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Norovirus News

Unknown illness breaks out at Toronto college, about 200 affected

Toronto - At first it was thought food poisoning was responsible for 77 students falling ill at Toronto’s Humber College. But as food on the campus was examined and more students became sick, authorities are now not sure of the cause of the outbreak.

How to keep safe from norovirus

Norovirus, the so-called ‘winter vomiting disease’, is prevalent this time of year and makes headlines when it hits confined areas like cruise ships. A new report offers five recommendations for keeping safe.

Contaminated Cape Cod oysters sicken 75 people with Norovirus

Wellfleet - Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH), and the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF), working with local health authorities have closed the shellfish beds in the town of Wellfleet due to a norovirus outbreak.

The high cost of norovirus infections on the global community

Norovirus infections cause 200,000 deaths and a global economic burden of around $60 billion each year. Most people will contract this highly contagious illness at least five times in their lifetime.

Food-borne infections caused by the Norovirus (Part 1)

A Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant in Billerica, Massachusetts was closed on Wednesday because one of four sick employees tested positive for Norovirus.

Chipotle briefly closing all restaurants to talk food safety

It's been a bumpy year for Chipotle after frustrating outbreaks of E. coli and norovirus, so the company has decided it's time to take a short break and have a meeting with employees to discuss this unpleasant situation.

Op-Ed: Another cruise ship hit by norovirus, blames passengers

Sydney - P&O’s Pacific Eden has become a floating nightmare for passengers, with gastrointestinal diseases and a virtual catalog of service issues on a trip in Australian waters. Many cruise ships have had gastro in recent years, and it’s not being addressed.

Can people contract norovirus from their dogs?

Given that it has been established that human norovirus can infect dogs, is it possible that dog-to-human transmission can also occur? The answer is “probably” according to a new study.

Norovirus cases rise in the U.K.

London - Incidences of norovirus are 8 percent higher in the U.K. this season compared with the same time last year. Moreover, cases are at an all-time high in relation to the past five years.

New tips for keeping healthy on cruise ships

London - With the festive season fast approaching and the drop in temperatures, many people look forward to winter sun holidays, including cruises. Some new advice has been issued to help people stay healthy while enjoying a cruise ship holiday.

200 passengers infected with norovirus on cruise

Health authorities in New Zealand said that about 200 passengers on the Dawn Princess ship became infected with the norovirus.

More than 170 people become sick on cruise from California

Los Angeles - Another norovirus outbreak has sickened at least 172 passengers and crew members on a Crown Princess cruise that stopped in Hawaii and Tahiti. The ship was met by public health officials when it docked in California this weekend, CNN reports.

U.S. quarantines cruise ship, passengers on arrival in California

San Pedro - U.S. health officials quarantined a Carnival Corp. cruise ship Sunday after it arrived in California with 172 passengers and crew members suffering from norovirus.

First norovirus drug being trialed

An experimental drug is being trialed for Ebola may have a new application: norovirus (the “winter vomiting virus”). Scientists are currently undertaking studies on mice to test the drug’s effectiveness.

Viruses spread easily from a single doorknob

Phoenix - Scientists have used special tracer viruses to show that contamination of just a single doorknob can leads to the spread of viruses throughout an entire office building. The idea was to see how easily something unpleasant like norovirus spreads.

Could pizza herb prevent winter vomiting disease?

Need an excuse to order pizza? Scientists have found that carvacrol — the substance in oregano oil that gives the pizza herb its distinctive warm, aromatic smell and flavour — is effective against the winter vomiting bug.

Norovirus outbreak limits visiting at Vancouver hospital

Vancouver - Called the "winter vomiting disease," the virus spreads quickly through hospitals, and other places where people are in close contact for prolonged periods of time. Now Vancouver, Canada is being hit hard by the sickness.

Copper destroys deadly norovirus

Researchers have found out that copper and copper alloys rapidly destroy norovirus, the highly-infectious sickness bug that often surfaces during the winter months.

Blasting oysters with electrons to prevent food poisoning

Austin - Researchers have studied how electron-beam pasteurization of raw oysters may reduce the possibility of food poisoning through viruses like norovirus and hepatitis.

Which foods are most likely to give Americans food poisoning?

A new study into food disease outbreaks indicates that salads and greens are responsible for more cases of food poisoning than any other. However, the study also indicates that food poisoning cases from poultry are more severe.

New strain of norovirus sweeping around the globe

Sydney - A new strain of the stomach bug norovirus was been steadily moving around the globe. The strain was first identified in the U.S. September 2012.

Hundreds of passengers struck with Norovirus on two cruise ships

Two cruise ships, Crown Princess and Ruby Princess, returned to Florida from the Caribbean after hundreds of passengers became ill with severe gastroenteritis.

U.K. hospital wards close as cases of winter norovirus soar

Hospital wards are being forced to close down in Britain in effort to contain spread of the winter vomiting bug norovirus. Cases of the infection which causes vomiting and diarrhea are spreading and have been reported in more than a dozen hospitals.

Cruise Ship Passengers Recovering From Norovirus

A Holland American cruise ship is back at sea after a stop in San Diego where passengers who had developed a stomach aliment disembarked.

70 people affected from virus outbreak in San Francisco

The Moscone Center in San Francisco hosted a week long JavaOne Conference where 3 attendees and at least 67 staff workers became infected with a norovirus, a type of medical virus which easily spreads by touching dirty surfaces.

Norovirus Outbreak Stems From New York Indoor Water Park

More than 380 cases of the norovirus has been reported by health officials. The Six Flags Great Escape Lodge and Indoor Water Park is located in upper New York State. More common to tropical vacations, the virus has made for a lot of bathroom trips.

FDA Issues Raw Oyster Warning

The United States Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning about raw oysters that harvested from West Karako Bay, a section of Growing Area 3 in Louisiana. They may be infected with norovirus.

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Norovirus Image

We always hope  when eating in a restaurant  that the food-handlers have washed their hands.
We always hope, when eating in a restaurant, that the food-handlers have washed their hands.
ToHealth via YouTube
 St. Paul s Hospital is an acute care hospital located in downtown Vancouver  British Columbia  Cana...
"St. Paul's Hospital is an acute care hospital located in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
François Péladeau
Shucking oysters at the OysterFest in 2015.
Shucking oysters at the OysterFest in 2015.
Wellfleet OysterFest
Over 4 000 people in Spain became ill with norovirus after drinking bottled water.
Over 4,000 people in Spain became ill with norovirus after drinking bottled water.
Eden Springs
Picking oysters by hand at low tide  Willapa Bay  Washington  October 1969.
Picking oysters by hand at low tide, Willapa Bay, Washington, October 1969.
NOAA Fisheries collection, ID fish0744.
This file photo shows the Carnival Lines  Crown Princess ocean liner.
This file photo shows the Carnival Lines' Crown Princess ocean liner.
Photo by Cliff from Arlington, Virginia, USA
A molecular image of the norovirus
A molecular image of the norovirus
Health Protection Agency
Oyster bed close-up.
Oyster bed close-up.

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