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Nokia News

Nokia’s grand plan for the digital city

The company Nokia, once associated with mobile communications, is to launch a series of initiatives to create the digital city of the future. This is through various connected products and solutions.

Nokia admits virtual reality isn't booming, cuts 310 jobs

Nokia has announced it's cancelling its innovative OZO VR camera and cutting over 300 jobs involved with its virtual reality business. The company said VR is growing at a "slower-than-expected" pace and it has acted to "optimise" its industry presence.

Macron 'inflexible' on opposition to Nokia job cuts

Paris - French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday told Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipila of his "total inflexibility" to plans by telecoms giant Nokia to cut nearly 600 jobs in France.

Nokia unveils its new flagship smartphone

Nokia has officially announced the Nokia 8, the company's anticipated flagship Android phone. Since the brand returned to the smartphone market this year, it has concentrated on the mid-range sector. It's now turning its sights towards a premium product.

New Nokia dumb phones come with month-long batteries, cost $15

HMD Global, the company granted exclusive rights to manufacture phones under the Nokia brand, has announced two new dumb phones aimed at emerging markets. The handsets both cost less than $25 but feature batteries that last a month on standby.

Apple and Nokia abandon patent dispute to work together again

Apple and Nokia have announced a mutual agreement to put aside all their ongoing litigation regarding a patent dispute initiated last year. The companies have come to a "meaningful agreement" after deciding to put their customers first.

'Astonishing' demand for reborn Nokia 3310

Demand for Nokia's resurrected 3310 is "astonishing" and "incredibly strong," the head of one of the UK's leading phone stores has said. Announced at Mobile World Congress last month, the reborn feature phone is a "modern twist" on Nokia's iconic handset.

Nokia unveils its reimagined 3310 feature phone

Nokia has officially relaunched its classic 3310 mobile phone. The new handset is a modern reimagining of the iconic 17-year-old device, famed for its durability and dependable battery life. It adds a colour display and modernised design.

Nokia's new Android phones draw on the company's classic designs

Nokia has officially unveiled its new generation of Android smartphones at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The Nokia 3, 5 and 6 continue Nokia's reputation for design refinement and build quality while introducing new owner HMD Global to the world.

Nokia to relaunch historic 3310 feature phone this month

Nokia is planning to relaunch its infamous 3310 mobile phone, according to a reliable report today. The 17-year-old 3310 has become a cult icon and gained a legendary status for its durability and unbreakable nature. It's now getting a modern successor.

Nokia 6 sells out in under one minute

The Nokia 6, the first Nokia smartphone to be sold by HMD Global, reportedly sold out one minute after going on sale in China this week. It's been interpreted as a sign that the brand is still respected by consumers, suggesting HMD has a bright future.

Nokia 6 unveiled: Nokia returns to phones with mid-range handset

Nokia has officially unveiled its debut Android smartphone built by Chinese brand HMD. The Nokia 6 will begin Nokia's return to the global smartphone ranks after selling its mobile business to Microsoft in 2014. Initially, sales will be limited to China.

The first new Nokia handset is a $26 feature phone

Nokia has unveiled its first mobile phone since its devices division was bought by Microsoft. HMD, the company that's been granted exclusive license of the Nokia name, unveiled the Nokia 150, a $26 feature phone with a "familiar" user interface.

Nokia is getting ready to return to smartphones

Nokia is preparing to return to the smartphone industry with a new range of Android-powered handsets. Today, the company restored the "Phones" section of its website, teasing a launch in early 2017. Microsoft now owns Nokia's old devices division.

Nokia brand ready for smartphone comeback in 2017

Helsinki - Nokia, once the world's top mobile phone maker, will make a comeback on the smartphone market in the first half of 2017, the company and its licensee said Thursday.

Microsoft launches another Nokia-branded feature phone

Microsoft's range of Lumia smartphones may have faded into obscurity but it still has some presence in the feature phone market. Today, it announced the Nokia-branded 216, a compact handset for emerging markets with a 24-day battery life.

Nokia confirms it's building new smartphones, four devices coming

Famed Finnish smartphone manufacturer Nokia has confirmed its name will return to handheld devices later this year with the launch of as many as four new Android phones. The company recently hired a new marketing officer to lead its mobile efforts.

Cancelled Nokia smartphones revealed in colourful group photo

A collection of previously unknown Nokia Lumia devices has been revealed in a leaked group photo. The shot shows several under-development products cancelled when the company was bought by Microsoft, including an 8.3-inch Windows RT tablet.

Nokia McLaren's innovative gesture display revealed in full

Two years since it was cancelled, Nokia's innovative 'McLaren' smartphone has been fully revealed and reviewed. The device would have implemented a form of "3D Touch" technology — a year before Apple — using a revolutionary gesture-based display.

