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Noise News

Manmade noise a 'major global pollutant': study

Paris - It is well known that human hubbub can have a negative impact on some animals, but a new study Wednesday says the noise we make should be treated as a "major global pollutant".

Review: Chris Mann makes some 'Noise' with new single Special

On April 12, singer-songwriter Chris Mann (of "The Voice" fame) released his new single "Noise!" independently. Digital Journal has the scoop.

Quiet, please: Myanmar festival stirs debate over religious noise

From grumbling neighbours to witty memes of the Buddha imploring a man with speakers to "stop your noise", the cacophony around Myanmar's annual Tazaungdaing festival is revving up debate over the modern racket accompanying religious customs.

Review: Shenandoah delivers on new country single 'Noise' Special

Acclaimed country music group Shenandoah is back with their refreshing new single "Noise." Digital Journal has the scoop.

New cognitive hearing aid filters out noise

Columbia Engineering researchers have developed a cognitive hearing aid that can filter out the background noise to enable those with a hearing impairment to focus more fully on the person immediately talking to them.

Noise in woman's ear was caused by a spider weaving a web

Xiamen - A woman ended up seeking out medical attention for noises that only she could hear. When doctors examined her, they found a live spider in her ear canal.

Eurovision to install anti-booing technology for Russian act

The organisers of the Eurovision Song Contest are installing "anti-booing" technology for the final this year. It comes after Russia's performance was met with heavy crowd protests last year, something that organisers have called "embarrassing."

Aiding semiconductors through human noise

Understanding how human cells respond to “noise” could lead to advances with the functionality of semiconductor chips, according to an interesting new research project.

Todt dismisses F1 engine noise rule change

Manama - FIA president Jean Todt has promised to look into improving the sound of Formula One's new engines but dismissed a change in the rules demanded by some stables.

Teams may pay price for quieter F1, says Ecclestone

A commotion about Formula One's new quieter cars could hit the sport's revenues and lead to teams getting less money if promoters take legal action, commercial supremo Bernie Ecclestone said on Monday.

New F1 engines a blast from the past for Rosberg

The sound of Formula One's new power units was a blast from the past for Nico Rosberg, son of 1982 champion Keke, but others were less sure after the 2014 cars made a quiet test debut on Tuesday.

Quiet conditions are bad for new-borns in care

Neonatal intensive care units are full of life-saving equipment and people. It could be that the noise that the equipment makes also helps new-borns recover from serious health conditions.

Unexplained loud 'booms' heard over Kentucky and Indiana (video)

For some time now, people have reported strange sounds and booms, right across the USA. The latest incident happened in Indiana and Kentucky, and no one knows what caused it.

Couple end up in court for making too much noise during sex

A couple in Germany ended up in court, accused of breaking anti-noise pollution laws after neighours complained their bed had made too much noise while they were having sex.

Wimbledon says no to Vuvuzela's

Wimbledon - Wimbledon is gearing up for the opening men's and women's singles matches to begin Monday, June 21. Officials from the All England Club have taken steps to ensure the half million spectators expected to attend are told Vuvuzela's are banned.

World Cup: Vuvuzela noise generating concerns in South Africa Special

The vuvezela, a plastic horn blown at football matches in South Africa, produces a lot of noise and some players have blamed it for their teams’ poor performances at World Cup matches.

Noisy Lovers Appeal Conviction

Caroline and Steve Cartwright love one another deeply, no one involved in this litigation would question their love. How they love is another story. Neighbors testified that it was “murder” and “unnatural.”

Blue Whales Suffering From Hearing Loss

New research shows that blue whales have to 'sing' and 'chatter' longer and more often in order to compete with noise from ships, oil drilling and other forms of noise pollution.

Judge Offers His Own Type Of Torture Chamber For Noise Offenders

If you want to make others listen to your music in Fort Lupton, Colorado you may have to face Judge Paul Sacco. Those who blare their music are sentenced to spend Friday night at the courtroom listening to Sacco's choice of music, including Barry Manilow.

It`s Getting Loud In The Ocean

As pollution increases our oceans are getting louder to the animals living there. Carbon dioxide levels rising makes the water warmer and more acidic, it also increases the sound volume.

New Damping System Quiets Wind Turbines

Researchers at Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU have developed an active damping system for wind turbines

Noisy Classrooms Impeding on Student’s Education

According to a new study, noisy classrooms are having a serious impact on student’s ability to learn. It reveals that Grade 1 students miss on average one in every six words spoken by their teachers.

A symphony of sirens: NYPD gets impressionistic with noise

Racket is racket, but if you’re obliged to make a racket you might as well do it for a reason. The New York Police Department has decided to use its sirens to make an impression. Psychologically, it makes a difference which siren you use.

Church Is Denied Waiver of Noise Restriction

"The county discovered that the bells registered at an average of 75 decibels (roughly equivalent to a vacuum cleaner at close range), which is considerably above the 55-decibel limit in residential areas."

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Sound Tube on the Tullamarine Freeway in Melbourne  Victoria  Australia.
Photo taken: May 16  2005.
Sound Tube on the Tullamarine Freeway in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Photo taken: May 16, 2005.
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File Photo: Toronto's waterfront: A Porter Airline plane approaches the island airport flying extremely low.

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