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Trump conduct 'beyond anything Nixon did': House impeachment chair

Washington - President Donald Trump, by withholding military aid from Ukraine to demand dirt on a potential 2020 election rival, went beyond anything done by disgraced predecessor Richard Nixon, the Democratic chair of the House impeachment panel alleged Thursday.

'Sex and the City' star joins New York governor race

New York - Cynthia Nixon, the US actress who shot to fame as workaholic lawyer Miranda on "Sex and the City," jumped into the race for New York governor Monday, unveiling a progressive platform championing economic equality and eschewing big business.

Op-Ed: The silent majority becomes the loud-mouthed

Denver - What Richard Nixon wouldn’t have given for an outcome like this? Record numbers of voters stayed home, and the silent becomes the loud-mouthed majority.

Watergate conspirator Jeb Magruder dies at 79

Danbury - Watergate conspirator Jeb Stuart Magruder, who became a minister after serving time in prison for his role in the scandal that forced Richard Nixon to resign the presidency in 1974, has died.

The G-Man who started the Reefer War

Denver - No, it wasn't J. Edgar Hoover. In the best tradition of government, Harry Anslinger knew what to do when he lost his job as assistant commissioner of Prohibition when booze became legal again in 1933.

Former Nixon aide alleges Lyndon Johnson had Kennedy assassinated

A former Richard Nixon aide and Republican strategist Roger Stone, 61, said last week that he will publish a book in October which gives evidence that former President Lyndon B. Johnson masterminded the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Chuck Colson of Watergate fame dies

Chuck Colson made headlines with the break-in at the Watergate Hotel during President Nixon's re-election, he made a difference with his life after he was released from prison.

Op-Ed: 'Deep Throat' Dies; Will There Be a Secret Confidant About the Bush Presidency?

It was 1972 and the drama across the country of Watergate and the possibility of the impeachment of Richard Nixon kept everyone focused on the scandal.

Texas site for child migrants emptied because of sexual abuse allegations

Seventy-two children from the Texas Sheltered Care facility have been transfered due to an invetigation launched last week by the FBI.

The 10 Worst Presidents

It's too soon to judge the current one, but for past leaders, the verdict is in. Was Richard Nixon deserving of having been placed on the list? Will our current president make the list?

Nixon vowed to 'ruin Foreign Service'

Embittered by career diplomats during his first term, President Nixon said he wanted to "ruin the Foreign Service" before leaving office, according to newly released State Department documents.

President Nixon calling Rumsfeld "a tough bastard"

President Nixon once described a young Donald Rumsfeld as a "ruthless bastard." Is this surprising?

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The Nixons and the Pahlavis in Niavaran Palace Tehran.
The Nixons and the Pahlavis in Niavaran Palace Tehran.
German news agency

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