Nokia smartphones are about to reappear, now running Android

Finnish technology company Nokia has confirmed it is to return to building smartphones and tablets after being sold to Microsoft in 2014. The company will license its name to open the way to a new generation of Nokia-branded Android devices.

The most popular Windows Phone will never see Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 wasn't the greatest sales success but did enjoy strong growth in the budget market. The sub-$100 Nokia Lumia 520 is the best-selling Windows Phone ever built but Microsoft has now confirmed it won't get Windows 10 Mobile.

Former Windows-exclusive HERE Maps abandoning Windows 10

HERE Maps, the popular mapping, navigation and transit service, has announced it will discontinue its apps on Windows devices on June 30. The company's services have been on Windows Phone since the beginning and were formerly exclusive.

Nokia's 360-degree virtual reality camera costs $60k, on sale now

Nokia's first virtual reality product is now available for pre-order at an asking price of $60,000. The ground-breaking OZO camera is aimed at professional filmmakers and shoots 360-degree VR video for next-generation entertainment experiences.

One of Microsoft's killed Nokia tablets has shown up online

An image of a cancelled Microsoft tablet project has appeared online, revealing the company once worked on something very different from the metal Surfaces of today. Mercury is a bright and bold device with a design drawn from Lumia phones.

Microsoft launches another feature phone, the $55 Nokia 230

Microsoft has launched another Nokia-branded affordable feature phone, showing there is still an audience for devices without touchscreens. The Nokia 230 is aimed primarily at developing markets, featuring a 2.8-inch display and Internet connectivity.

Nokia's mysterious 'Reader' device unearthed from 2013

Images have appeared online of an unreleased Nokia product from before the company's devices division was acquired by Microsoft. Details are scant but the device is called 'Reader', suggesting that the company was working on a dedicated e-reader.

Nokia's new Android phone for next year revealed in leaked images

The first images of Nokia's upcoming Android phone have appeared online. They show a device that places a clear emphasis on minimalist simplicity featuring a very thin chassis and super-slim bezels, although some have placed doubt on their authenticity.

The Nokia 222 is a $37 feature phone with a month-long battery

Following on from the success of the ultra-cheap Nokia 105, Microsoft today announced a new feature phone with a similarly long-lasting battery life. The $37 Nokia 222 goes for 29 days on a charge and features Internet access, a camera and an MP3 player.

Nokia unveils a 360-degree virtual reality camera with 3D sound

Confirming previous rumours regarding what Nokia was planning to unveil at its VIP press event this week, the company has announced that it is developing a virtual reality camera for the movie industry that can capture 360-degree panoramas.

Nokia may announce wearables and a VR headset on July 28

Rumours are circulating online that Nokia could be gearing up to enter some product categories it has never dealt with before in just a few days' time. Some think a smartwatch and virtual reality headset may be revealed at a July 28 press event.
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Nokia Image

Nokia 130
Nokia 130
HMD Global
The cancelled Nokia McLaren smartphone  revealed by Windows Central and MrMobile
The cancelled Nokia McLaren smartphone, revealed by Windows Central and MrMobile
Windows Central
The Nokia Lumia 520
The Nokia Lumia 520
A Nokia Lumia 520 after receiving a direct bullet impact aimed at an off-duty police officer in Braz...
A Nokia Lumia 520 after receiving a direct bullet impact aimed at an off-duty police officer in Brazil, 2014
Stephen Elop
Stephen Elop
Luca Sartoni
A collection of Nokia devices  some released and others cancelled  including the Nokia Lumia 2020 (g...
A collection of Nokia devices, some released and others cancelled, including the Nokia Lumia 2020 (green) [Image via Baidu]
The Nokia Lumia 900
The Nokia Lumia 900
Nokia 6
Nokia 6
Nokia 8
Nokia 8
HMD Global
Nokia 3
Nokia 3
Jolla s striking new smartphone released by a Finnish startup
Jolla's striking new smartphone released by a Finnish startup
Nokia 5
Nokia 5
Nokia 6
Nokia 6
The Nokia 222  a $37 feature phone intended to connect people to the Internet
The Nokia 222, a $37 feature phone intended to connect people to the Internet
Microsoft Lumia Conversations
The $55 Nokia 230 feature phone  launched by Microsoft on 25/11/2015 with Nokia Series 30+ software
The $55 Nokia 230 feature phone, launched by Microsoft on 25/11/2015 with Nokia Series 30+ software
The new Nokia 105  launched by Microsoft 03/06/2015
The new Nokia 105, launched by Microsoft 03/06/2015
Nokia 6
Nokia 6
Nokia s new phablet
Nokia's new phablet
Nokia 3
Nokia 3
Nokia 5
Nokia 5

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