to reach both Poles Special

A 79-year-old from New York has become the first African American woman on record to reach both the North Pole and the South Pole.

British explorers set out on North Pole trek

A team of explorers from Britain have begun a tough expedition to see for themselves at what rate the Arctic sea ice is melting.

Inside a UK Polar Scientific Expedition

Two UK polar explorers are making final preparations and tests before they embark on a pioneering £3 million expedition.

The Newest Island On The Globe: The North Pole

There's a new island on the globe. For the first time in human history the North Pole has become an island. It is now possible to sail around the Arctic ice cap.

No snow for Santa in 5 years

As a result of the speeding meltdown of the Arctic, the North Pole could be ice-free by 2013 instead of the 60 years time as earlier predicted, scientists warn.

The North Pole Ice-Free For The First Time

For the first time in human history the North Pole could be ice-free this Summer, making it possible for ships to sail over the top of the world.

Footwear Exec Makes Polar Expedition to Test Boots, Highlight Global Warming

Call it an adventurous PR stunt or a wild trip tinged with education. Paul Hubner, president of Baffin, is testing his company’s boots during an arduous North Pole expedition. He explains his motivation and experiences in the ice-covered landscape.

Scientists Treated With Views Of Mars Avalanches

Images sent back of active avalanches from the red planet are exciting scientists. Scientists aren't sure if this is an annual spring event or a once in a lifetime sighting. The avalanches stem from Mars' North Pole.

Swimmer Highlights Global Change In An Attempt To Swim At The North Pole

Last weekend, we delighted in a 24 hour concert across the world highlighting the increasing awareness of global climate change - now it is the turn of the Arctic swimmer and his attempt to swim in the Arctic, in just a pair of trunks

Arctic vault an ark for seeds

"t's known, ominously, as the Doomsday Vault. But it could be the world's safety net if a global catastrophe – extreme climate change, natural disaster, even nuclear war – ever destroys the planet's food sources. Far inside an Arctic mountain, th...

Retreating Arctic Ice Caps Could Affect Global Climate

WASHINGTON (voa) - U.S. satellite observations show a continuing retreat of the North Pole ice cap, as the Arctic warms. Scientists say the shrinking ice cover feeds global warming, but is also enhanced by it in a vicious cycle. Small changes can have ...

Holidays That Make You Suffer

MOSCOW (dpa) - To Russian lovers of extreme sports, the Paris-Dakar rally might seem a comfortable alternative to what they have to offer. Once a year motoring fanatics hold a two-week race in the icy depths of Siberia to Oimyakon, where winter fros...

Rescue Of South Pole Doctor Delayed

PUNTA ARENAS, Chile — Bad weather forced a 24-hour postponement Sunday of a potentially risky flight from Antarctica to the South Pole to evacuate an ailing American doctor working at the end of the world. The decision was made in the face of stron..

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North pole Image

Barbara Hillary giving a speech.
Barbara Hillary giving a speech.
Photo courtesy of Barbara Hillary
Prime Minister Stephen Harper wants to claim the North Pole
Prime Minister Stephen Harper wants to claim the North Pole
Stephen Harper / Facebook
Barbara Hillary at the North Pole with guide Eugene Orlov.
Barbara Hillary at the North Pole with guide Eugene Orlov.
Photo courtesy of Barbara Hillary
North Pole: Winter ice cover
North Pole: Winter ice cover
North Pole Environmental Observatory
Barbara Hillary training for her expedition to the North Pole.
Barbara Hillary training for her expedition to the North Pole.
Photo courtesy of Barbara Hillary
Lake at the North Pole
Lake at the North Pole
North Pole Environmental Observatory